Brave Has Already Succeeded

I have been pretty impressed with the trailers and articles concerning the upcoming Disney/Pixar release Brave, but then I heard the gaelic singer that is featured toward the end of this trailer:

Her name is Julie Fowlis. Here is the full song:

Here is another:

By bringing this music and this singer to a wider audience, Brave has already succeeded beyond anything else it could accomplish as a piece of art. Congrats Disney and Pixar, and thanks.

10 thoughts on “Brave Has Already Succeeded

  1. I do Thomas, but I think i like Fowlis better. Clannad now sounds overproduced by comparison.

  2. Julie Fowlis has participated in the fantastic Transatlantic Sessions project, which celebrates connections between bluegrass / country music and Celtic music. Lots of youtube heaven there.

  3. “overproduced” I was going to mention the more natural production, which does bring to mind bluegrass … obviously, she isn’t trying quite so hard to invoke druids. I actually rather liked Enya’s first solo thing … like I said, guilty pleasures

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