Best anime EVER in the history of the world EVER

We are a family of otakus. Every week, Shonen Jump (manga) gets downloaded to our tablets; I am currently reading Death Note (all 108 volumes); my daughter writes her own Sword Art Online stories; my son is in the Manga-Anime Club at school; my other son wishes he was Naruto; my wife has a Totoro purse; we have watched everything ever made by Hayao Miyazaki, including his 1978 TV series, Future Boy Conan; and we think that Ghibli’s Joe Hisaishi is the best film composer in the world.

However, I fully understand why anime doesn’t work for some. You either stop at Pokemon or roll your eyes at the Meido fetishes. Too many robots, too much whimsy . . . just too weird.


But you have to give Space Brothers a try. We are absolutely in love with this series. As I said to Rebecca today — and I really mean it — I would choose Space Brothers over GoT or Sherlock right now. Yes. It’s that good.

Funny, sweet, epic, Space Brothers tells the story of be-afroed, hapless genius Nanba Mutta, who wants to be an astronaut. Alas for Mutta’s self esteem, his brother Hibito beat him to it.

That’s all I am going to say. Watch at least the first episode and fall in love. We subscribe to Crunchyroll and stream over the Xbox. I am sure there are unofficial ways to get it too.


5 thoughts on “Best anime EVER in the history of the world EVER

  1. Hm. Challenge accepted. No luck so far in getting the family interested in Samurai Champloo or Mushi, though.

  2. I’ve made some forays into the world of anime, but I’ve never taken up residence there. I got into Cowboy Bebop for a while, and I’ve seen a lot of the feature films that garner huge amounts of critical praise, but honestly, it seems like in the end of a lot of the stories everyone always turns into a blob of some kind–and the stories often end up mushy and formless as well.

    I am sure I am just too mired in highly-structured Western-style story-telling, but it’s not easy to vault over the weirdness most of the time.

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