10 Satisfying Moments In Films From 2013

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Satisfaction is a hard thing to come by. In fact she is such a slippery mistress that even rock God Mick Jagger struggled to tame her. So it is a rare and wonderful treat then, when a film envelops us with that warm energising feeling which so often comes with fulfilment.

The year of 2013 was a mixed bag when it came to such moments. Many films came and went, with little worth admiring, but every so often there arose a few absolutely cracking films. Some movies were preordained as wonderful, whilst others came way out of left field. Either way they all left us giddy with appreciation; yelling at the screen, “thank you!”
Here is a list of 10 scenes that fell into that category. Oh, and as you might expect;
spoiler alert!

10. Only God Forgives – The cavity search


Yeah ok, so Only God Forgives was a tad different from the commercially sound, Drive. But that doesn’t mean it deserved all the hating that came its way upon release. If one is willing to submit to Refn’s grime splattered tale, there it is actually a really engaging experience. This truth is no more clear than in the moment when tortured soul Julian finally gets to stand up to his big bad mother, Crystal.

Finding her dead body propped upright, Gosling’s character eventually finds something useful to do with those pesky hands of his; he sticks them inside her newly sliced stomach. It is a pretty morbid affair, but after the whirlwind of bullying and abuse Crystal brings on her younger son, we cannot help but sympathise with Julian’s temptation to defile that wicked creäture.

Whether this moment comes from Julian’s muted obsession with violence, or some sort of maternal symbolism (the womb), or an opportunity to expose the ‘flesh’ beneath her stony exterior, or whatever Refn’s intent; this was a great moment in a genuinely original film. And it made us hail, “ding-dong, the Witch is dead!”


4 thoughts on “10 Satisfying Moments In Films From 2013

  1. That 3-4 minutes in Captain Phillips is crazy good. Both Hanks and the woman playing the medic are so real in that moment that it just blew me away. If I were going into acting I would examine every second of that scene.

  2. Let’s not forget the final moment of All Is Lost. Similar to the ending in Gravity, but the lead-up to it was both more understated, and far more intimate (and thus impactful).

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