Super Bowl XLV Open Thread

It’s a party! It’s a [k]ultural phenomenon! It’s an orgy of capitalism! It’s (sometimes) a pretty good football game! Talk here about all things Superbowl while we watch the clash between the Steelers and the Packers. Predictions? Get them down here so you can have bragging rights afterward! Trash talk? Bring it on! The kickoff happens now!


70 thoughts on “Super Bowl XLV Open Thread

  1. Half ends with Packers up 21-10. Hines Ward singlehandedly brought the Steelers back after two picks by the Packers.

    Packers have two injuries to DBs, including Woodson. It’s going to be tough to hang on to the lead if those guys don’t come back.

    Meanwhile, Black Eyed Peas are in the haftime show with Slash and Usher. Kinda trippy hearing Sweet Child o’ Mine sung by Fergie.

  2. Meanwhile, the Packer receivers have suddenly become gunshy. Tw big drops in the last two series. The Packers may be about to lose their lead.

  3. Packer offense looks terrible suddenly. Going nowhere.

    Weird play on 3d down. Looked like a catch, but ruled incomplete.

    Fumbled on the way down.

    Challenge by Green Bay.

  4. The House ad was pretty funny. Parody of the old Mean Joe Greene Coke ad. Of course, with House it’s more like child abuse.

  5. Steelers will have to to the end zone if they want to win. The upside for them is that they can win it with a PAT.

  6. 2 minutes left. Ben has his work cut out for him after a stupid personal foul puts the Steelers in a hole.

  7. Anyone else have a Dish with Fox broadcast in HD? I swear their sound was weird. Really inconsistent. Some commercials were fine while others were missing half their sound. The game was fine but the halftime show had the music almost muted which sounded really weird. I’ve not heard of anyone else complaining so I’m assuming this is either the local Fox affiliate screwing things up or Dish doing it. (I know on CBS sometimes the commercials come through with weird sound on Dish)

    As for my thoughts. The SuperBowl has really been changing the past few years. Good football and lousy ads. Seriously, I thought last year was bad. But the agreement at our party was that they really sucked. The only ones anyone thought were good were the Free Tibet by getting discounts on Tibetian food, the test baby against the glass ad (others were mixed on that one, but I loved it) and that was nearly it.

    But great game. I thought the Packers had let it slip out of their fingers in the 3rd quarter but that was a great 4th quarter. I remember when the games were lame so it’s nice to have a few years with great games for a change. Now if only the ads would improve.

  8. America the Beautiful should be our national anthem. Not that I dislike TSSB, but I think ATB is better. ATB has really outstanding reminders about our mission, responsibilities, and highest ideals. TSSB hints at them with “crown thy good with brotherhood,” but that’s it.

  9. Wait, isn’t “crown thy good with brotherhood” from America, The Beautiful?

    Superbowl thoughts:

    * Aaron Rodgers may be cocky, but at least he’s not a sex offender. Go Packers.

    * Christina Aguilera should have used a lyric sheet.

    * The Black-Eyed Peas were just terrible. Whoever directed their stage show deserves props, but they are by far the least talented musical group to take the SB halftime stage in a long, long time.

    * Chrysler managed to make Detroit look like a third-world country (then asked us to buy cars imported from that country). Good work, USA.

  10. But Cynthia, The Twilight’s last “reaming” is essentially the most American thing in the world.

  11. “The only ones anyone thought were good were the Free Tibet by getting discounts on Tibetian food.”

    I thought that was terrible. Seemed really crass. Using Tibet’s struggles to shill for Groupon didn’t hit the right note for me at all.

    By far the creepiest ad was the one where Android gets black-market thumbs surgically attached in a Southeast Asian back alley. Ick.

    I liked the test baby. The Darth Vader VW ad was pretty good, too. There were a few others. The Bud western/Tiny Dancer one was pretty good.

  12. #61: lol! Sorry, brain fart. Ha. Let’s just pretend it was an intentional allusion to Christina’s mixup, or something. 🙂

    Srsly though, ATB is better than TSSB.

  13. Never really thought about it, but yeah, as pretty as our flag is, maybe our national anthem should be about our nation more than just an ode to our fabric.

    Music quality-wise, TSSB seems to give showoffs more room to slaughter it by oversinging it. I’d hate to lose the fifty-note aria on “brave”.

  14. The people who sing it best keep it pretty simple. Whitney Huston at the Super Bowl where she sang it is still the gold standard for me. Xtina blew the lyrics and way overdid the scale runs. Terrible.

  15. You know, everyone mocks Christina Aguilera for leaving out a line of the lyrics. But if you want to know what really happened – She just had money down on the over/under bet, and wanted to be sure that her under bet paid out. She came in way under 1:53 by leaving that line out!

    I’ve heard of people “throwing fights”. This is the first time in history that someone threw a song!

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