LOST: “What They Died For”

So, here we are at the penultimate episode of Lost, and the last one-hour episode before the series finale extravaganza this weekend. Hard to believe that next week at this time Lost will be over forever. Let’s discuss this next-to-last bit of the Island below.

“We’re very close to the end, Hugo.” – Jacob.

Just a friendly reminder: if you have spoilers about the Lost finale DO NOT post anything in the comments below.

Links and miscellanea

  • Here’s a somewhat sentimental look from USA Today at what Lost has meant over the last six years.
  • For the second time in as many week’s, I’m recommending Bill Simmons’ Sports Guy podcast. Thsi week he has an hour-long interview with Carlton Cuse, and Cuse is very candid about how Lost works and how it all came about.
  • Here’s a piece comparing Lost to The Empire Strikes Back, which turns 30 (30!) this week.
  • Here’s part one and part two of an interview with Cuse and Lindelof in Time Magazine. Surely these guys must be the most interviewed TV writers of all time at this point.
  • You might want to work a Lost tour into your next trip to Hawaii.
  • Malcolm David Kelley (Walt) apparently stayed calm during a scary break-in at his house.
  • A letter from George Lucas: “Don’t tell anyone … but when ‘Star Wars’ first came out, I didn’t know where it was going either. The trick is to pretend you’ve planned the whole thing out in advance. Throw in some father issues and references to other stories — let’s call them homages — and you’ve got a series.”
  • Last week’s episode was a polarizing one for fans, and Damon Lindelof says he doesn’t mind that. I have to admit that although I’m generally a Lost apologist, I found myself on the negative side on that one. But this week’s mostly made up for it.
  • Hundreds of iconic props from Lost are going to be going up for auction soon.
  • The Frisky wrote a list of her top 8 things she won’t miss about Lost (it’s more fair than it sounds).
  • Lost Slap Down ep. 15 (featuring the Swedish Chef!):

Observations and speculations

  • One disclaimer before I begin: I awoke this morning at around 4:30 am. By the time I finish this post, I will probably have been up close to 22 hours straight. Yesterday, I was up at 3:30. I refuse to be responsible for any of the typos and incoherence that follows. Thank you.
  • Once again, the episode begins with an extreme close-up of Jack’s eye. Only this time it’s LA-X Jack. Once again, a bleeding scar has opened on Jack’s neck, and Jack looks in the mirror unable to figure it out.
  • I probably in the minority in that I don’t really care who David’s mother is, but it looks like we’ll get to see during the ill-fated concert. By the way, it looks like the concert at the museum will be quite a reunion: Jack, Mrs. Jack, Miles Straum, Charlotte Lewis, Pierre Change, Kate and Desmond will all be there. Sawyer may show up as well.
  • Jack and David are eating a breakfast cereal called “Super Bran.” That’s an anagram for “beans purr.” I’m just sayin’.
  • I’m not sure how Desmond knew about Jack’s missing dad-corpse. But apparently, his agenda involves bringing strong emotions to the surface of the Oceanic 815 passengers, and by doing that, making them realize that LA-X is a false reality. Also, Desmond’s American accent is kind of funny.
  • The scene on the beach with Jack sewing up Kate’s wound mirrors the scene in the pilot in which Kate sewed up Jack’s wound.
  • It’s nice to see the murderous side of Kate again.
  • Is it bad that I kind of wanted Desmond to run over Locke all over again? Yes. Yes, it is.
  • I love that LA-X Ben threatened Desmond with a “citizen’s arrest,” the threat of officious do-gooders everywhere. The key piece of dialogue from this scene, of course, was “I’m not here to hurt him. I’m here to help him let go.”
  • Finally, we get back to the Richard-Miles-Ben faction, on their way to Dharmaville to pick up some C4 to blow up the plane.
  • Nice Miles line: “Well, I lived in these houses 30 years before you did. Otherwise known as last week.”
  • The first of many creepy-good moments in this episode was when Miles comes upon the site of Alex’s unmarked grave. Very well done. Also important for psychologically priming Ben for the death of Charles Widmore.
  • Another great Miles line: “What’s that? A secreter room?” Ben replies, “It’s where I was told I could summon the monster. That’s before I realized that it was the one summoning me.” Who told Ben that? These lines seem to support the theory that the “Jacob” that Ben thought he was serving was the Man-in-Black all along.
  • Richard wants to blow the plane to hell. Remember that just a few days ago, Richard thought the plane, and everything or one else on the island was already in hell.
  • Widmore says to Ben, “You shoot me, and your last chance for survival will be gone.” I think from that we can infer that by the end of the episode, Ben’s last chance for survival is gone.
  • We learn that Widmore was the one who rigged the plane with C4. At that moment, Widmore and Ben were working toward the same goal.
  • Jacob visited Widmore and “convinced [him] the error of [his] ways.” So Widmore was not an ally of Jacob when he sent the freighter to the island, but has since changed.
  • In LA-X, Ben finally has his very own staring-in-to-the-mirror-with-existential-doubt moment.
  • The odd thing about LA-X is that there seems to be one hospital, one police precinct, and one museum. Of course, that could be 50% island mojo and 50% Desmond’s meddling.
  • When Desmond turns himself in to Dets. Sawyer and Miles, he sounds exactly like a sociopath. But we know he’s not really.
  • On island, we have a remorseful Sawyer, which isn’t that much fun, except to note how much Josh Holloway has grown as an actor.
  • Another good creepy scene involved Young Jacob appearing to Hurley and begging for the satchel of his ash back. Apparently, as long as the ash remains, some form of Jacob will also remain.
  • I guess I never realized before how close Dharmaville must be to Pala Ferry dock. Zoe is able to go back and forth from the dock to the village in just a few minutes.
  • Miles takes off into the jungle, but not before Ben manages to get Widmore and Zoe’s walkie talkies from them and give one to Miles. No doubt this will become strategically important at some point soon.
  • Richard gets taken out in a very sudden blast of Smoke Monster. Is he dead, or just roughed up? Presumably, Richard is still immortal. I have a feeling this is not the last we see of him.
  • Classic Ben line: “Can I get you a glass of lemonade.” Not quite up there with “You guys got any milk?” but in a similar vein.
  • There’s not a lot more menacing that watching Not-Locke clean his fingernails with Locke’s big old knife. Not-Locke promises to let Ben have the island when he leaves, provided Ben kills some people for him. (Apparently, Smokie’s prohibition on killing candidates is still in place.) Ben seems up for it. He’s always wanted the island above all else, so this makes sense.
  • Alex calls Ben “like, the nicest guy ever”—proof, if proof was needed, that the LA-X universe is completely out of whack.
  • Ben ends up going to Chez Rousseau for Coq-au-vin night. Danielle insists on Ben coming over to their house “even if we have to kidnap you.” (Remember that Ben was the one who actually kidnapped Baby Alex from Rousseau on the island.) The budding relationship between Dr. Linus and Not-Crazy Rousseau was creepy and not in a good way.
  • Dr. Linus is the closest thing to a father Alex has ever had. Which is true both on the island, and in LA-X.
  • Not-Locke to Ben: “Wait out here. You don’t need to see this.” Ben: “I want to see this.” On the island, Ben, in case you forgot, is mostly pure evil.
  • Is it bad of me that I actually cheered out loud when Not-Locke slashed Zoe’s throat? Yes. Yes, it is.
  • Not-Locke threatens to kill Penny unless Widmore tells him why he came to the island. But he gives him his “word” that he won’t if Widmore just talks. I don’t think the word of a Smoke Monster is actually worth much.
  • Ben: “Did you say there were some other people to kill?”
  • Another weird time-shift scene. In broad daylight, Hurley chases Young Jacob and finds Jacob sitting by a fire. Jacob tells Hurley to go get his friends and bring them back. They can’t be too far because it’s only been a few minutes. But when Hurley returns, it’s looks like the middle of the night.
  • The scene with Jacob, Hurley, Jack, Sawyer and Kate was about as much exposition as we’ve ever gotten from Lost. Although I didn’t dig “Across the Sea,” knowing that story did help inform this scene a lot.
  • Kate demands to know that Sayid and Sun and Jin “didn’t die for nothing.” And yet, they really were basically just pawns in Jacob’s own game of senet.
  • In LA-X, Locke goes to meet Jack and tell him that he’s changed his mind about the surgery that can make him walk again. Jack tells Locke, “I think you’re mistaking coincidence for fate.” This is a callback to a line that Mr. Eko had in season 2: “Don’t mistake coincidence for fate.”
  • Jacob says that because of the “mistake” he made a very long time ago, “There’s a very good chance that you, and everyone you’ve ever cared about is going to die.” We’ve heard variations of this line multiple times in relation to what happens if the Smoke Moster wins.
  • Jacob reveals that he’s the one who made the Smoke Monster “that way.” This seems to foreclose the “Man-in-Black didn’t become the Smoke Monster, the Smoke Monster became the Man-in-Black” theory. Too bad, because I liked that theory.
  • Sawyer, “I was doing just fine before you dragged my ass to this damn rock.” Jacob: “No you weren’t.” Exactly. Now we know why we have such a deeply flawed group of protagonists. It wasn’t an accident. These people were “alone … looking for something that you couldn’t find out there.” In a word, they were lost.
  • We know that Jacob crossed Kate’s name off the wall because she became a mother (to Aaron). Jacob claims that the fact that he crossed her name out is really not that significant.
  • Jacob wants the candidates to choose to replace him of their own free will. Jack steps up, as we knew he would. I wonder, though, what that means for the safety of Jack’s friends. As soon as he takes on the position of island protector, they are no longer candidates, which may make them vulnerable.
  • Good Sawyer line (despite Kate’s disapproval): “And I thought that guy had a god complex before.”
  • Jacob tells Jack that the “heart of the island,” the light, is past the bamboo field, over a ridge. But it’s hidden from view for everyone but the island’s protector.
  • Jacob performs a couple of rituals. First, he mutters Latin words over a cup of water, then uses it to wash his hands. He’s relinquishing his role as the island’s protector. Next he whispers some Latin over the cup, and gives it to Jack to drink. Jack hesitates, but then drinks it down. You can tell by the expression on his face that something is suddenly very different for him. He’s a Jacob-like demi-god.
  • Coincidence upon coincidence in LA-X (or is it fate?), Sayid, Desmond and Kate are all shipped off to County at the same time. With the help of Ana Lucia, a dirty cop, they all escape.
  • Hurley shows up and pays off Ana Lucia with $125,000 in cash. He also gives Desmond his Camero, the one that his father fixed up with him shortly before he took off. Desmond makes Kate his date, hands her a strapless dress and tells her he’s going to a concert (at the museum, no doubt). Why is it men are always trying to dress Kate up against her will?
  • Not-Locke may like the feeling of his feet hitting the ground, but I bet if he had flown off in a cloud of smoke to the well, no one would have beat him there.
  • The well that was dry when Desmond was thrown into it now has water in it. (And, of course, no Desmond.)
  • In the last reveal of the episode, Not-Locke tells Ben that he’s going to get Desmond and do what he can’t do by himself: destroy the island. (I wonder if it occurred to him that this would be clearly going back on his promise to Ben.)

I liked this episode. Lots of answers, lots of action, and a whole lot of movement. It’s still strange to think that everything that remains to be told of the story of Lost will be shown in a super-sized two-and-a-half-hour episode. But here we are.

This episode should be a good talker, so get to it. What do you think now about everything?


66 thoughts on “LOST: “What They Died For”

  1. Didn’t make up for last week, but it was close. Every time they mention “The Light” my group of co-watchers looks at each other and snickers.

    Lots of great lines and scenes in this episode though. Thanks for the recap.

    BTW, were ALL of the Oceanic passengers “lost,” as Jacob says? The only exceptions I can think of are Rose and Bernard, and I’m not sure they were ever considered as potential candidates.

  2. i told you Ben was evil. 🙂

    This was an excellent episode, and as you said, made the previous one better. I’m curious to see how the two timelines meet up.

    As for the very last line, I do wonder what Ben really thinks about Not Locke destroying the island Not Locke just promised him… that did seem rather odd.

  3. For the second time in as many week’s, I’m recommending Bill Simmons’ Sports Guy podcast. Thsi week he has an hour-long interview with Carlton Cuse, and Cuse is very candid about how Lost works and how it all came about.

    Here’s the link. There aren’t any spoilers, but yeah, Cuse is really really candid about the development of the show, it’s characters, etc. Really interesting interview.

  4. Not too fast there Dan. How many times has Ben pretended to be on one side or the othere? I won’t believe Ben is Team Smokey until this is all over and done. Loved Hurley’s line about Ana Lucia. I do want to know who the sideways ex-Mrs. Jack is. I loved seeing grown-up Jacob again. It was a little anti-climatic when Jack became the new Jacob.

  5. So if Kate was crossed off because she was a mother (and presumably Claire for the same reason), why were Sun and Jin still listed? And Sawyer for that matter? (Although I can see where Jacob values mothers more than fathers, but then by extension, Jin should have been off the list along with Sun, no?)

    Like several of you, I also wondered what Ben would think of Locke’s plan to destroy the island he had promised him earlier.

    Seeing Rousseau in heels and a dress was bizarre, but overall I thought that whole scene, and the walk over Alex’s grave, was good closure to that particular storyline.

  6. Yeah, I thought there was plenty of reason to suspect Ben’s playing along with Smoky to try to prevent the worst from happening.

    1- He was awfully upset when he realized Smoky had impersonated Alex and manipulated him into killing Jacob.

    2- What Ben wants most has never been the island. Ben always wanted family (whether it’s his Dad, or dead mother, or Alex). We see this clearly in LAX.

    3- He insists on coming with Smoky to chat with Widmore, tries to shoot Widmore before he can give Smoky vital info that endangers the island. It *could* be that he’s telling the whole truth when he says he just wants Widmore’s daughter to die, but when has Ben told the whole truth?

    4- Ben knows Smoky wants to destroy the island that he promised him in return for helping him kill off the candidates.

  7. Ron Perlman (Hellboy, Sons of Anarchy) could totally play Carlton Cuse in the TV movie about the making of Lost. Just saying.

  8. Wasn’t as bad as last week, but I wasn’t loving this episode. It seems like none of these characters have any motivation that makes sense anymore. We were set up for this climactic, clash-of-the-evil-titans battle between Ben and Widmore for the Island, a blood feud. And then, poof! Widmore’s dead. I mean, if it were just as easy as shooting the guy, why couldn’t he have done that years ago?

    Jack becoming the Island’s protector or whatever makes some thematic sense, nice turnaround for the character and all, but is that really why we were interested to watch Jack onscreen in the first place? (yes, I know a significant chunk of you never wanted to watch Jack on screen period, but that’s a separate issue ; ) Weren’t we rooting for him to truly become “the good shepherd”, a good and faithful leader of men who finally – *finally* – lead everybody back to their normal lives? He’s screwed up at it twice now. You’d really like to see him get it right.

    Plus, I don’t know about anyone else, but I really couldn’t care less about Jacob, Smokey, protecting the Island or anything else. It’s all ridiculous. In my opinion, the island doesn’t work as just a magical place where magic things happen for magic reasons. We care about only in relation to the real world – Sawyer used to be a con – can he become a good and trustworthy man? Locke was a failure and a loser in real life – can he become the one who saves them all? (apparently the answer to this is “no” since he’s dead…. another hugely disappointing plot development IMO) Making these characters themselves become magical is a cop-out, but it looks like that’s exactly where we’re headed.

  9. Best thing about this episode is that we got the “Jack is the new Jacob” out of the way for the series finale.

  10. I think one of the issues for all of us at this point is that we’ve spent six years enjoying the mystery of the thing, and playing along with the clues and speculation. Now that there’s only a few hours left, there’s little point in even trying to guess, because any new theories are not likely to go anywhere in such a short time. It’s taken away a major part of the enjoyment of viewing for many, I think.

    Personally, I’m still hoping that sideways world is in fact the epilogue to this story. I’m hoping that Jack uses his new power to actually destroy the island so that all his buddies can live the better lives (for the most part) that they have in LAX.

    I keep wanting to tell Desmond – you do know that most of these people are miserable in the alternate universe that you’ve glimpsed, and many are already dead, right?

  11. Pretty great episode.

    Some questions:

    1. So what was it, exactly, that Sun and Jin and Sayid died for? Is Jacob saying that they died for the chance of being considered as island saviors? That’s all I can come up with. Anything else? That’s pretty cold comfort, isn’t it?

    2. Why on earth did cold, calculating, brilliant Widmore take such a stupid risk and leave the safety of his fences to go hang out with Zoe in Dharmaville? I am ultimately fine with the decision to reduce the final conflict to the smallest number of crucial actors possible (we’re down to Smokey and Ben on the one side, Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley on the other, and Richard and Miles, and possibly what remains of Widmore’s crew as the sole outside agents). But I really like Widmore and wish we’d gotten more out of him. And I’d like if there was a little more explanation about what could have been so important that it made him take such a risky move. Maybe we’ll never know what his whole well-thought-out and scheduled-by-the-minute plan was? We’ll likely find out what his failsafe was, but what was the initial plan?

    3. Great to have Ben all the way in the evil camp again. Now we know we won’t have to suffer through some redemption story, and can just thoroughly enjoy it when he finally gets what’s coming to him.

    4. Can anyone remember exactly what Mom said about the light? What is it for again? It animates all life or something? I think I recall that she wanted her boys to protect it not from any monsters or malevolent force, but from plundering men, right? Is Jack protecting the light from other people, or from Smokey? Doesn’t seem like Smokey really wants it, does it? So his only goal with the light might be to just snuff it out? Would that destroy him as well, given that the light created him?

    5. Finally, in case I forget in the discussion of next episode, let me just say that these posts have made Lost many times more satisfying and enjoyable. Excellent work from start to finish, Greg. I’ve loved spending my Wednesday mornings here. Thanks.

  12. Also, though I am pretty positive about this episode, I am also very much with Amy (comment 11) on her concerns. It’s true that the best resolution for Jack should be finding peace in helping other people for their own sakes, as a selfless leader. Also verrrrry frustrated that Widmore is gone, after all the predictions that this big war was coming. There’s no war coming at all. Just a little provincial battle for a little island, involving just a handful of people. That’s a disappointment.

    By the way, is Eloise Hawking still out there? Maybe she’ll have something to do with how everything gets tied up in the end?

  13. Loved the episode. It felt like things are finally coming together and it was very satisfying.

  14. Ryan, there is still some discussion that Ben is up to something. It’s possible that being reminded of Alex’s death, he saw the opportunity to get rid of his nemesis once and for all, and is only going along with Smokey for convenience. Or not!

    Also, there are a few others unaccounted for on the island – the Others from the Temple, including Cindy and the kids, who were following Flocke but apparently fled to the jungle when Widmore fired rockets and the beach, and Rose, Bernard and Vincent.

  15. I will readily admit that this is the stupidest observation about last night’s episode that I could present, but I really wanted to know if anyone else noticed.

    When Ben walked into his old Dharma home and saw Widmore, Widmore was getting a glass of water from the sink, and Ben said “What’re you doing here?”, which sounded like “Water you doing here?” It had to be intentional, because it was odd and unnecessary that Widmore was getting a glass of water at that moment. But why? Just a little joke for the heck of it? It’s no big mystery, mind you. Just odd.

    Otherwise good episode. I don’t have much problem with protecting the light from men vs. protecting the light from MiB. When Mom died, MiB was not yet Smokie. He became the main treat subsequent to Mom’s instructions to Jacob. It’s implicit that the light needs to be protected from all other threats as well, and that’s surely clear to Jack at this point, since he’s well aware of a great many things since drinking Jacob’s island-brand holy water. It’s not a big deal to be getting hung up on, IMO.

    The MiB/not-Locke deal with Ben is more troublesome and contradictory in light of his stated intent to destroy the island. Get hung up on that, if anything.

  16. So what was it, exactly, that Sun and Jin and Sayid died for? Is Jacob saying that they died for the chance of being considered as island saviors? That’s all I can come up with. Anything else? That’s pretty cold comfort, isn’t it?

    Being the savior of the island means being the savior of all humanity, perhaps all life. They also became truly committed to each other before dying. Everyone (well, almost everyone, on Lost) dies at some point, anyway. Not everyone finds that kind of love before doing so.

    Now think about all the other saps who were on that Oceanic plane, who didn’t figure into anything at all, and who died for it. Of course, as viewers, we have no connection to them, but they were people with lives. If Jacob screwed anyone, it was them first and foremost.

  17. I’m trying to tie in the LA-X world with the island, and wondered last night about Jack telling Locke “I still think I can fix you”. Could that mean that what Desmond is trying to do with all the LA-X folks will help the ultimate outcome on the Island? If Jack “fixes” Locke, does that have an impact on Fake-Locke on the Island? Has Smokie ever appeared as someone who is not dead? There are certainly many other dead folks that Smokie could take on, but perhaps there is something particular about Locke that makes his form important.

    All in all, I thought a very good episode. Especially as it probably did away with any residual sympathy for Ben from the LA-X timeline, with Ben returning to his pure evil character. No one, not even Fake Locke, can trust anything Ben ever says.

  18. So far, since becoming more sympathetic, Ben has killed Widmore, who was responsible for Alex’s death. AFIAC, the jury’s still out on island Ben until we see more from him. He’s still pure cunning, but not necessarily still pure evil.

  19. I kind of forgot about Sayid in my #20. He redeemed himself through self-sacrifice. In saving those who survived the sub, he saved Jack, who he knew was going to be the protector of the island. Indirectly, Sayid became the savior of all humanity after a life of torturing and killing people. (Should we expect them to get Super Bowl tickets, instead, for all their trouble?)

  20. Ryan Bell (#15): “Why on earth did cold, calculating, brilliant Widmore take such a stupid risk and leave the safety of his fences to go hang out with Zoe in Dharmaville? ”

    This is a good question. What *were* Widmore and Zoe doing there, anyway?

  21. The only reason why Jacob and Kate had the discussion about why her name was crossed off was to explain that having a name crossed off wasn’t a big deal, and not having your name up there to begin with isn’t a big deal either.

  22. So who is left on the island?
    MIB and Ben together heading to the light
    Miles off in Jungle by himself
    Jack, Sawyer, Kate and Hurley heading to the light
    Richard maybe still alive in Dharmaville
    Where’s Claire and anyone else from MIB’s group – did they all get blown up?
    Frank? Lost track of him.
    How anti-climatic was the killing of Widmore. Bleh. I thought the episode was weak. I’m holding out that they can pull off some kind of Six Sense never saw it coming finish, but the last few episodes have me thinking I’m going to be disappointed.

  23. It’s interesting that of all the main characters, the biggest contrast between the two worlds is Ben. Is this deliberate? Is LAX telling us that Ben is a decent person at his core, a victim of Jacob, who may at this point be fighting back on his own behalf, and for the good of others?

    My island list:
    Jack, Hurley, Kate and Sawyer with Jacob/going to the light
    Smokey and Ben out for blood
    Miles off on his own (but with Ben’s walkie talkie)
    Claire left at the dock on Hydra
    Cindy, the kids and various Others fled to the jungle
    Desmond on his own in the jungle
    Rose, Bernard and Vincent unaccounted for

    Dead from what I can tell:
    Richard (likely)
    Frank dead on sub, along with Sun, Jin and blown up Sayid
    All of Widmore’s team

    Off island, but possibly coming into play:
    Eloise and Penny, plus Aaron

  24. I don’t think Richard’s still around. Smokey’s kind of an expert at killing people. Surely he would have noticed if Richard’s death didn’t take.

  25. Not that this has anything to do with anything, but along the lines of mysteries that will probably never be explained, why did Ben ever travel off the island? Remember that was a huge reveal – with that photo of him at the copier, he suddenly became this man of mystery who has people everywhere, sees all, knows all, can pluck anyone from their normal life and entrap them on the Island. (a la Juliet) Remember Miles held in him in reverence – “Don’t talk to me like I don’t know who you are – what you can do.”

    Well….. what *could* he do exactly? We know that Mittelos Bioscience was apparently some kind creepy front that he and Richard were running to “recruit” people to the island. We know he was obsessed with the fertility/maternal morbidity issue on the island, which now apparently has nothing to do with anything…. why bother with having Mittelos Bioscience if Jacob was the one who brought people to the island in the first place? That whole idea had so much potential, but I fear it will ultimately fall by the wayside.

  26. Another great interaction between Miles and Ben:

    Miles asks where Ben has his explosives stashed, “in the cookie jar?”

    “Don’t be ridiculous. They’re in a secret room behind my bookcase.”

    I’m happy with the episode and excited for the end. Good show, team Lost.

  27. I don’t think Richard’s still around. Smokey’s kind of an expert at killing people. Surely he would have noticed if Richard’s death didn’t take.

    Assuming Smokey can, in fact, kill Richard.

    Again, if you don’t see the person die, I would assume they’re not dead. And even then…

  28. There was such a change in Richard after Jacob (physically) died that I figured his immortality was gone. The fact that he tried to kill himself would indicate he knew that. Not being immortal or a candidate, I figure Smokey can kill him.

    re the baby issue – I assumed that question was answered with the incident – that exposure to the energy had the effect. Could explain why NotMom had to steal babies, because she had been exposed. One might assume that Sun wasn’t on the island long enough when she conceived to be affected.

  29. I really enjoyed the episode. I agree that getting Jack’s coronation out of the way was nice. Other than there has to be a final conflict between MiB and the Losties and the gathering at the concert, I have NO idea where they’re going. It’s great.

    I do hope that Ben isn’t really on the dark side for real. Although he has been humanized a bunch this season, I got to think that still “always has a plan.” I think his sidestory has been the most touching and I loved him flirting with Rosseau last night.

    I just hope that works out and that Desmond and Penny have a happy ending, as unlikely as that seems right now.

    My wife says Lost is a soap opera for guys but I have no idea what she’s talking about.

  30. I forgot to thank Greg for another great recap and the great job he’s consistently done here and wherever else he was before he came here.

    Also, I thought it worth passing on that the DVD set will have a finale version with 20 more minutes of footage that wouldn’t fit but supposedly answers more questions.


    “Damon and Carlton wanted to offer fans answers to additional questions they couldn’t get to in the body of the final show.”

  31. Yeah, what is this “alternate endings” b.s. they’re going to have on Jimmy Kimmel? That sounds stupid.

    And then they invited people to text good-byes that they would broadcast during the finale. I don’t want to see some Jo schmo’s text during the TV event of the decade.

  32. I am totally with you on the “goodbye texts” front. ABC didn’t learn their lesson with the V countdown clock?

  33. Jenny, re the baby issue – I assumed that question was answered with the incident

    That’s as good a theory as any I know but if they thought they were answering the baby question with the episode about the incident they must think we are all mind readers.

  34. Makes sense LAX Jack fixes Lock, Lock can walk and Smokie Lock cant fly..then well hes screwed, at least as far as his plans go.

    The question then is as a more vunerable Smokie will Smokie Lock be let go off the Island or will Ben kill him replacing him.

    I guess the question is if Smokie isnt Smokie any longer maybe its OK for him to get off the Island.
    Im hoping for some sort of last minute twist here that saves Smokie. Maybe Smokie can walk into the light and save the day.

  35. The question then is what is Desmond doing, my guess is he now part of the Island itself and hence more important than Smokie or Jack.

    This would explain why he cant be harmed no matter what **** happens to him, hes a constant. The question is will the light die, Smokie gets his wish and get off the Island only for Desmond to recreate the light when Smokie leaves.

    There could be a happy ending here

  36. Did anyone notice who had the C4 backpack last? I missed it in the shuffle.

    And I agree with the theory that Ben could still be trying to get rid of Non-Locke. He seems evil, but he doesn’t really have an axe to grind with anyone who is left except for Non-Locke. Killing Whitmore is exactly the kind of thing he wouldn’t mind doing to convince him of his “sincerity.” Smokey manipulated him and ultimately got him to kill Jacob.

    Definitly wondering how that walkie-talkie would get Miles to help Ben. And who let Desmond out of the well? Our other group was busy with ritualistic water drinking.

    BTW, I think Desmond was sitting in about a foot of water when Sayid went back to kill him. Personally, I wondered why there wasn’t more in the well.

  37. Texts during the finale??!! Here’s hoping that’s an ABC thing, not a Lost thing, so that when I watch the Canadian broadcast they won’t be there. I want a cinematic ending, not something that ends up looking like the shopping channel.

    re Desmond – wouldn’t it have been Sayid who gave him the rope, rather than killing him?

  38. I thought the texting during the finale was going to be show on the special Jimmy Kimmel finale show, not the actual show. That’s awful if they really plan to do that, how distracting.

    Maybe it’s to boost dvd sales (which is totally unnecessary if they’re really saving 1/4 of the show for the dvd anyway).

  39. The text messages will only appear during the 2-hour retrospective, NOT the finale. That would be stupid.

  40. Someone asked my Sun and Jin were candidates since Sun was a mother. If memory serves, only one Kwan was on the list, but it was ambiguous who it was, so that girl (forgot her name) wanted to collect both of them.

    Jack’s ex–has Juliet appeared in the LAX world? I thought she was the most likely candidate.

  41. I think Ben has a plan to stop Smokey, and he’s relying on his evil reputation, his ability to lie with a straight face, and his overall cunning to convince Smokie that he’s on his side. Ben is biding his time until he can find a moment to destroy (or at least harm) Smokey.

    He probably received personal satisfaction in killing Widmore because it simultaneously accomplished two goals – dispatching a hated rival, and “proving” loyalty to Fake Locke. It also explains why he didn’t flinch when FLocke told him that he will destroy the Island (after earlier promising that Ben can be the new Inland king). He knows Smokey’s promises are worthless, and he fully expects to be betrayed by Smokey when he’s no longer useful.

    Ben also must be harboring great hatred for Smokey now that he realizes that he had been manipulated by It for years. If there’s one thing a Control Freak like Ben can not live with, it’s the knowledge that someone else is controlling him. So he’s following the “Godfather” rule: keep your enemies closer…

    I also think that Ben no longer cares whether he lives or dies, as witnessed by his decision to go out to confront Locke in Dharmaville. Therefore, he may yet have a redemptive moment of self-sacrifice (a la Sayid) if a chance to do great damage presents itself.

    On another note: I’m with those folks who were disappointed with the end of the Widmore story arc. His death was a big “meh” to me. Maybe I’m just bummed that my pet theory that Widmore and Smokey were working together proved to be wrong…

  42. I loved the flashsideways stuff but the deaths this season have just come out of nowhere and felt unsatisfying for some reason.

    I also think the flashsideways put to lie to Jacob’s comment that they were all lost and losers. In the other timeline most were well adjusted. (Not Kate – but she’s the only one)

    There are tons of unanswered questions that I suspect will never get answered. (What happened to Bernard & Rose being an obvious one) I really wish they had done something with Walt. Lots of build ups through the season that never go anywhere. Also will we find that not-Locke could only kill Ecko after he was dropped as a candidate? What about the scene where not Locke was dragging real Locke down into the tunnel to the temple?

    I will say that I think the pregnancy bit was answered. No one can get pregnant on the island – presumably to prevent permanent residents. Jacob apparently was trying to fix this. This aspect of the island was suggested last week as well where “Mother” had to get someone else’s kids.

  43. BBTW – Am I the only one who feels that they could have used an extra season to wrap everything up? There are just going to be too many unsatifying answers. Plus the past few episodes have just felt rushed.

  44. Mudhead, I think you are spot in in your assessment of Ben’s plan/motives. Moreover, he knows that Smokey eliminates those who are no longer useful to him, so the obvious answer to bide time is to be useful.

    One thing that’s been nagging me about Widmore is that after all these years and a lifelong obsession with the island, Jacob suddenly convinces him to play along. Widmore’s motives have never been entirely clear from the beginning, and seem to have changed quite frequently.

    I’m also bothered that his #2 was an engineer of some kind, but apparently ready to use weapons/kill, and capable of bringing an entire canoe’s worth of equipment to Dharmaville. His freighter team was so carefully chosen that it doesn’t make sense that he’d only bring a bunch of scientists and a sub captain this time.

    Finally, if he was working with Jacob this time, and so was Ilana, why didn’t there appear to be any cooperation between them?

    Clark, I still think that all the flash sideways might in fact be the “extra season.”

  45. I was thinking that maybe Penny might turn out to be jack’s ex. Or maybe I just don’t want to see Juliette! haha

  46. I want to see Sawyer appear at this museum concert because he’s had some sort of tip off ( from Desmond??) that that is where all those escaped prisoners are, and there he’ll meet Juliet (Jack’s Ex-wife), and their meeting will be one of those moments where they remember their love affair on the island!

    I’m looking forward to the finale, but it’s coming way too fast. I need a few more episodes.

    I agree and am also glad that we saw Jack become the island’s new Jacob. My favorite line was Sawyer’s “god complex” line. I also agree that Widmore’s death seemed very anti-climactic for a character I thought might hold a few important secrets.

  47. Clark, I think the flashsideways concept was a big part of why it felt rushed to me. That reset on all the characters needs some time to build momentum but there just isn’t time in a single season while you are trying to wrap up one drillion things from the five previous seasons.

  48. We still have yet to see the other side of the outrigger scene from season 5 (when they were chasing Sawyer, Juliet, et al during one of the flashes).

    I used to think that it was going to be Ben, Miles, and Richard in the canoe, but am not sure. We know someone gets shot as they chase them. It would be interesting if Sawyer is shooting at Sawyer.

    Does that mean that there is a chance that there is going to be some folks messing with the frozen donkey wheel again? is that the Desmond fail safe?

  49. They already said the other side of the outrigger scene won’t be in – they couldn’t fit it. Whether it’ll be in that extended edition I don’t know. They had it written though and know the answer.

    I’d be happy if they just come out with a book “What is Unanswered” and answer the questions. They’ve said that many of the questions have answers but just can’t be fit into the show.

  50. I think they will never answer all the questions, simply because some can’t be answered. They might have started a thought and gone nowhere with it (particularly with the season cut short with the writers strike – one example is that Lapidus was introduced as a conspiracy theorist, and that never played out; another is Walt). They might also have a few mistakes or things they themselves missed (different writers for each show).

    I also think that like any great story, we’ll be talking about this one for a long time to come. People are still studying, interpreting and debating Shakespeare and Austen today after all. Not that Lost is the greatest writing we’ve ever seen, but it is a helluva story.

  51. I wouldn’t be surprised if the finale will be 4 or more hours long when the “extended edition” comes out on DVD. Just as Peter Jackson knew he had to appease the Tolkien completists when he filmed the Lord of the Rings movies — making the extended editions of the movies nearly twice as long — so too will the writers of Lost be under similar pressure. We know they filmed alternate endings to the finale, which will be shown on Jimmy Kimmel’s special Sunday night. I’ll bet they filmed much more, including the outrigger scene.

    meems (#52): I agree with you that Sawyer will be at the concert after receiving a tip-off from Desmond. We know that Desmond, Kate, Miles, Charlotte, and Pierre Chang will be there. We assume that Hurley and Sayid will join them after running whatever errand Desmond sent them on. My guess is that Hurley’s task is to find some way to convince Jin and Sun to be there. If Hurley goes, he will probably bring along Libby. We know Jack and his son will be there, and I’m with those who are assuming that Jack’s ex-wife is Juliet.

    If Drive Shaft is performing, we’ll see Charlie there. Perhaps Faraday also will be there for a belated performance with them? If so, that would likely place Eloise, Widmore, and Penny there as well.

    My only question is Locke and Ben. If Locke is being operated on, he’ll be in no position to travel to the concert. And I saw nothing in the flashsideway scenes that indicated Ben had any plans to attend.

  52. You know, I had kind of forgotten about the outrigger shootout. Now it’s driving me nuts. Thanks. (Seriously, thanks. Lost is all about being driven nuts.)

  53. Lost be under similar pressure. We know they filmed alternate endings to the finale, which will be shown on Jimmy Kimmel’s special Sunday night.

    I have been assuming that this is just going to be Jimmy Kimmel shtick, but I could be wrong.

  54. I have been assuming that this is just going to be Jimmy Kimmel shtick, but I could be wrong.

    I was under the impression that they did in fact shoot 3 different endings to prevent leaks as no one would know the real one.

    Could be wrong, though.

  55. I can’t remember where I read it but I’m pretty sure Darlton said that the alternate endings were just goofs done for Jimmy Kimmel.

    And the texts aren’t going to be shown during the actual finale. They learned their lesson from the “V” fiasco.

  56. Hi,

    Thank you for the wonderful website and insightful comments. I just checked the outrigger scene after reading about it here. It was what I thought it was and I was reminded why it did not bother me. It seems to me that they were Ilana’s people. The clue was even there where Miles picked up the Ajira water bottle. Those people certainly had the intent to kill anyone they found that were not part of their plan to help Jacob. Remember how brutal they were with the plane’s passengers. Sawyer, Locke, et al just happened to flash to their time.

    Also saw somewhere that the show’s producers were not going to explain it, saying to some extent that more than half the people in that boat would be dead by now. That would be the case with Ilana’s people for most of this season.

  57. I wonder if we’ll find out who was shooting the flaming arrows that killed so many people at the end of two seasons ago.

  58. BBTW – Am I the only one who feels that they could have used an extra season to wrap everything up? There are just going to be too many unsatifying answers. Plus the past few episodes have just felt rushed.

    I didn’t think so until one of the creator said they just ran out of time and couldn’t answer everything they wanted to answer. Really? You had three seasons to prepare for the end and you ran out of time, so now we all have to buy the dvd to get 20 more minutes you needed to tell your story?

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