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Next week is the finale so it’s crunch time and the guest judge is a real heavyweight: Christina Applegate(?). Some of her comments were great, but she seemed at a loss at times too. The judging adventures continue. There were lots of odd props in the dances tonight, as there have been all season: a wall, a towel, sticks, chairs, a mirror, a light fixture. I don’t know why props are so popular on this show, but some of them are truly silly, the sticks being probably the most pointless.

The top 4 will be determined from the dances tonight, and I think it’s clear that the top two guys are Marko and Tadd. Ricky is great, but just not quite at the same level. The top two girls are probably Melanie and Sasha, but based on how Caitlynn danced tonight, I think it sucks if she has to leave. Melanie and Sasha aren’t going anywhere, though, so it’s just going to be a tough night tomorrow. All three are great and easily deserving of being in the final four. Caitlynn has probably grown the most and Melanie was the standout from the beginning, while Sasha is just a raging ball of passion. The girls have just been over the top this season.

Starting with the strangest dance, there was an odd “Wacking” routine with Ricky and Sasha that was fun but kooky, and could end up losing them both some votes. Sasha, in particular, appeared to be not very into it. She barely cracked a smile during the whole thing:

Ricky’s other dance was the one with two sticks as props, which showcased the fact that he can dance with two sticks in his hands, and also showcased the remarkable talent (and remarkable booty) of all-star Jamie, but didn’t do much for Ricky’s chances of making the finale:

There was a controversial dance that’s worth talking about, which utilized an unusual prop: a chandelier. As usual, it was a Sonya Tayeh contemporary dance. This time it was with Tadd and all-star Ellenore. I really liked it in a weird way, but the judges were confused at best:

Marko’s Paso Doble with all-star Janette is worth watching for Marko’s matador ‘tude and the double cape move he pulls off:

As I said, I loved Caitlynn’s dances tonight, especially this Sonya Tayeh dance with Marko:

Her other dance was a Samba with Pasha, which to me seems unfair. I think the ballroom routines generate less votes, and this is the second time Caitlynn has danced a Latin ballroom number recently. She did them both well, but I can’t remember either Sasha or Melanie dancing much ballroom this season. They should have to prove they can do it, like Caitlynn has:

As usual, there was a dead solid perfect hip hop routine “Little Red Swagging Hood” from my favorite choreogs, NappyTabs, with Melanie and the incomparable Twitch. This one reminded me a little of the one with Alex and Twitch from last season:

There was great acting and really great dancing in this broadway routine from Melanie and Tadd:

I’m getting a little tired of the condescending attitude the judges exhibit toward Tadd. He’s awesome, and not just because he’s a B-boy.

But the best of the night was probably this Tyce Diorio Contemporary dance with Sasha and all-star Kent. Kent is usually so sunny and cheesy, but he went to a dark place in this piece. Sasha, on the other hand, took it to a whole other level. This is the only routine where I really felt that the prop, the wall, was an asset to the dance. It played an important and understandable role in the choreography. The other props, not so much:

My prediction is that Ricky and Caitlynn will leave tomorrow, but if Caitlynn pulls off a miracle and beats Sasha, I won’t be too disappointed. Melanie has to be in the finale, as does Marko. I really believe one of them will win (Melanie is the odds-on favorite, obviously) with Sasha possibly pulling off an upset. The only thing that would really disappoint me is if Tadd ends up leaving tomorrow. He really deserves to be in the finale.


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  1. The judges drove me crazy last night. I sometimes think that they let their previously held impressions cloud their experiences with particular routines and particular dancers. The wacking dance with Sasha and Ricky, in particular, proved this. To me, Ricky far out-shined Sasha in that particular dance. Watching it again he was just plain better, more interesting and more relaxed.

    Sasha is amazing and deserves to be in the finale, but that doesn’t mean she can do no wrong… and Ricky didn’t get the kudos he deserved for that particular dance.

    I also agree with your comment regarding the judges perception of Tadd… shut up already about how he’s a B-boy. It almost seems demeaning the way they always bring that up. The dude can dance and has an amazing stage presence… good for him.

    All top six are amazing but I agree that Ricky and Caitlynn should probably go. For me, only because I find them both just slightly less interesting. They can dance as well as any of the others but there is some sort of intangible stage presence factor that draws me to the others more…but just slightly.

  2. I didn’t think Caitlyn did well with her dance with Pasha at all. She just was not sexy. At all. Which is usually pretty easy to do while dancing with Pasha.

    Sasha and Kent’s was by far the best of the night. Followed by both of Melanie’s dances (Melanie’s and Tadd’s was superb) and then the Sonya piece with Tadd and the chandelier. I loved it.

    Melanie / Sasha for the girls. I think it’s a toss up with the boys, at this point, but I’m hoping for Marko / Tadd, as well.

  3. Sasha and Kent were the best. The rest were ok. Melanie and Twitch were the best of the rest.

    I still don’t care who wins. Love having Lil C as a judge though. I’m really bummed there hasn’t been any krumping on the show for a couple seasons now. We want the krump!

  4. Well we lost Caitlynn and Ricky as predicted. And there has already been an announcement about next week’s finale:

    “So You Think You Can Dance’s seventh-season winner Lauren Froderman, seventh-season contestant Robert Roldan, fourth-season contestant Mark Kanemura, and fourth-season winner Joshua Allen will return to the show and serve as all-star partners for the Top 4 finalists next week.

    “In addition, So You Think You Can Dance announced actress Katie Holmes will serve as a guest judge.”

    Not sure why Katie Holmes will be involved, but the all-stars sound awesome.

  5. BTW, anyone else think that the re-creation of “Collide” by Kent and Lauren was just not nearly as good? It just proves you can’t repeat perfection, I guess.

  6. I was clapping when I heard Joshua would be back.

    I’m not surprised about Katie Holmes–she’s involved in a dance scholarship/school or something that Nigel is also involved in.

    Wait—Mark? Is that quirky Mark from Hawaii who danced with Chelsie Hightower? I love him.

  7. Yeah, that’s him. Too bad they won’t have Chelsie back on the same show.

    That lineup of all-stars is awesome. Joshua and Lauren were both winners of their seasons, and Robert was in the top three. Mark was in the top six, and was probably one of the most unique dancers ever.

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