Disjointed Thoughts From Christmas Morning

As I sit in with an exhaustion headache trying to vainly take a nap a few things came to me. Maybe you’ll learn from my mistakes. Maybe not. Maybe you’ll throw in your own exhausted wisdom.

1. You know that toy you got so cheap on black friday? The race track that was less than 1/3 the price of a new one? Guess what. It’s a cheap Chinese knock off and there’s a reason they could sell it so cheap. Yes, they still are making a profit. (Cue demonic voice from Evil Dead 2: “Dead by dawn! Dead by dawn!”) I should have learned after I got that $1000 scooter that seemed like such a good deal. It was great the first year and then started to break down every few weeks. Every time I’d go into the shop I’d find out some part was amazingly substandard. Eventually I just gave up repairing it.

Lesson? It’s better a few expensive quality toys than a bunch of cheaper ones. (Note: this isn’t a knock against China. After all the high quality stuff is probably made there too – my iPhone was after all)

2. You have a choice. You can put those gadgets together when it’s late Christmas Eve and you just want to go to sleep. Or you can try and get sleep, only to be awoken way earlier than you want and have to do the same thing only with a bunch of hyper kids bouncing around you demanding that it work. Trust me. Late night works better.

3. Do yourself a favor. Have a single box with receipts. Tape a piece of paper with a description (or photo) of each toy. It’ll make returning the inevitable broken toy easier. (No – I didn’t do this. But I wish I did as I vainly search for receipts that probably got thrown out with wrapping paper)

8 thoughts on “Disjointed Thoughts From Christmas Morning

  1. Yeah, those are the days. I remember putting together a Barbie townhouse that required a stickering skill that apparently highly trained robots couldn’t even master. I now know why most egg nog is served with alcohol.

  2. BTW, when your kids are teenagers, you get to sleep later on Christmas morning, but the time between the first present being opened and the time the video games start to be played can now only be measured in nanoseconds.

  3. Someday, I will make it to bed before 2 on Christmas Eve. Also, it’s possible that someday we won’t spend any of those late hours trying to remember where we hid the presents.

  4. Christmas was awesome, my 3 yr old got up at 2, my 1 yr old got up at 3, the cat got me up at 3:30, and the 7 yr old woke at at 4. After successfully getting each back down, we all woke up again at 7. the 2 am pronouncements of “He came! He came!” as Terrible as they may sound, are going to be a treasure to me forever. Especially when I sneak into her room with the cymbals when she’s 16 and sleeping.

  5. Our six month old decided to get diarrhea and was up from 4-6 and shortly thereafter at 6:30 our kids woke up. I was so tired at Church today I swear I was hallucinating. The kids didn’t give us any rest. And after Church instead of playing with their toys they just wanted to be with us. Which would be great if they were cuddly but instead they just wanted to jump a lot.

  6. I also like to open the boxes ahead of time and take of all the annoying wires and packaging off. Now the companies are actually attaching toys to backboards with tiny screws! I shove everything back into the box, wrap it up, and we’re good to go on Christmas morning.

    I also put batteries into everything ahead of time. No scrambling to the junk drawer on Christmas for me! And heaven forbid I forget to buy the expensive and elusive C batteries needed for the Pretty Princess Castle!

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