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There were not as many strong dances this week, and I’m not sure what the deal was with having Carmen Electra (?) as a judge, but the best part of the show was unquestionably the Mandy Moore contemporary routine by Caitlyn and Mitchell:

It could have been sappy with that music, and it just missed being that, but really amazing choreography and heroic dancing on the part of the dancers made it shine.

Caitlynn is definitely my favorite female dancer and Tadd is my favorite Male dancer but Melanie and Marko are still high on my list as well. I also really liked Ryan and Ricky tonight.


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  1. yeah. Carmen was a USELESS judge. Sheesh! It was nice to see Travis Wall there, though.

    Caitlynn / Mitchell was great. Melanie is still my favorite female and Tadd my favorite male. I think it will be tough for me to change that!

  2. I only watched the first hour last night, I’ll probably watch the second hour when I have lunch in a min. But I thought the choreography the first hour was SO BORING.

    Travis was an excellent judge, with specific remarks about technique and things they can improve on. I couldn’t believe Carmen E was even there.

  3. OK just watched the other half. Do you think they kept Ryan around when she was up for elimination because she’s a Mia Michaels protege?

    The dance in the video you posted was definitely the best of the night.

    I know I’ve complained about this ever since they changed venues, but I still think the huge stage and camera work detracts from the dancing. They always seems so far away. And there’s often times when the camera is doing some big sweeping thing that just annoys me. Am I the only one bothered by it?

  4. “Do you think they kept Ryan around when she was up for elimination because she’s a Mia Michaels protege?”

    That exact allegation has been made repeatedly on twitter. Nigel claims that’s not the reason.

    I agree on the camera work. It can be distracting because they always seem to be going for the creative shot instead of just letting us watch the dance. I do like that the camera is actually on stage with the dancers for part of the time, but the spinning around the dancers bit is used way too much.

  5. Somehow the spinning around the dancers doesn’t really bother me on DWTS, and I think it’s because the stage is smaller and the camera can be closer to the dancers when they do it.

    The only reason I think her connections wasn’t a factor in why they kept Ryan is that she didn’t make the top 20 last year, and she’d already been working with Mia by then, right? Or top 10, I guess? Whatever.

  6. Ashley and Chris are the couple who are out this week. Seems odd to me that they are always voting them off in couples. I swear they used to not do it that way. One guy would leave and one girl, but not necessarily the two that were together as a couple. This season it’s always the couple who leaves together. Don’t know why. Seems a bit unfair to me, since it’s not always true that the worst girl and worst guy happen to be dancing together.

  7. I was bummed to see Chris go, I really liked him. But Tadd and the other guy both deserved to stay, so…

    I really liked Ryan’s solo, although I thought the music choice was weird, and she was sort of really frenetic, but hers was definitely the best solo of the girls.

  8. Yeah it’s tough to choose who should go this season. I like Chris a lot but I had already decided I would rather see him leave than Tadd or Ricky. As for the girls, I thought Ashley was the best of the three that were at risk.

    Ryan’s a strange dancer. She seems very original, which is what you would expect from a Mia Michaels protege, but I don’t love her style or her music choices. Sometimes I feel the same way about Mia, although of course Mia is also often brilliant.

    I think the judges like Ryan’s originality and are counting on her being brilliant like Mia.

  9. What Nigel was saying about having seen all the stuff they’re doing in the solos before is true. Maybe they don’t have much time to dedicate to working on a solo, but Ryan’s and Ricky’s were the only two that seemed like they had really put some thought and planning into their solos.

    Oh and I have to add—Florence and the Machine are seriously growing on me. At first I thought they were terrible live (from a festival performance I saw on TV somewhere)—but then they blew me away on Colbert Report, and again last night—excellent song. I don’t even care if she sings off key. It makes me think of Siouxsie and the Banshees (I’ve always been convinced Siouxsie sings off key on purpose).

  10. The problem with the solos is that they are way too short and are not choreographed, or at least don’t appear to be. They seem improvised, and often have pretty lousy music.

    Let’s face it, most of these dancers are not good choreographers.

    The solos would be more helpful if each dancer got to choose a choreographer from the ones that are around that week, and had help preparing a choreographed solo routine that actually was long enough to really judge it. That would make the show longer, potentially, but not if we cut down on the judges’ blather.

    I agree on F&TM. Awesome. Her voice is truly unique.

  11. I’m way behind. I haven’t even finished watching the previous week let alone last week’s.

    The solos are kind of interesting since effectively they are making a degree of choreography a component in the contests. Certainly a lot of dancers are not great choreographers. However quite a few of the dancers who have done well in the past have been fantastic choreographers. (Indeed several past contestants have gone on to be choreographers on the show or on Dancing with the Stars)

    If one wants a career as a dancer then having some choreography skills is pretty helpful. So I don’t have problem with that component. That said I *do* think that ballroom dancers are at a distinct disadvantage in the solos. Although some have managed to get past that. (Think of Benji’s solos back in the day or even his cousin’s – although oddly ballroom dancers haven’t done nearly as well in solos the past years)

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