Best Board Games of Yesterday…

OK, skipping the “big 5” what are your favorite board games? I know board games have really fallen out of favor. But they still have a great place in my youthful memories.

(Yeah, I’m re-mining threads – but I never contributed to that one)

1. Afrika Korps. The first war game I’d ever played. My dad got it for me when I think I was 8 or 9. It became a tradition to play it over Christmas holidays. It never got old. The idea is that you fight the battles of 1941 in Africa between Rommel and the British 8th Army. It was first released in 1964 but apparently was a huge seller up through the end of the 80?s. If I had someone to play it with I’d probably pick it up.

2. Go. Far superior to Chess. Yes I suck at it. But I still love to play. I have fond memories of watching my Dad play as a kid. (He was pretty good) Want to learn? There’s actually a free version for OSX called Goban.

Speaking of board games, can some one please explain in Mousetrap what the point of the cheese is?


10 thoughts on “Best Board Games of Yesterday…

  1. circa 1960s Acquire. We played that several days a week in grad school. Addicting like the Colonel’s chicken.

  2. Stratego is a favorite of mine. Reminds me of beating my older brother. Which I could never do at chess.

    Best old board game made new again for my kids is the iPhone version of Life. I have to admit I never played the board game though.

    The worst for my kids is mousetrap. It. Never. Ends. But they love it.

  3. Caracasonne on the ipad is a recent favorite. It has a solitaire mode in addition to traditional play. It os mice to have the program enforce the rules. I am guessing that we will see more tablet board games as time goes on.

  4. There was this one that might have been called “Escape!”, but I’m not entirely sure that’s correct. Everybody started with little people on a volcanic island and the trick was to get your people into boats and away from the island that was guaranteed to blow up eventually, killing everyone who reached a safe place to go. It had whales and sea serpents and was very clever.

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