Indiana Jones Geekery, Part One

Update: 3/Sep/12

The book came. Begins in Chicago with Indy almost getting into trouble with some bootleggers before he heads off to the Sorbonne to begin his graduate studies. Breathless!


This site is home to the favourite thing I have ever written. With rage pouring through my creative veins, I wrote a review of Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull which, unlike most of what I have written in the past, is a post I can still read and am still proud of.

There may be better films, but Raiders is the greatest (sic). So when I caught it on the telly the other night, I inevitably paused between channels to see Indy race away from Belloq and urge Jock to “start the plane!” Jock has “Sky Pirates” written on his shirt and I thought, as one does, “I would like to own that shirt . . . and who are the Sky Pirates anyway?”

(Such is the way my brain works.)

I’ve long enjoyed the Lucasfilm Expanded Universe (EU). In fact, many of the Star Wars Dark Horse comics are the best things to happen to Star Wars since 1980. I suspected that my questions regarding Jock (also, where did he get his pet snake Reggie?) had been answered and the Indiana Jones wiki confirmed it:

Jock Lindsey was an American freelance pilot. Lindsey cut his teeth as a stunt pilot performing in Midwest airshows and relocated to Venezuela after a rumored flight-related tragedy. He frequently was hired by Indiana Jones to fly the archaeologist to remote parts of the world.

And so for reasons perhaps related to my mild OCD I have decided not only to read more about Jock and his Sky Pirates, but also to enjoy the Indiana Jones EU chronologically. I am skipping the Young Indiana Jones ouevre (a few years ago my kids and I did a young Indy marathon) and am starting  instead in 1922 which is the agreed terminus for the adventures of non-Young Indy, marking the first fictional event after Hollywood Follies (the last of the Young Indy films).

I have ordered from Ebay a copy of Indiana Jones and the Peril at Delphi, a novel in which “Indy descends into the bottomless pit of the serpent god and finds a sacred stone that holds the key to the [Delphic] oracle’s prophecies.” Sounds hokey but fun and I shall probably read it  to the kids.

Kultur? Obviously not, but I need an escape from the middle-brow psychedelia of Johns Fowles’s The Magus (my summer read) and I have a feeling I’m going to love this journey of geekery. There are a dozen novels, a few comic books and short stories, and a couple of video games.

I have even cleared a space on my shelf for this Indiana Jones literary collection. Right next to my newly restored Rancor. Expect reviews here at KB. Should be riveting stuff.


4 thoughts on “Indiana Jones Geekery, Part One

  1. This project makes me very happy. My kids have recently watched all 4 IJ movies. They did it in reverse order, so I think they got better as they went.

  2. I took the kiddos to the remastered Raiders in the local theater. Fantastic. So many iconic scenes and it was cool to see it on the big screen for the first time since I was a kid. The opening sequences in South America, the firefight in Nepal, the truck chase through Egypt, and of course, the opening of the Ark on the island. Some of the most fun stuff ever put to celluloid.

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