SYTYCD – Top 10

The all-stars are back and that means the contestants are competing as individuals now. I always like seeing the all-stars, but I have to say that sometimes breaking up the couples is a bit of a let-down, and I felt that way tonight at times. It was cool to see NPH as a guest judge, but I thought he would be funnier than he was.

But I really liked this Argentine Tango by Caitlyn, with Pasha:

I somehow knew they were going to pair Marko and Chelsie Hightower (one of my favorites of all time), and the result was this hot Samba:

Melainie was great, as usual, in this Viennese Waltz with Pasha, who pulled double duty on the night:

But the hip-hop routines ruled the night, like this one by Tadd, with Komfort:

Or this one, by Sasha and Twitch, which was probably the best of the night:

Don’t know who should go home tomorrow, but I have a feeling it will be Mitchell or Clarice. Bollywood and Broadway are notorious killers.


12 thoughts on “SYTYCD – Top 10

  1. I missed Twitch’s number last night. So sad.

    One of my kids calls this “shooby doobie doobie dance” because that’s what she thinks the titel song says.

  2. I think Mitchell’s was the only one I REALLY didn’t love. Everyone else I either liked or LOVED (see: Melanie, Caitlyn and Sasha).

  3. I hear “shooby doobie doobie dance” too.

    I was glad the all stars were back because the regular contestants are so boring. Most of them kept up with their all stars, but they don’t have the same spark. Except for Comfort, I’ve never been that excited about her. Tadd outdanced her, I thought.

    Sasha and Twitch were easily the favorite.

  4. A shirtless Pasha helped with said spark…(sorry, I had to!)

    I’ve never been a big Comfort fan, either. Tadd definitely outdanced her.

    Melanie, I think, is the biggest and best personality this season. She is far and away the best dancer left.

  5. I always feel a bit sorry for the other dancers when Twitch is one of the all-stars. I suspect there are still some fans (like my wife) who continue voting for Twitch regardless.

  6. CS Eric – we talked about that same thing last night. I would love to know the bump the contestant gets from dancing with Twitch. He’s still so incredibly popular.

  7. Melanie has a sparkle when she’s just standing there smiling but I don’t really see it when she dances. I prefer Sasha. Even so I’m not super big on her either. Chelsie Hightower and Allison are/were way superior IMO.

    And can I just reiterate how sick I am of the contemporary solos? Soooo boring. Same old moves over and over. That move where the girls run their hands down their bodies, brushing against their face? Ugh. It was funny when my husband did it last night in mockery, though. Someone should make a compilation video of all the dancers who’ve done that.

  8. I meant to say, the piece with the Tori Amos song was cool. Allison’s. I know that song backwards and forwards so it was interesting to hear how they edited it for the performance.

  9. I’m way behind on my viewing. Otherwise I’d do it.

    Although I finally did watch the season finale of Fringe. Still trying to figure out the ending.

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