Stand out for me this week was Lauren and Kent’s prom dance routine. I think part what made it so great for me was just Travis Wall’s choreography–and he was smart to make the characters high schoolers. Perfect for Kent.

It’s too bad Alex got injured. I think Adechike was short-changed because of it.

I loved Billy in both of his numbers. That guy can move in strange ways. I wanted Jose to be better than he was.

Mia was cruel a couple times. I was glad that Kat pointed out she was being inconsistent by critiquing Adechike for putting his own spin on Bollywood, and Jose got praised for it. Then she told Adechike that Jose has heart, or something like that. Of course it’s true, but she was pretty mean about it, I thought.

Any favorite routines from tonight?


15 thoughts on “SYTYCD Top 8

  1. I think Lauren had the strongest night. Her pairing with Pasha was also really strong.

    Adechike would have gotten a boost from Alex, but I think it would have ONLY been because of Alex. I think he’s the weakest right now.

    I really don’t care for Billy or Robert.

    I do like the Cat pointed out the inconsistency, but I don’t think Mia was being mean. I think she was just trying to convey the difference. Which, I think, is palpable. I don’t think Jose is the greatest or the best this season, but he has SO MUCH MORE connection than Adechike.

    I pulling for Alex not to be booted…

  2. MCQ – 2 dances. One w/ an all star and one paired with one another. I thought it was a good balance.

  3. Mia consistently gives brutally negative criticism (not critique) to some of the finest technically gifted male dancers: Danny Tidwell, Will, Brandon (going as far as saying on-camera that he was “f***ing annoying”, and now Adechike. I’m sensing a pattern, and it has nothing to do with “connectivity”.

  4. I’ve noticed that about Mia too, Dance lover, although I didn’t think it was just male dancers. She can be mean in her criticisms.

    So much of the show depends on which choreographers/routines people get. I know one season they had a night where everyone had to dance the same routine. I thought it was a good idea until I had to sit through it–it got boring seeing the same thing over and over. But I wonder if they shouldn’t just have theme nights like American Idol–one week everyone does a ballroom routine, another week everyone does hip hop, etc. Might be more fair. But possibly less entertaining, I don’t know.

  5. Dance lover, I’ll say it. Mia’s criticism is racist. AdiChike’s second dance was only “too african” because he is black. What it was, was too casual, not too “african.” It was clear that he was having fun in that dance, and he broke his clean lines. It was too fun, too casual, not too african.

  6. Eh. I love Mia and often feel she’s right. I think she’s harsh on good dancers sometimes, but I get it. And I certainly don’t think it’s racist…

  7. I used to like Mia when she was a choreographer. Now I can’t stand her. She’s over the top negative, unfair and inconsistent. Sometimes she doesn’t even make any real sense. I think she enjoys the power she has and likes using it to hurt people. She’s a petty tyrant and a bully. I never thought I’d long for the screamy days of yesteryear, but I do now. I hate Mia. Hate. Yeah, I said it.

  8. Finally saw last week’s episode last night. (Yeah – I’m behind)

    Alex and Twitch’s routine was fantastic. I’m glad Alex broke out of his mold. It was interesting how much better last week’s show was than the week’s before it. Even Kent’s and Billy’s routines which the judges didn’t like I really dug. (I assume the tapper goes, although I didn’t watch the eliminations – she just wasn’t that great)

    I haven’t seen this week’s yet, but I’ve never liked Mia as a judge. She just plays favorites too much. And if she doesn’t like you she’ll just keep harping. Remember Benji (who *won* a few years back) and Mia just would rip into him every time. Too bad that’s happening with Jose/AdiChike. Although I have to give Jose props as he really is a fantastic performer.

  9. That’s what’s funny Clark–she loves Jose and ripped into Adechike this week. But she apologized to him in the results show last night.

  10. So now Alex is gone? There have been way too many injuries the past few seasons. I think they must be pushing the dancers too hard.

  11. Sounds like at least Nigel really likes it, so I’m guessing it’s coming back. The one thing I think it does do for them is that it frees them from having to get rid of one guy and one girl every time. They can have less girls than guys or vice versa now, so they don’t have to eliminate them in pairs. I think that’s probably good, but it’s the only good thing about it.

    The thing I love about the Travis Wall dance above that the judges didn’t mention is that it really flows nonstop through every movement. It’s one of the most perfectly fluid routines I think I’ve ever seen. Plus I love that Howie Day song. Great job by Travis and the two dancers.

  12. If they mix up partnering with experienced dancers in a genre with unexperienced ones (as they appear to be doing) then that’s good. I was worried at the beginning but it does lead to better dances I have to admit. However you also miss the dismal failures which were sometimes just as fun.

    I also really do like their having more flexibility about removing people. What I don’t like is starting with so few. I’d prefer maybe a few weeks of eliminating one guy and one girl but starting with more dancers.

    We’ll see. I’m glad they shook it up a bit more. Too bad about Alex leaving as he was by far my favorite dancer and was really glad he was coming out of his shell finally.

  13. I agree that Mia is biased. I think it has more to do with her connecting with the underdogs–the less trained scrapy kind of dancers.

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