I just watched the top 6 (see above, yes I’m still a week behind) and I’m wondering if my favorite two dances were my favorites because they both had Twitch in them or because they had Lauren and Kent in them. Those two are still at the top for me at this point, but special mention has to be given to Adechike for his lyrical hip-hop routine with Comfort. It was another Nappy-Tabs masterpiece which was very reminiscent of Bleeding Love with Chelsea and Mark a couple of years ago. The only reason that I don’t think it puts Adechike in the top tier is that all the best moves and most of the emotion in the piece came from Comfort(!) She was shockingly awesome. I have to say that I really thought Robert had a great night too, but I just like Kent and Lauren a little better.


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  1. Is this to discuss last week’s show or this week’s? The hip hop routine from last week was great.

    But Billy’s routine with Ade this week is my favorite of the season. I thought it was brilliant. The homeless issue hits me personally though.

    Billy’s solo was also incredible.

    It’ll be interesting to see who goes home this week.

  2. I think the reason you liked those two dances was because of Twitch. I told my wife after the show, that if I could vote for Twitch, I would. He simply domintated Kent in their dance–he was a man dancing that routine with a boy.

    I think Billy made the right decision not to dance. As cool as it is to continue to dance on this show, you can never be too careful with your knees. It would not be worth risking an entire career for one more week on a television show.

  3. I’ve loved nearly EVERYTHING Twitch has done this season. He would clearly win this season…heh.

    Kent and Lauren and still on top for me. Adechike, Billy and Robert are in the middle, alternating and Jose is last. At this point I’m just rooting for a Kent/Lauren top 2 and I’m good.

  4. Susan, you can put up a post about this week or you can just talk about it here. I haven’t seen it yet.

    I agree Twitch is a major stud.

    Anyone see that routine with Adechike and Comfort? I’m wondering what people thought of that.

  5. I remember being really impressed with the Chike/Comfort dance but I can’t actually remember it now.

    Let’s just talk about this week’s here. I don’t have time to do a post.

    I wonder how badly Lauren’s injured. I think Kent will win, but at this point I think they’re all (except Jose) pretty much set for major dance careers.

    And you know it’s funny–when this season started, I couldn’t even remember who Kathryn and Allison were from previous seasons. But they’re both incredible.

  6. Wait, Lauren’s injured now??? What is the freaking deal this season?

    I still don’t remember Allison, but Kathryn was just last season. How can you not remember her, she made the final two or three didn’t she?

  7. Last season didn’t make much of an impression on me, except for Russell and Legacy (were they both last season?). I thought most of the choreography was lame last year, as well as the bigger stage. I’ve either gotten used to the bigger stage or the direction/lighting has gotten better this year, not sure which.

  8. I really liked last season because the dancers were so great. You had Russell and Legacy and Ryan and Ashleigh and Kathryn and Jakob. All awesome.

    Has anyone noticed the serious lack of ballroom expertise on the judges panel this year? I think someone may have said it before, but it was really noticable on the episode I watched last night. They couldn’t critique the paso doble worth a damn because they didn’t know what they were talking about. I was no Mary Murphy fan, but at least she knew ballroom. I think that’s something they really need on the panel if they’re going to do ballroom dances.

  9. There aren’t any ballroom dancers on this season, either. There was but she got eliminated pretty quick. I liked how Mary would get really specific about certain steps and ballroom moves in her critiques. Instead now we get Mia telling people their dancing was “too crunchy.”

  10. Mia is driving me freaking nuts this season. I’m starting to really despise her. Her insistence on having Kent look at her constantly while she’s critiqueing him is really annoying, and some of the things she says are just gibberish. When she’s not talking nonsense she mostly just repeats Adam anyway, so why have her? Her choreography is great, but her personality is just awful.

  11. I was hoping it’d be Robert and Jose going home. Oh well. Fun to see that step dance routine, or whatever it was. And Christian TV might be the worst thing to hit pop music since Katy Perry.

  12. I haven’t seen the episode yet, but I hear that Jose and Billy are gone. I also hear that Lauren was in the bottom three which seems wrong.

    Billy is a great dancer, but I guess I probably prefer Robert on personality.

    So now we’re down to 4: Lauren, Kent, Adechike and Robert. I think it should be Lauren and Kent in the last two, and Kent will probably win it, though I think I like Lauren the best.

  13. Finally getting caught up – but have a long way to go.

    Ballroom in generally has been horrible this year. No good judging and no good dancers. I suspect this is partially why I haven’t gotten into this season. Oh, and I agree about Twitch. The only really, really compelling dancer this year was Alex and he is off the show. Kent is fun but lacks something in his dancing I can’t put my finger on. He reminds me a lot of Evan last year even though Kent is a much more technically proficient dancer.

    Of course I just think having Mia as a permanent judge was a huge mistake. She has favorites and applies ridiculous double standards (i.e. AdéChiké vs Jose)

    Billy is a fantastic dancer…in his solos. By far the best this season. It’s just that his partnering always lacks something.

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