I finally got caught up on past episodes (last week’s performance above) and watched the Top 4 as it was broadcast. I really thought this was going to be the finale, but I guess we still have another week. I’m not sure why we have a finale with 3 people when last season the finale had 6 (I guess because we have the all-star format), but to me it seems like the finals should have at least 4 contestants.

I liked having Toni Redpath around as a judge. She really knows her stuff on ballroom and I like her comments on the other styles as well. I think we need a judge that knows ballroom, and Toni seems like a great personality on top of great knowledge. I’m not as crazy about Tyce as a judge.

Is it just me or does it seem like there’s something going on between Robert and Kathryn? Their dance from last week’s episode was the standout dance for me and their interaction seemed very intimate for just dance partners.

It seems really obvious that Adechike is the one that should go this week, although I don’t think he has really been treated fairly by the judges. His African jazz dance was very good, although I agree that it seemed a little more subdued than it should have been. He’s a great dancer, but he’s just not quite in the same league as the other three. I was really impressed with all the dancers last night, however. I was going to try to rank them, but the top 3 are so close that it seems silly. My favorite is Lauren, so I’ll be rooting for her but I’ll be very surprised if Kent doesn’t win on the voting, which is perfectly fine.

I guess the dance that really stood out for me from last night was the one with Kent and Neil, although I liked the Clown Hip Hop routine with Robert and Dominic and Lauren’s Black Widow dance. The Kent and Neil dance was a very different piece by Travis Wall, and I thought it was strange that Nigel got him to admit that it was somehow autobiographical. I can’t decide if that made me like it more or less. It seems a little creepy.


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  1. I only caught the last half hour or so, still need to watch the rest of it. I always like Travis’s routines. This one had me wondering which of the dancers are gay.

    I miss Billy.

    I’m trying to decide if I want them to continue the all star thing next year and I can’t make up my mind.

    I think Adechike just needs to mature a bit more.

  2. I like Adechike, but it seems that Mia has something against him. Everytime she comments on him, she has a scowl on her face and has nothing very nice to say. In fact, the nicest thing she has said all year to him was in her apology after ripping him several weeks back. This is in contrast to a huge grin and smile she has on her face when commenting on any of the other dancers.

    Anyway, just an observation. I like Kent to win, just based on overall performance but Lauren is also very good.

  3. I haven’t watched this one yet, but I agree Mia has something against him. She often goes by emotion more than reason in her judging which means her preferences, favorites and dislikes are treated more than a little unfairly. While Adechike isn’t the strongest dancer by any stretch he really deserves better treatment by Mia.

  4. I have something against Adechike, as well. He’s a good dancer, but…something. He never seems loose enough. Or that he actually enjoys dancing.

    Robert and Kathryn? I just assumed Robert was gay. Huh. I’ll have to rewatch!

    My favorite last night was that tango. AMAZING. I also loved the hip hop and Travis’ piece.

    I’ve never liked Robert’s personality, but his dancing has grown on me.

    I’m still rooting for Twitch to win…

  5. “I’m still rooting for Twitch to win…”

    Yes! Can we make that happen?

    Just rewatched the tango with Lauren and Pasha and it is indeed awesome. For some reason, the ballroom numbers just aren’t as memorable for me, but that one deserves to be remembered.

    You know, I assumed Robert and Billy were both gay, but now I’m not so sure. Watch the dance with Robert and Kathryn from last week (it’s in the clip above) and the way they were together afterward. Could be just good chemistry or a great friendship but it seemed a lot hotter than that.

    I think you hit the nail on the head with Adechike, gabby. And Mia definitely doesn’t like him.

  6. Just got done watching the show and I had to watch that tango twice. It was really something.

    I wish I could post a video of my favorite tango, ever, which Derek Hough choreographed on DWTS. OH wait here it is:

    Dancing starts at 1:02.

  7. Yeah, it seemed like even he expected that outcome. The finale should be good. Looking forward to Twitch returning to dance that hip hop number. Who do you think will replace Alex? My bet is it will be Russell.

  8. For weeks now, I have wanted to vote for tWitch. The only contestant who has come close to him this season was Alex in their hip hop routine. Otherwise, he has outdanced every one of his partners in every routine.

    Is there any way for write-in votes?

  9. I can’t remember what he said, exactly, but you may be right. I just thought it might be Russell because he is going to tour with this season’s contestants and all stars.

  10. Usher’s not that much of a dancer is he? I know he dances while he sings, but he’s much more known as a singer.

    I can’t really imagine who it could be, but it’s got to be someone who is a serious dancer, because that routine is serious stuff.

    It kinda sucks that they’re having someone else do it while Alex is injured.

  11. Michael Jackson is back from the dead and the new surprised guest! Quick – hide your kids. He’s a dancing zombie for real this time!

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