I’ve been watching this show for several weeks now and it just keeps getting better. Anyone else watching this? If not, what are you actually watching right now and what are you looking forward to seeing this fall?


5 thoughts on “Manhattan

  1. Also enjoying Manhattan. It’s interesting to see Ashley Zukerman again–I’d just finished watching Rush, an underrated Australian show, which he also stars in. Manhattan’s good, but I don’t enjoy it as much as I enjoy most the shows below.

    Looking forward to the return of The Americans, Grimm, Justified, SHIELD, and Person of Interest. Also looking forward to watching the new season of The Killing, which I haven’t gotten around to yet. Enjoyed Longmire this summer–hope it finds a new home so they can continue putting out episodes. Longmire’s a bit like Justified, but toned down and in small-town Wyoming instead of Kentucky. SHIELD had a slow start but got significantly better later in the first season.

    A bunch of new superhero TV shows are starting this fall–I try not to get my hopes up too much. I imagine I’ll probably watch the first episode or two of most of them and then give up on them, but I really hope at least one of them ends up being good.

  2. I loved The Americans last season, that show really took off for me. And I still love Justified. I’ll have to give Longmire a try.

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