The Christmas Thread

Wow. It’s nearly Christmas Eve and we’ve not had a single Christmas thread! Hey, I can relate. I’ve not had any time off yet myself. In honor of Christmas a few of the best threads of the past.

The Best Christmas Present Ever
It Isn’t Christmas Without…
Great Christmas Albums
Best Christmas Animation
Top Ten Things About Christmas
Top 5 Christmas Songs
Top 5 Christmas Films
Top Christmas Pairs
Ultimate Bad Christmas Song
Even More Bad Christmas Music
Bad Christmas Music
Great Holiday Films
Christmas Carols

So go see if you regret what you said in the past. And feel free to chime in with your Christmas praises and gripes here. Me, I just can’t get enough of the media making up Christmas controversies. Give me some media created wars on Christmas any day.


9 thoughts on “The Christmas Thread

  1. Best stop motion animated Christmas special? I suppose it’s Rudolph, but I like the other one too. 🙂

  2. All those discussions of bad Christmas music remind me of a conversation I had with our kids while making dinner last night. Is there any worse kids’ song than “I’m Gettin’ Nuttin’ for Christmas?”

  3. There was one my business partner was telling me about that I can’t find. He says the Seattle radio station he listens to plays it all the time. “I Know It’s Christmas When I’m Drunk and Plastered” or something like that.

  4. The podcast/radio show Sound Opinions does a show every year on obscure and odd Christmas songs. The songs can be downloaded for free here. My favorite is the old-time country song “Turn Me On and I Light Up Just Like a Christmas Tree” (Side A at 16:30).

  5. I thought the mouths/lips looked weird on the Community stop animation episode. I think maybe it was cuz they made the characters mouth words correctly and in the old stop animated specials they didn’t. So the mouths were moving way too much. But even when they weren’t talking the lips just creeped me out.

    It was a great episode though.

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