The Superbowl

Sorry to tear you hopeless geeks away from Lost, but it’s time for something manly!  No not the Oscars.  It’s Superbowl time!  Time to answer those age-old questions that speak to the essence of manhood:  Which team has better uniforms?  Whose tight end is better looking?  Which ETrade baby is more articulate?  What scandal will occur during the half-time show?  And of course, most importantly: Which commercial has the hottest babes?

Feel free to comment here before, during and after the big game on all things related to the cultural phenomenon that is The Superbowl.


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  1. I’m expecting a boring win by the Colts, but I’m holding out hope for some excitement. Let me know your predictions before kickoff, but remember, please: no wagering.

  2. I was kind of surprised they replaced the E-Trade baby. I guess maybe the old one was growing up.

    Here’s my question: what is your snack line-up? I’ve got blue corn tortilla chips with both salsa and queso, french onion dip with both kettle chips and veggies (baby carrots, snow pea pods and olives), grapes, and Dr. Pepper/Cherry 7-Up.

  3. Oh, and I’ve got a nice fire going in the woodburning stove. I’ve been watching the CBS pregame coverage all afternoon. (I’m rooting for Austin Collie; lame, I know, but there it is.)

  4. I’m more rooting for Collie to pull a hamstring.

    Ok, not really.

    I like your snack line-up! I’m less creative, but more alliterative. I’m going with chicken wings, chips and salsa, cherry coke. I call it the Ch-ch-ch-championship line-up.

  5. I tried to bring up the Superbowl and/or playoffs once on the BCC list, and you cannot imagine the hostility from that crowd.

    New Orleans has one of the greatest uniforms/color schemes in all of professional athletics. If we’re rooting for teams on that basis, I’m all Saints.

    Also, I will root against the Colts simply because of Austin Collie and the fact that their colors are the same as BYU’s.

  6. Saints win the toss and elect to receive. That seems weird. Usually you elect to kick and receive in the second half or you defer the choice to the second half.

  7. Saints defense is as good as advertised, they’re getting to Manning, but that opens up the running game.

  8. If that was the sole Tebow commercial, I agree it was much ado about nothing.

    I’m looking forward to the new Robin Hood. It needs a darker reboot, which seems to be the direction they’re going.

    Commercials are pretty good so far.

  9. Queen Latifah sang the NA on your TV? It was Carrie Underwood in a ghastly white jumpsuit on mine!

    Saints uniforms are nifty, but the Colts are old school cool.

  10. Tracy, my wife walked in and was incredulous about the NA. She thought Carrie Underwood was ghastly, both the outfit and the singing.

  11. Colts goal line stand was really amazing, but at least partly the result of Saints just not getting it done.

  12. Really? You think they still got it? I mean I hear you on Baba O’Reilly, but I dunno, Roger’s voice just didn’t sound great.

    Unfortunately, there’s a whole generation of kids who are going to think The Who wrote the theme songs for CSI.

  13. there’s a whole generation of kids who are going to think The Who wrote the theme songs for CSI.

    That generation can suck it.

  14. It was a pretty good game. Fun to watch and stayed exciting all the way to the end. Just the kind of Superbowl I like but rarely get.

    I saw two ETrade baby ads, and both were good, but there’s another one they didn’t show:

  15. I tried to watch the Letterman/Oprah ad (which I missed because I was talking to MCQ here and losing my feminist street-cred) and YouTube has it blocked!

  16. Thoughts: ever notice that the better the football game the lamer the commercials? The past two years have had good football games. The only commercial that stands out this year are the house made of beer cans. What’s even more surprising are how many just totally missed.

    Robin Hood. I’m mixed. It looks like Gladiator lite. I wish they’d gone with the first idea and told the story from the Sheriff’s point of view. Now that would have been interesting. Prince of Persia looks completely lame.

    It’s nice the Saints won. I thought the Colts had their number in the first half and that the Saints were lucky to hit halftime with it still competitive. But from that onside kick onwards the Saints really played solid. Too bad Collie didn’t have a better game. He didn’t screw up but there weren’t any big plays. (His first touch was solid, but nothing much after beyond being competent which is more than a lot of players can say under pressure)

    Anyway, I used to live in Louisiana and the fans have been loyal to the Saints since the days they were perennial basement dwellers. For all the bad it did the hurricane has also brought out a lot of good in the area. A good football team is but one example. (And probably among the crasser examples) The fans deserve it after being so devoted through decades of depressing play.

    Oh, regarding The Who. I didn’t find them bad. However the soundmixer needs to be fired. The vocals were mixed way too loud which made the age of the singers much more noticable. (Although nowhere near as embarrassing as that Pink Floyd reunion with Roger Waters a few years back) What I am glad is that they actually did a short concert rather than what we normally get which is a stupid medley with a marching band thrown in. I do think a more modern band would be nice. But hip hop still rules the airwaves and most of the modern rock bands aren’t quite up for it. Who would you rather have seen? U2 again? Even they are getting long in tooth. I actually think Metallica would have been an interesting case if they played some of their more mainstream songs. Beyond that who? Kings of Leon? Greenday?

    As for Letterman/Leno. Meh. It was surprising they did it together. But beyond the shock value I didn’t think it particularly funny.

  17. Some of my thoughts and tangents (mostly tangents) regarding the Big Gameâ„¢:

    * The years have not been kind to the voices of Roger Daltery and Pete Townsend.

    * Drew Brees had a heck of a game. He went eyeball-to-eyeball with Living Legendâ„¢ Payton Manning, and Manning was the first to blink. Am I the only one who thinks that big old scar on Brees’ right cheek makes him more lovable?

    * The commercials were pretty decent last night. I still like the e-Trade talking baby. The sleepwalking Coca-cola commercial was cool, especially at the end when he’s petting the hyena. Is it just me, or is Danika Patrick looking cougar-ish these days?

    * There were remarkably few penalties. These were well-disciplined teams. On the other hand, there seemed to be a lot of chippy behavior, cheap shots, pushing and hitting after the play. I’m surprised the refs didn’t call any personal fouls on that stuff.

    * I don’t know what his personal situation is, but I bet Garrett Hartley has never had trouble with the ladies. What he just did at the Big Gameâ„¢ can’t hurt either.

    * The Arcade Fire seems like a strange musical choice for NFL promos, but somehow it works. I’m a late-comer to the Arcade Fire. Allison started to get into their music and I bought her Funeral for Christmas. My kids recognized the song as the one in the Where the Wild Things Are movie trailer.

  18. Oh, and what this thread really needs is a Lost tie in: Dr. Candle/Change/Wickman was spotted in a beer commercial (predictably cast and the scientist who spots the world-ending meteor).

  19. MCQ (#9): “Saints win the toss and elect to receive. That seems weird. Usually you elect to kick and receive in the second half or you defer the choice to the second half.”

    This comment is pretty cool in retrospect.

  20. Clark (#101): “Prince of Persia looks completely lame.”

    Yes, but consider this: that movie could be just about terrible and still be The Greatest Video-Game-Based Movie Ever Made.

    At least Uwe Boll isn’t directing.

    Tracy M (#103): “Or what the heck was that band that was on SNL with Dave Grohl back on the drums?”

    Them Crooked Vultures.

  21. That was the first Superbowl halftime show I’ve ever liked. Sure, Roger can’t sing like he used to, but I was still impressed with his pipes. For an old guy he’s got a lot of power. And those notes are hard to hit for young folks. It would be a superhuman feat to sing like that into your 60’s.

    I would have been happy with either team winning the game. This was the matchup I’ve been hoping for since the middle of the season.

  22. I was shocked by how bad Roger looked. I saw them live a couple of years ago and he looked much, much better then. At the Super Bowl he hardly moved at all, and didn’t look like he was comfortable or enjoying himself. At one point it looked like he was clearly lipsynching. Also, the medley was a bit of a weak choice. They could have just picked three songs and played them through. Perhaps they really wanted to start with Pinball Wizard and realized that then ending of that song is incredibly weak, leading to the medley. I’d rather have heard songs that stand alone given the constraints of the halftime show.

    On the plus side, Pete looked good and like he was having fun, and the stage was impressive. I wonder if it was a one-off thing for the Super Bowl or if they use it in other configurations in other venues.

  23. Maybe it should be. It’s a more beautiful melody, and easier to sing by non-singers than the Star Spangled Banner.

  24. “Ok, so Queen Latifah sang America the Beautiful. I still don’t understand why.”

    Because she had first choice?

  25. But whose choice was it to have her sing at all? Is she even a singer? She has mostly been an actress lately and before that she was sort of a rapper, right? Since when is she a singer?

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