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So, I went to go see the new X-Men film the other day, and as is the expected course of events, I’m due to review it. But in the spirit of originality, I thought I’d make this review a little different. When I thought back to my tepid feelings towards this film upon entering, and my outright enthusiasm for it at exit, I realised that the old me was missing some vital appreciation of Wolverine and co.

I got hold of Ellen Page, who’s going by the name ‘Kitty Pryde’ of late. She agreed that by harnessing my regenerative genes, she could send me back in time to four weeks ago, thus allowing me to discuss the film with myself – to see how my pre and post opinions differ on the topic of Bryan Singer’s latest mutant mash-up. Savvy? Good. Here goes. [Cue Huey Lewis and The News]

Past Me: What the!? Hello you handsome devil!

Future Me: I’m here to discuss X-Men: Days Of Future Past.

PM: Is it really necessary to have another ruddy X-Men film?

FM: Depends on your stance. But let’s just say, this one reconciles the filler which came between X2 and now. Plus, after the promising X-Men: First Class, it is nice to see Fassbender and McAvoy back in the game.

PM: Irrelevant. I bet it all ends up being about Wolverine?

FM: Wrongo! Mystique is the one to take centre stage here.

PM: Oh, good to hear. If Mystique becomes the central villain I’ll be happy. Jennifer Lawrence needs a stretch. She is just too adorable.

FM: She is, and i can see a solo project coming from this. There is a definite sense of Ms Lawrence avoiding pigeon holes, like deliveries from a blind mailman. From American Hustle, to Hunger Games, to this. You go girl. It is actually a pretty brooding performance, too. Quite the standout from the other mutants.


PM: Let’s be fair, no one really cares about all these new addition mutants anyway.

FM: No, they don’t. And that is shown by very little focus on the majority of them. But you can’t have X-Men without an ensemble. Quicksilver is a nice addition though. Joss Whedon, look out!

PM: The fact that Bryan Singer is back on board sounds promising.

FM: He has reinvented his own franchise defining style. It is like the Batman renaissance all over again. Except, it is its own animal.

PM: Sentinals, ey. Genocide much!

FM: There is, of course, the obligatory mass murder in the first reel, but then the Sentinals kind of become the Mcguffin. This feels more like a sequel to First Class, than a new instalment of the original franchise, so don’t expect much from the future side of future past.

PM: So I guess this is a final farewell to Stewart and McKellen?

FM: Could well be. Which is sort of a shame, because Patrick Stewart doesn’t get enough fat to chew on, for my liking, and this could be his Xavier’s swan song. To that, there are a number of plot holes surrounding his resurrection, but I guess that is left for X-Men: Apocalypse.


PM: Meh. All I can hope is that the film has some awesome action. The plot it likely to be much of the same, right?

FM: There is a buttload of action, so you can tick that box. Actually, you are wrong about plot. This outing has quite a strong storyline, and focuses more on the nature of being human than mutant; which is a departure from the common theme thus far. But I will say, this is definitely an ‘instalment’. You cannot come into Days of Future Past without an initiation of the other films. It’s a project that relies on existing knowledge.

PM: So the much publicised X-Men: Apocalypse is going to be foreshadowed left, right and centre? Another cash-in on the renewed franchise, I reckon.

FM: I can’t say no to that. But it feels like there is still a natural arc here.

PM: Are there any highlights? Particular moments that stood out?

FM: Quicksilver is a surprise favourite. He leaves you wanting more. Best use of a baseball stadium in history. Sentinels kick ass. Plus the usual awesomeness it emitted from Wolverine, and as I said, Mystique shines.

PM: Who does the best job? Who sucks?

FM: Fassbender rocks in every scene, Beast blows. And let’s not forget Dinklage, a steady stream of brilliance. We don’t see much of the future, and it looked promising, but there are shed loads of missing details and plot holes.


PM: So you’re telling me the franchise is on the up? Cos seriously, I thought this was just a last spasm before death?

FM: Definitely a last bash, just to show we can pick this up at any point during the near future. A good send off, if that is all it becomes. But I suspect that X-Men: Apocalypse will be the true daddy…and in all fairness, I’m pretty darn stoked about it.

PM: One last thing…

FM: Yep?

PM: Who wins Eurovision?

FM: Trust me friend. Some things, you are better off not knowing.

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X-Men: Days of Future Past is released nationwide on May 22nd


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  1. Just watching First Class on the TV right now. Wow, this is a terrible movie. Are you guaranteeing that this one is better?

  2. Too bad Beast sucks as I liked him in First Class. Excited if they do the Apocalypse storyline though. And hopefully throw in some Cable? Although I can’t see how seeing how they killed off Jean Grey in that atrocity of a third movie.

  3. RJH, you didn’t like First Class? I really dug it. Matthew Vaughn needs to direct more. He’s about the only bright spot in the forthcoming Fantastic Four film (he’s producing although sadly not directing).

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