Some Quick Thoughts on the App Store

A few quick thoughts on the new Mac App Store which Apple released today.

1. Just because it detects an installed app doesn’t mean Apple will now handle upgrades. Basically unless you bought it through them they don’t do anything. The Mac App Store also tends to detect demos as installed software.

2. The “new iWorks” is actually the old one. Don’t buy it. (Yes in the App Store screenshot iWork 11 was listed) I was quite annoyed by this. Presumably there were bugs keeping it from being ready. Given all the limitations with Numbers right now and the long delay for an iWork upgrade I was really hoping it’d be ready.

3. Thinking of ordering from the App Store? Consider taxes. Apple charges them. Amazon and most direct downloads don’t. Here that’s 6.5% although some states are higher. That can add up.

4. Man there is a lot of crap. Maybe it’s my imagination but it seems like far more than the iOS app store.

5. This program is fast compared to iTunes. Let’s hope this is a sign of the breakup of iTunes as a catch-all for everything.

6. It follows the iTunes like weird redesign of the close widgets. (The red, yellow, green widgets) Not in terms of having them rotated but just in terms of having them in a weird position. They are centered vertically even with the icon bar. It looks weird. I wonder if there is a way to set it back ala iTunes.

7. Aperature has ceased being a Pro app due to Adobe cleaning it’s clock and now is a midrange app. It suddenly is selling like hotcakes at the $80 price point. It’s the top grossing app and as of a minute ago the fourth best selling app. Amazing when you think about it.

8. There sure are a lot of backup programs for apps purportedly not being able to access root files. Did Apple make an exception for disk cloners and backup programs?

9. There are lots of apps I expected to find but didn’t. No Quicken (although iBank is there). No TextMate (although BBEdit is there). No Circus Ponies Notebook, 1Password, or Plants vs. Zombies. Give how easy it is to convert an existing app I’m pretty surprised at this.

10. A lot of apps are detected as installed. Although as I mentioned detecting an installed application doesn’t tell you much. At best it keeps you from repurchasing. (Although it didn’t detect my installed iWork apps) Be aware though that there often are subtle differences between apps bought directly from the developer and those via the App Store due to Apple’s restrictions. Reportedly BBEdit and Textwrangler are different. An other good reason to perhaps avoid the App Store for some things.

11. In addition to surprising missing apps are the apps one didn’t expect. Lingon and Smultron are back. As with the backup apps I’m not sure how Lingon got into the App Store. It does modify /Library/LaunchAgents, /System/Library/LaunchAgents and so forth. I was wondering if those features were disabled in the App Store version but the manual says they are there. There seems to be some special exceptions or else there will be a lot of once accepted soon to be rejected apps.

12. Supposedly many apps are quite easy to bootleg due to developers not following Apple’s guidelines. Expect this to change quickly although it’s surprising a lot of big name apps screwed up.

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7 thoughts on “Some Quick Thoughts on the App Store

  1. Thinking of ordering from the App Store? Consider taxes. Apple charges them. Amazon and most direct downloads don’t. Here that’s 6.5% although some states are higher. That can add up

    If you are a law abiding citizen, you generally have to pay those uncollected taxes as “use tax” on your state income tax return anyway. Unfortunately.

  2. I’m amazed that Aperture is so cheap now. I hope Lightroom (my preferred photo environment) follows that lead.

    I see a lot of crap, which didn’t surprise me because unlike you I think the iOS store has a ton of garbage as well.

    I like it overall..

  3. Nobody should be shocked that Textmate hasn’t been Made available. Development of Textmate2 is now a legendary scandal. I doubt the developer is motivated to adapt the old version for the store.

    I would love to port my visualizers but plugins aren’t allowed.

  4. I’m kind of surprised they didn’t allow for plugins. Especially given the place of Aperature.

    Yeah, I discussed Textmate at Ars. A few years ago it was being compared to Duke Nukem Forever.

    Regarding crap on the store. I guess a small app that only does one small thing seems fine for the iOS app store. It just seems really weird on a computer.

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