The Voice Just Keeps Getting Better

It’s no secret I liked this show before, but the new season has me thinking Xtina and Cee-lo who? Usher and Shakira are better in every way and this show just keeps getting funnier and somehow manages to find even better talent every season.

So far, I’m thinking Team Adam has a stranglehold on the top spot, with team members like these:

Yes, John Peter Lewis is the same guy from season 3 of that other singing competition show. The coaches couldn’t quite figure out why two guys from Idaho are able to speak fluent spanish, but I think I might be able to decode that for them…

Meanwhile, there’s this girl:

That’s a strong team folks, but it’s still early. Anybody willing to lay down money on who’s going to win this season?


5 thoughts on “The Voice Just Keeps Getting Better

  1. Fun to see an act from Eastern Idaho.

    And that last song is amazing–she has a great voice with a great rock range. I’d love to hear her pull off something by Heart or Pat Benatar.

  2. I have a feeleing you will get your wish, Tim. But I can’t decide whether She or Judith Hill are more likely to win this. I think probably Judith is the more versatile singer at this point, but we haven’t seen much yet.

  3. I don’t miss Christina at all, but I do miss Cee-Lo. He was awesome. I think a lot of Americans don’t realize how successful Shakira is worldwide. She’s sold more records than any of the other judges. I’m loving hearing Spanish sung on TV.

    American Idol has some strong singers this season, too, and I’m loving the judges on there as well. Keith Urban is funny. Nicki Minaj is off the hook. And Mariah is cool to see just because for the entire span of the show, everyone on it has wanted to be her.

  4. I haven’t watched Idol yet this season, but I might have to check it out.

    You’re right about Shakira, she’s much more famous and successful outside the US than inside it, but the real surprise is how funny and smart she is. She is a real star and I see a bright future for her on TV.

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