I think we’re a little behind on this, but I just watched the top 7 and had to say that Lauren is definitely my favorite now and Kent is a close second. I wish they would just leave those two together because no one else comes close.

There were some great dances in that show, including Robert and Allison’s dance to “Fix You” by Travis Wall, which was about Travis’s mother:

But my favorite was the Mandy Moore dance to “Boogie Shoes” by Billy and Lauren. I can’t find any video of it, but the episode is on hulu and trust me, it’s cute overload.


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  1. I still think Adechike is underrated. I’m glad he hasn’t ever been in the bottom three yet. The show is about the favorite dancer, which is why they insist on having the kids show off their “personality”, but what adechike and Billy possess is the ability to speak lyrically and poetically from a body vocabulary that seems focused and mature. Cutesy mugging and pandering to teenybopper votes go a long way, it seems. It doesn’t help that there is less technical critique than ever this season, especially with regards to Ballroom.

  2. Dance lover, I agree with you about technical critique with regards to ballroom. That is the main reason I miss Mary. A good example was last night’s Paso with AdeChike and Jose. Nigel said that there was something missing, but he didn’t know what. Mary could have told them.

    The other thing I miss about Mary vs Mia: even though the “Hot Tamale Train” could get annoying, at least Mary used real words and complete sentences in her critiques.

  3. I really don’t like Adechike. Technically, he’s fine, but lacking…something. I can’t put my finger on it.

    I LOVED Kent / Twitch and Lauren / Twitch this week. I clearly just love Twitch…

    The Paso last night was horrid, in my opinion. I hated every bit of it. But Kent is just becoming a beautiful dancer. He’s strong and lovely to watch.

  4. I’m over two weeks behind now. I really ought avoid these threads. For some reason I’m just not excited about this season. There’s no one I’m really cheering for.

  5. My biggest fear this season is that the less talented, but charismatic Jose will win, not because he’s better or anything, but because all the better dancers will be eliminated through injury. There is no good reason why Alex, Ashley, and now (presumably) Billy are off the show while Jose remains.

  6. Eric – hubby and I were having that same conversation last night. No way he’d still be there had they not had the run of injuries they’ve had. I’m pulling for Billy tonight so Jose can go.

  7. I’m glad you posted MCQ, I just haven’t had time.

    I think the choreography is better this year than last. But the paso was lame. I think Sonja’s edge-of-the-stage routine is the only one of hers that I’ve really loved. I always feel like her work should speak to me, but it just doesn’t, in general. I get bored watching it.

    I really enjoy Lauren, I think she’s terrific.

    It is weird that this is the third week in a row someone has been injured.

    The step routine was neat, I thought. I keep wishing they’d do more krumping on the show. Ever since I saw Rize I’ve been really into it.

    The lyrical hip hop was really good, I thought. Adechike did good. Tabitha and Napoleon are really hit and miss for me–I like it when they get all emotional/serious, but the light-hearted stuff just comes off as stupid to me. That cowboy routine was stupid.

  8. I keep wondering how bad Billy’s knee was if his doctor cleared him. I’m thinking he could have performed but just didn’t have enough time to rehearse and didn’t want to look bad doing the step routine.

    But I’m jaded and cynical.

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