SYTYCD: Best. Season. Ever.

If you’re not watching this show this year, now’s the time to start. The auditions are over and the performances have begun and they are without a doubt the best ever. There are three classically trained ballet dancers on the show this year. Three ballroom dancers with Utah connections. A robot named Cyrus who can dance broadway. A martial arts expert, a stepper and a belly dancer. You heard me.

This is the most talented top 20 ever and they really should just go on tour with all 20 and be done with it. They’re all that good. there are, however, a few standout performances, including (for maybe the first time ever) the group numbers.

Among the best of the couples performances were probably the two blonde Utah ballroom twins, Lindsay and Witney, who are both 18 and have known each other and competed against each other in Utah for almost a decade.

If you don’t love these two Utah girls, there’s something desperately wrong with you.

This broadway number was remarkable for the fact that it featured a classical ballerina and a robotic animator with no formal training whatsoever. It also just flat killed.

But for my money, the best performances were these two:

Those last two partnerships are going to be really hard to beat, but the fact is that there are really no weak couples, so good luck deciding who should leave. Meanwhile, this season is going to be really great to watch.


5 thoughts on “SYTYCD: Best. Season. Ever.

  1. I should have also mentioned that one reason this season is shaping up to be so good is that all the best choreographers are back: Mia Michaels, Travis Wall, Tabitha & Napoleon, Christopher Scott, Sonya Tayeh, Stacey Tookey, the list goes on. Good choreography is absolutely critical to this show, and luckily they have some of the best in the business.

    It’s funny how SYTYCD and DWTS feed off of each other. Several dancers from SYTYCD have gone on to star on DWTS, most notably Chelsie Hightower and Lacey Schwimmer. Likewise, several dancers from DWTS have come to SYTYCD as choreographers, including Louis Van Amstel and Mark Ballas. I would really like to see Derek Hough choeograph some dances on SYTYCD.

    I think Travis Wall is particularly great this year. He’s always amazing, but he’s reaching new levels of creativity and confidence. Sonya Tayeh seems a little less crazy but just as brilliant as ever. The only ones I’m not crazy about so far are Tabitha and Napoleon. Their Lovecats number appeared designed mainly to showcase Amelia’s rear end. Which is fine, but not up to their usual level of genius.

  2. Things like this are the one reason I sometimes regret pulling the plug on regular TV. I tried BTing it but no luck thus far. (Which fills me with dread regarding the coming football season)

  3. Clark, you can watch it online on Fox or Hulu. Also, Fox is a broadcast station, so with a digital antenna, you can see this show for free in HD on broadcast TV.

    The full episodes on Fox and Hulu are posted about 30 days after air, but you can watch individual performance videos much sooner than that, as they are usually available right after air. Youtube also has individual performances right after air.

  4. I was happy to hear the judges say during elimination rounds that they were going to go with star power over technical ability, but so far none of the dancers really seem to have much personality other than Amelia and Glitch. Maybe the blond ballroom dancers.

    Also glad to see some better choreographers are back.

    I know I complain about this every year, but I really don’t like the big stage. The camera has to be too far away from the dancers. Or maybe they just shouldn’t use a wide angle lens, or something.

    One of my faves was the Nappy Tabs hip hop about an alcoholic but I kept thinking if it was Chelsey Hightower it’d have been better.

  5. Nappy Tabs are always great, but the two dances they have choreographed so far have not been my favorites. The alcoholic one was not danced particularly well and the lovecats one was just too cutesy for me.

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