SYTYCD top 9

Top 9…we got a dance and a solo. What’d you think? Are your favorites pretty much cemented at this point?

Mine are. The judges like to rave about Alex but he just doesn’t have the personality that Jose and Kent have. I like Billy more than Alex, but they both need to dial up the performance a bit for me.

Alex’s hip hop was pretty rad though.

It’s funny to hear the judges be so critical of the better dancers and then just smile and tell Jose he awesome he is. But it’s true–it doesn’t matter if he’s not technically good, because he’s a joy to watch.

Also, two wardrobe malfunctions tonight. Always fun.

Who do you think is going home? I’m hoping it’s Melinda, she just bugs me somehow. I’m still ticked off that they gave her a spot to begin with. There were better dancers than her that they let go before the final 10. But she does have previous TV experience, and I’m sure that counted in their decision. (She was on a soap opera.)

PS Sorry I missed posting last week, been super busy lately.


13 thoughts on “SYTYCD top 9

  1. Alex is my absolute favorite and that hip hop with Twitch was INSANE. I loved it.

    I do love Kent, but can see that his Bambi eyes and attitude will grate at some point.

    I’m upset that Melinda danced SO horribly last night. Sad for Pasha. Sad for me having to see Pasha have to deal with that. I REALLY am glad Mia and Adam expressed their regrets at keeping her and hope she’s gone tonight.

    I like…what’s her name? The dark haired contemporary one…Ashley? Hmmmm. I don’t remember. I think she’s lovely.

  2. I have never, ever watched this show before, but I turned the tv on exactly as the Twitch/Alex performance above was starting. Are they all that good? Because that one was really amazing.

  3. I don’t really have a favorite yet, I mostly just want Melinda and Robert to go. Melinda is painful and Robert bugs me for some undefinable reason.

    That was an exceptionally good performance, but each week there’s usually at least one really good performance, and sometimes there are several great ones. Last night was really good. There were three or four that were just a notch or two below the one you saw.

  4. Robert bugs me too. Mostly just when he’s not dancing. He dances well. Just his personality grates for some reason.

    I think the girls are pretty forgettable except for Lauren, because she does that weird move in her solos where she twists her back and rolls her head or shoulders around or something.

    Tracy: Get on youtube and watch some past season performances. Here are some of my faves:

  5. Of course all my links are the darker emotional performances. Maybe someone else can remember the good upbeat ones. I couldn’t find any that were as impressive.

  6. Um…I loved the Pasha “Funk Soul Brother” that Benji choreographed. If it’s on Youtube.

    I also think Robert grates. I thought it was just me!

  7. I haven’t seen this week’s yet. (Yes, I am perpetually behind) I have to admit that while Alex is an amazing dancer he just isn’t a performer. Overall this year’s crop has me underwhelmed. I think they thought by having past competitors perform in their fields it’d bring up the performance aspects of this years competitors. Instead I think the “all stars” just make their partners look bad in comparison.

  8. Clark – I would love to hear your opinion after watching Alex and Twitch’s hip hop…

  9. Here’s the dance Gabby mentioned:

    Here’s another good one, “Sweet Dreams”:

    Clark, next week the contestants will do two routines, one with an all-star that they haven’t already danced with, and one with another contestant.

  10. Just watched the last episode (they’re on Hulu now).

    I don’t really have a favorite this season. I like all the dancers that are left for different reasons. Melinda was a little out of her element, but I think they should really stop putting tappers on the show, because it just doesn’t work. Although Melinda worked hard, she just doesn’t have the background for it.

    I think my least favorite is Billy, but I’m not sure why. I just haven’t really enjoyed his performances the way I have the others.

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