Justified: The Life Inside

JustifiedOK sure this episode wasn’t remotely as good as last week’s premier. But there were still some really great moments. The best of which was the, “have you ever heard of the apricot?” That said while there was the one off element of the search for the pregnant escaped prisoner most of this episode was clearly setting things up which will become important in future episodes. As such there was something a little dissatisfying about it all. I found the villain this week pretty distasteful as well. Yes, arguably last week’s was too. Maybe even worse. But somehow the quirky villains doing nasty things just didn’t catch me this week. They just made me uncomfortable. Of course we were supposed to be disturbed, as was Raylan by his comments to his ex-wife at the end of the episode. And honestly the show tries to play the villains straight. They aren’t comedic characters the way some Leonard novels are adapted.

So onto the revelations. (Spoilers ahoy, so don’t read if you haven’t seen)

The big season arc revelations were the disposing of the body by the Bennett boys. Lots to that short scene. The most obvious was the stealing of the watch which is almost certainly foreshadowing for future discovery. (Either by the daughter, as I suspect, or Rayland as is possible) I didn’t really get the way they poured lye on the body and then dumped it almost certainly scattering all the lye off the body. But then as mommy Mags notes, they aren’t necessarily the brightest.

Next up is a conflict between Rayland and Winona’s husband. It appears he was booted out of the house (somewhat understandably considering his mixup with the mob last season). He is going to try and get Winona back. Meanwhile we get the impression from all the episode’s pregnant talk that Raylan would like a child with Winona. Interestingly I believe the name Winona had was the name of the child they had in the original books. (The series diverged quite a bit from the books where he had two kids with his ex-wife)

Boyd still is claiming he’s following the straight and narrow. Most of this week’s Boyd revelations were either given or at least foreshadowed last week. So we already knew Boyd was working in the coal mine. (Interesting location where they shot – I assume this is some mine in California) We didn’t know that Ava and Boyd were an item, although it certainly was strongly hinted last week. The big question is why Boyd’s face was all smashed up. Even if Boyd is straight he’s doing something. (And of course his going straight last season ended up with lots of dead people anyway)

Mags has a pretty creepy scene with the girl Loretta. Clearly she always wanted a girl and wants Loretta to be her daughter. She gives Loretta a pretty unlikely story about why her father disappeared.

We find out that Rayland’s dad is under house arrest and no one knows where the $20,000 is. Rayland’s aunt is also not too happy Ralyand’s investigating the Bennetts. Clearly despite the Bennett’s rather evil ways they have a lot of community support. Rayland hints that he knows the Bennetts are involved in a whole lot more than just marijuana for medical use.

All in all this was definitely more a transitionary episode. It seems like this season will much more be about the arc than individual one off episodes. (Although those will be a part) I’m not sure what I think of that. As much as I enjoy the arc, a lot of the one off episodes last season with quirky criminals were my favorites.


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  1. I thought the episode was pretty great. I can’t remember any tv show with a bad guy who wants to kill a pregnant woman. Come to think of it, I don’t remember that in any movies, either. So I give them major props for having an original bad guy.

    I like the fact that there is more emphasis on the arc than last season.

    My favorite scene, Rayland’s father kicked out of the house while he’s on house arrest.

  2. I agree with Jacob. I thought this episode was excellent and don’t really have any complaints. I love all of the storylines that are up in the air right now and how they mix into those a stand-alone episode. Pretty great stuff.

    And I think it was MCQ that mentioned this during last season, but the women on the show are great. Both the actresses and the characters.

    Favorite show right now by a mile.

  3. I agree with Clark that it wasn’t quite up to the season premiere, but it was still a very good show, chock full of the kind of scenes and dialog you aren’t going to find in other places. It is interesting that Tim Olyphant seems to be producing the season and that there is, if I saw correctly, another Leonard involved.

    Anybody have any idea how many episodes make up the season?

  4. I don’t know about the women. They were all really interesting last season. This season thus far, outside of momma Bennett, they haven’t really done much. Although I did like that bit of Winona and Raylan when she says she can handle hearing about the gun to the baby but not his silence. That was one of those subtle well written parts that weren’t going for a chuckle.

    I do have to repeat again that the way Mags is written and acted is amazing. They manage to give her so many layers in just these short scenes. That really is impressive. She’s just so chilling even as she’s being sweet and nice. A remarkable villain.

  5. Loved the episode. I actually thought it was better than the first one in some ways. The whole idea of Raylan flying on the kingpin’s plane back to Miami and confronting him in his house with the injured niece over his shoulder was total garbage. I know they had to do something to tie up the Miami story line, but that was ridiculous. Could. Not. Happen.

    The second episode was more realistic and back to normal. Boyd is still awesome and I loved the way it ended with Raylan and Wynona. Natalie Zea is a national treasure.

  6. I didn’t really see the Boyd/Ava thing coming. That’s going to cause some serious friction. Raylan isn’t in love with Ava, but he’s still very protective of her and he’s not going to like her being with Boyd.

    The Gary/Wynona/Raylan triangle will be interesting because on the face of it, Gary should lose badly, but like Gary said, she left Raylan for him before. It’s hard to see now what the attraction was and whatever it was seems to be gone, but Gary’s not giving up. Trouble ahead.

  7. Oh, and by the way, the substance used on the dead body by the Bennett boys is Lime. Not Lye. Lime kills odor and aids in decomposition. Lye is acidic and would dissolve organic tissue eventually but only if there is a butt load of it and it would be hella expensive and create a toxic waste site.

  8. I thought it was a great episode.

    MCQ, why are you so sure that Ava is with Boyd? I got the impression that she didn’t expect to see him show up at her house at all, let alone in his condition. Seemed she just couldn’t turn him away because he needed treatment. There’s a definite possibility that I misread that, though.

    Also, I think it’s Raylan, not Rayland.

  9. It is Raylan.

    Boyd didn’t knock on the door, he just walked in and went upstairs. When Ava saw him, she didn’t say “what are you doing here?” she just asked what happened. My impression is that they’re together, but it’s just an impression.

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