Battlestar Galactica Alert: Blood and Chrome trailer.

So so cover of “Immigrant song.”  Lots of quick cuts that promise action and sex.  Terrible font.  See what you think:

or here


6 thoughts on “Battlestar Galactica Alert: Blood and Chrome trailer.

  1. First link already appears to be down.

    I’m not sure if anyone can pull off an effective cover of “Immigrant Song.” Of course, it’s my favorite Zeppelin song, so I might have less tolerance for so-so performances.

    I’ve enjoyed the two seasons of Battlestar I’ve seen, but Caprica wasn’t nearly as compelling. This new prequel looks a little more interesting.

  2. Caprica was massively disappointing. I didn’t even watch the second season. Of course I was pretty upset by the final season of BSG as well.

  3. The only way this could be good is if they do a JJ-Abrams’-Star-Trek-like ret-con and dismantle everything that was stupid about BSG.

    Alternatively, I’d accept a halfway plausible explanation of what the hell Starbuck’s character was supposed to be.

  4. Probably leaked by a member I the blood and chrome team angry that syfy decided to not go ahead with the television series. Which might help explain the terrible font and the fact that they ripped off the Immigrant Song idea and cover from Fincher’s Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

  5. After Caprica and the 4th season of BSG I’m not sure I trust it unless the creative team is at least somewhat different. We need at least a few sympathetic characters and a bit more focus on plot rather than “character moments.” Come on, it’s supposed to be science fiction not improv at the acting class.

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