Euro TV: Hinterland

The British appetite for Scandinavian noir obviously had TV producers looking around our fair isle to see where best to translate something like The Killing into a British setting. The answer was obvious: Wales, and not just Wales but deepest, windiest, craziest Wales. And so we have Hinterland or Y Gwyll if you prefer things in Welsh.

The first episode has all the necessary tropes: a grumpy detective transplanted from the city to remote Aberystwyth; a grisly murder; a creepy children’s home. Nothing remarkable really, but boy is it atmospheric, all Welsh bog and gloomy people. The truly remarkable thing is that the series was filmed twice, once in Welsh and once in English, the same actors delivering lines in both languages. The English language version ends up being bi-lingual anyway as befits this most Welsh corner of Wales.

Available on BBC and S4C in the UK and Netflix streaming in the US.


9 thoughts on “Euro TV: Hinterland

  1. This was really noir, but my wife and I watched it and noted the spectacular landscape and the down-to-earth real people under immense pressure. I hope that it will have a second season. My wife is about 1/4 Welsh and I thought I could see some resemblance with her and “Mared”. I would love to watch this in Welsh with some English subtitles.

  2. So did anyone see The Fall last night? Beyond noir. Best thing on the beeb at the moment. Best line: Gibson: I tried to look as unfeminine as possible. Burns: You failed.

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