Newly Crowned Game of the Year: Dixit

by Bret

The results are in and Germans have spoken. The annual Spiel des Jahres (Game of the Year) was announced on June 28th and it goes to Dixit. Who knew they’d still like party games?

I’m in the middle of getting ready to move, so I will only say a few things here about this game and some of the runners up I’ve played. (For full, easy to understand review of this game in video, go here)

This really is a great party game. It’s especially great for artistic people and those who like to think abstractly. The colorful, surrealist pictures are fun to look at. It’s even more fun to create themes for as this is what you do on your turn. Everyone else tries to pick a card of theirs they think matches that theme. Then everyone (besides the person who’s turn it is) tries to pick the current player’s card using number chips. Scores are divvied out from there. The scoring system is the trickiest part because the player who’s turn it is wants some people to pick their card but not everyone while everyone else wants everyone to pick their card. Because you can come up with any theme you want on your turn, the game has massive reply value and can lead to some very creative and sometimes hilarious games!

number of players: 3-6 (I suggest the more the merrier. It is a party game)

Playing time: 30 minutes

Suggested ages: 8 and up

The Runners Up

Portrayal–Haven’t played yet

A la Carte–Haven’t played yet

Roll Through the Ages: The Bronze Age–On my wishlist. If you like Yahtzee, this is the next step up. Quick civilization building type game with specially marked dice, pad of paper and pencil. Great fun for a building game without the deep concentration and over analysis of many building games.

Fresco–Played this just last Saturday and liked it. Another worker placement type game where you’re trying to balance your mood by not getting up too early yet early enough to buy the right paints first so you can mix them and complete a section of the ceiling fresco the bishop ordered. Enjoyable but nothing terribly new and exciting here and certainly a lot more complex than the other nominees.

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5 thoughts on “Newly Crowned Game of the Year: Dixit

  1. Speaking of Spiel des Jahres, we finally took Ticket to Ride off the shelf after letting it sit there for a couple of years. It’s a fun game. I did find the instructions slightly confusing on a couple of points, though (maybe this is my fault). For one thing, it would have helped if the instructions explicitly stated that players are not required to claim a route on each turn. Also, I’m still unsure what “longest continuous route” means. Does it refer to longest, end to end, or just connected trains (whether they form a single route or not)?

    Anyway, thanks for the post. This winner looks interesting.

  2. Glad you got it out, Greg, and thanks for asking:)

    It means the longest continuous chain of your trains you can make without backtracking over multiple routes. So if you went from Seattle to New York, down to Atlanta and then back over to say El Paso or something you’ll probably win it. Does that make sense?

  3. Thanks, Bret. I think so. Tangents and side trips don’t count, then.

    After playing a couple of times, it seems that the key to the game is careful selection, and then completion, of destination.

  4. Yup. I think the hardest part is knowing when and where to complete a route because you don’t want to give away your ticket destinations (some people who play a lot often know after your first completed route!) but you can’t wait too long or else someone else might take it. Interesting game.

    If you want more of a twist you could try some of the other versions. The Marklin edition (which I’ve played and like as well as the US version) is supposed to be the best but Europe and Nordic Countries are supposed to be good as well

  5. Yay!! We got Dixit for Christmas last year and couldn’t get enough of it with all the family that was gathered at my parents’ house. It is very, very “French,” for lack of a better word. Francophiles will know what I’m talking about. The pictures are just weird as heck. But it is a great, great game.

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