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It’s too bad that we lost the only ballroom dancer, the best tap dancer, the best hip-hop dancer and one of the best female dancers last week, but really, there were no really good choices for who to send home, and there still aren’t. More great dances happened this week, with two excellent NappyTabs numbers and two really great ballroom numbers from Jean-Marc. Here are the best of the best:

I really liked this Foxtrot from Clarice and Jess. They are not my favorite couple, but I really love the style Jess brings to every routine. He doesn’t look athletic, but his jumps are through the roof and he just drips style in every movement. Pure class.

This Samba from Caitlynn and Mitchell was unexpectedly good because it’s a tough ballroom number and I thought it would trip them up. I didn’t love it as much as the judges apparently did, but I thought it pretty much rocked, especially for a ballroom number.

This NappyTabs routine with Jordan and Tadd was the most fun of the night. Tadd is probably my favorite male dancer in the show. I think it’s a toss-up between this dance and the Sasha and Alex dance for second place, so I’m including both.

Melanie and Marko are, as before, the team to beat. I’m not crazy about them personally, but every week I’m looking for a reason not to like them and there just isn’t one. They’re winning me over with sheer over the top crazy awesomeness. I think I like their dance tonight the best of this season so far. Try to watch it without getting a tear in your eye. I dare you.

The other thing worth mentioning about tonight is that the dances by Sonya really kind of missed the mark. I think Chris was right to be afraid of her. She’s creative, but uneven.


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  1. I agree, Clark. We haven’t gotten to last night’s, yet, but it’s so wide open. We’re just enjoying the dancing.

  2. Agree with you all. Side note: did you notice in Tadd’s bio clip, with the Philippine dancing…the LDS cultural hall?!!! hmmm….

  3. Chelsie Hightower is. I think the other girl you’re talking about is Kherington. I don’t think she is Mormon.

    Benji is the brother of Lacey, right? They are both Mormon, but they were on different seasons. Heidi is their cousin and Benji’s dance partner. She was on the same season as Benji, but since they are all related I’m not sure that counts. Same sorta thing as Ryan and Ashleigh.

  4. So they got rid of Robert and Miranda tonight. I agree with that decision of the basis that it’s the best of a bunch of bad choices.

  5. Ryan and Ashleigh (who interestingly work out in the same gym I do) were.

    Here are the Utahns I know of. (Which isn’t the same as Mormon since Benji, Lacey, and Heidi are all from California and some of the below are non-LDS)

    Jaymz Tuaileva (Season 2)
    Allison Holker (Season 2)
    Sabra Johnson (Season 3) She won.
    Gev Manoukian (Season 4)
    Thayne Jasperson (Season 4)
    Chelsie Hightower (Season 4)
    Randi Evans (Season 5)
    Brandon Bryant (Season 5)
    Ryan Di Lello (Season 6)
    Ashleigh Di Lello (Season 6)
    Mollee Gray (Season 6)

    As someone mentioned I was wrong about no Utahns. Tadd (interestingly one of my favorites) is actually from West Valley City in Utah. Don’t know how I missed that. Caitlynn Lawson is listed as Moses Lake, WA but she auditioned in Utah at least.

    So the only season without an Utahn was season 7 when they didn’t do any tryouts in Utah. Given how small the state is it’s kind of surprising we have so many people. Throw in the people with significant Utah connections and it gets even more freaky.

  6. Yeah it is a little known fact that in his youth in New England he had a pretty amazing break dancing troup.

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