The Other Shows: Valentines Edition

I’m well into my television network free existence. (And not missing it at all – although Netflix selection quality has definitely gone downhill for streaming the last six months) So if I miss a few please chime in. I’ve really narrowed my television viewing a lot.

First up Fringe. I know it’s expected to be canceled but man this has been a great season. It’s really coming together right now with the return of a dead character from season 1. I have to admit I’ll miss this one. I think they made it just a tad too complex and impossible for newcomers to follow. My suspicion is that a show like Lost just can’t be done again and Fringe is showing that.

On the other hand Alcatraz appears to be a hit and seems like it contradicts that claim. It’s an other J. J. Abrams show like Fringe and I have to admit I love it. They’ve wisely made it so there is basically an independent quasi-normal police procedural each week with then the underlying plot thrown in. Burn Notice did that you might recall (although I’ve given up on Burn Notice – it just went downhill too much). I think that Fringe managed much more one off episodes the first season but with the dual universe there was just too much going on for that to work.  We’ll see how well Alcatraz manages with that balance.

I’ve not watched Luck yet. The first episode was directed by Michael Mann and the series was created by David Milich of Deadwood fame. It stars Dustin Hoffman. What’s not to love?  I just haven’t had time yet to check it out. If you have, let us know if you like it.

Justified is going great. While the villain of the season isn’t as compelling as the past two years the writing is as good if not better. I’ll not say more on that as we have a weekly post on it.

White Collar is an other show I used to let build up on my DVR and watch is swaths. It was never quite good enough to follow closely but I usually enjoyed it when I had time – although I did skip through it a bit at times. However much like Burn Notice the formula was wearing thin and I just couldn’t justify it too much.

So You Think You Can Dance is starting up soon. (They’ve been filming tryouts already)  I just can’t get excited this season. Last season the dancers were better than ever but somehow completely uncompelling.  I have a feeling that’s going to happen again.

Of course the Superbowl is this weekend. Normally we have a big party. This is the first year in a long time I’ve not. Just too much going on – plus no network television.  Bummer. And of course it happens the year it looks like it’ll be a fantastic game.

So what are your favorites? Anything those of us network challenged should be looking at?


10 thoughts on “The Other Shows: Valentines Edition

  1. Episodes from the second season of Downton Abbey and from the first season of Sherlock Holmes are available online at PBS.

    Alcatraz is fun. Favorite show, though, is still Grimm.

    Justified will have to wait until Hulu starts showing it–which should be any day now.

  2. No network TV? The superbowl is on NBC, plus streaming live online.

    Tim, I watch justified on Amazon. It’s only $1.89 per episode and it’s available immediately after air.

  3. I’ve been watching New Girl, which is cute. Pretty good for a sitcom. It needs more Jess and less of the other guys, though.

  4. Yeah, I’m kind of surprised FX doesn’t have streaming episodes this year. Last year they appeared after a week but only lasted 3 weeks. Now they don’t have them at all.

  5. we love new girl, downton abbey, sherlock and late night with jimmy fallon. in that order. i’ve heard that alcatraz is good from more than a few people.

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