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Ok, so who’s going to win? A lot of great dances happened last night and some interesting revelations along with some interminable and sappy blather from the judges. Here’s my rundown, followed by my prediction:

Kent started things off with a great Bollywood routine with All-star Lauren Gottlieb. I’m not a huge fan of Bollywood, but this one was fun and Kent really danced it well.  I’ve always been a fan of Lauren G. and I’m glad she was an all-star this season, along with Neil.  Some of my favorite routines are from the two of them, and it was so cool that they recreated “Night of the Dancing Flame” last week.  Now if they will just do “The Way I Are.”  I don’t think Bollywood routines get you many votes that you weren’t going to get anyway, but it was a very fun routine.

Lauren and Twitch were up next with a Hip Hop routine from Tabitha and Napoleon. Maybe we should just end the discussion right there, because when you get Twitch and Nappy Tabs, the dance gods are really looking out for you and you know it’s your night. Lauren took the ball and scored. Butts were kicked. The judges gushed. Game over.

Kinda like this one from last season:

Next, Robert and all-star Mark danced a (purportedly) Jazz routine by Tyce. I couldn’t get past the song choice. Devo’s “Whip It” is such a cliche at this point that I really wondered why anyone would bother doing a dance to that tune, but I have to say that it won me over. The costumes were cool, the moves were awesome and Mark and Robert looked like they were built in the same laboratory. It turned out very cool. Still, if you’re going to do Devo, please choose another song.

Next round: Robert and Lauren were first with a contemporary piece by Dee Caspary which utilized a pillow as a prop. I’m not a fan of props, usually, and this one looked like it was going to be awkward, but it really worked. the whole dance just flowed like they were dancing while dreaming on the pillow. Loved it. So did the judges. Again, Lauren showed some fantastic stuff and Robert was right there with her. They both looked like winners in this piece.

Lauren then had to change fast because she was up next with Kent in a Jazz routine by Mandy Moore. It was fun but kinda silly, especially coming right after the cool contemporary routine. Mandy got dissed by the judges but the dancers stood up for her. Bottom line, it didn’t impress anybody. Again, awkward 80s song choice. Huey Lewis, really?

Kent then bounced back from goofyville in a dance with Allison which was a contemporary routine by Stacey Tookey. I have mixed feelings about this one because I thought it was well acted by the dancers and Kent especially, but I thought his movements seemed jerky and rushed compared to Allison’s. The judges lost their minds over it, with Adam going completely overboard and proclaiming that Kent somehow “became an artist” during the dance. I like Kent a lot but the dialogue between the two of them took a left turn into ludicrous at that point. Whatever. It was a good routine, but mostly because of Allison, in my opinion.

The last round started off with Robert and Kathryn dancing a Broadway routine by Spencer Liff.  If you haven’t seen this yet, make sure you watch it.  If you have seen it, go back and watch it again.  These two have been together a lot and they have crazy chemistry.  Couple that with off the charts choreography that just nailed the piece of music dead on and you have a perfect example of two red hot dancers hitting their stride.  Unfortunately, the routine was partly overshadowed by the nerdy catfight between Adam and Nigel over whether the song was included in the stage version of West Side Story, or if it was only in the movie.  Adam won the fight but by then we had forgotten about the dance.  I still think there’s something going on between Robert and Kathryn, but they were just both dead solid perfect here.

Lauren was up next with the designated hitter on all things ballroom: Pasha.  They performed a Cha Cha by Tony and Melanie that still has the place smokin’.  If there is any justice, Lauren took the brass ring with this dance.  It was that good.  And coming on top of her hip hop routine and the pillow dance it should make her victory a lead pipe cinch.  The judges did everything except crawl onto the stage and kiss her feet.  Adam almost began reciting poetry: “If music were turned into a person, it would be you.”

But anticlimactically, there was another dance left to go.  Kent and Robert were up for one of those dance fights that the show keeps doing, but which has never really been done as well as when Michael Jackson did it in the 80s.  Apparently, this one was called a Malevos Fight, and was choreographed by Miriam and Leonardo.  That hardly matters, though, because it didn’t do much for either Kent or Robert, though to me Robert seemed to dance it a little better.  It just didn’t seem very much like a fierce, aggressive dance, which was I think what it was supposed to be.

Game. Set. Match. Lauren.

Any of the three could justifiably win this thing because they’re all great, and Kent could easily sneak in for the win with the 16 yr old girl vote, but Lauren deserves it more and even Robert danced better than Kent last night.  I’m predicting a Lauren win.

I also thought it was interesting that Lauren said her favorite dance was the prom dance (“Collide”) with Kent.  I think that’s probably mine too.  The Judges appeared to have completely run out of superlatives for this group some time ago and have now resorted to just proclaiming their love, even to the point of saying this is the best group ever on the show.  I don’t know if that’s true and it seems a little thoughtless with the all-stars standing right there, but the judges haven’t really been very nice to the all-stars all season.  I hope they’re paying them well.

Your thoughts?  Any more guesses on who will be dancing with Twitch tonight?  My guess is it’s Russell, or perhaps the puffmeister himself, P. Diddy.


6 thoughts on “SYTYCD – Finale

  1. I can’t wait to see Russell dance. I hope he does a krump number.


    I thought the finale was kinda boring. I mean it was good, they’re all great dancers, blah blah blah, but nothing really stood out. The one I remember most was Kent and Lauren, just because it was fun to see them together. Their prom dance routine is one of my faves from this season, I wish they could have danced together more.

    I don’t really care who wins as long as it isn’t Robert.

  2. I think the whole “artist” thing was in reference to Kent getting so emotionally invested in the piece that he no longer thought about the steps as steps and just danced at a very primal state. I get that. And that routine was phenomenal.

    I also loved the pillow routine.

    And, well, I love anything Pasha does…

    The finale was good. A lot to fast forward. I was pleased with the winner, though. And the reprise of the Twitch / Alex dance was great.

  3. I’m glad Lauren got the crown. Interesting that girls have won in every odd numbered season.

    Ellen? Really? All that build up and then Ellen dances with Twitch? I thought it was a bad joke.

  4. Yeah at first I reacted the same way, MCQ, about Ellen, but then she had me laughing. I love Ellen.

    Russell dancing with Lil C was like the best thing ever. I was soooo happy.

  5. Yeah, it was a cool dance, and I loved Quest as well. I thought it was great that Russell was there to pass the title to Lauren. They’re such different dancers, but both so great. It shows you that anyone can win.

  6. I’m a couple of weeks behind. I just watched the Twitch hip hop number from before with the cowboy vibe. Wow. I normally don’t care for Tabitha and Napoleon’s choreography which seems so hit or miss on the show. But that was pretty impressive.

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