The Voice

Watching this show this season has been pretty rewarding. I have enjoyed a lot of the contestants and their performances but there is one that, to me, just stands way above all others.

Anyone else watching this? What are your favorites this season?


5 thoughts on “The Voice

  1. Not a big Cassadee fan. I think she’s pretty bland. Good singer. Whatever. I like Terry. I like Nicholas, but can’t see how he will translate after.

  2. I’m on my phone so I can’t see the videos you posted. I’m guessing they’re Cassidy Pope? Or Terry? Cassidy has really managed to shine more and more as the show goes on. The other guys are good at what they do but I don’t think they’ve hit the same highs Cassidy has. I didn’t like her much at first. Her voice is more pleasing when it’s softer I think. And she can really get expressive and connect with a song.

  3. I’m not that big of a Cassadee fan either, but she’s undeniably talented. My favorite is Nicholas. I’m a few episodes behind, so don’t tell me if he’s gone. Terry is so fun to listen to sometimes, but not great outside of power ballads. Trevon was special, wearing emotion on his sleeve, and inspirational in that it sounds like he’s had no training except maybe church choir and could sing the way he did. My wife and I have enjoyed this season. I often disagree with the judges and America, but the finalists have validated my thoughts on who is great and who is merely good.

  4. There were a lot that were great this season. By all rights Amanda Brown should still be there, she was as good as anyone. But I can’t complain much because I think Cassadee Pope is the real deal. It probably helps that I was a fan of hers before she even walked on The Voice (as I was with Dia Frampton two seasons ago).

    Cassadee’s band is Hey Monday, which has been pretty good for years. She comes from a rock background and because of that, I thought she would match up better with Adam, but it has been good for her to be with Blake, because he has brought out a side of her that we would probably not have seen otherwise. Her version of Blake’s song, which I posted above, is just gorgeous in my opinion, and light years different from how he sings it.

    I like the other finalists as well, but something about Cassadee just does it for me (although I hate the way she spells her name).

  5. Well Cassadee pulled out the win. I don’t know how many of you watched the finale, but it was pretty amazing. Peter Freaking Frampton, and The Killers and everything. Do you think Brandon “The Boss” Flowers was consciously trying to sound like Bruce Springsteen? Because he sounded a LOT like Bruce Springsteen.

    I think Amanda Brown was the one non-finalist who got to sing twice, having been chosen by both Terry and Nicholas as one of their favorites. The other highlight that I really loved was the all-girl powerhouse disco ensemble. Those girls were so crazy good.

    Funny story: My son and his friends went to see Hey Monday when they were in town a few years ago (they were about 14 at the time) and they hung around and asked for Cassadee’s autograph after the show. They ended up getting not only her autograph but they all got kisses from her. True story.

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