It Isn’t Christmas Without…

We have talked about Christmas music before, but I thought I’d try a little different tack this time around. My question is, what’s the one performance you just can’t do without at Christmastime?

I say performance, because I’m not talking about your favorite Christmas tune (like, your family might always sing “Jingle Bells” around the tree every year but I’m not interested in that). I’m talking about the one performance that just captures the spirit of the season for you.

It may be a classic like a performance of the Vienna Boys Choir, or Babs singing “O Holy Night,” Karen and Richard doing “Merry Christmas To One and All,” or Bing’s “White Christmas.” Or it may be something of more recent vintage, but there’s usually one number you just can’t put the star on the tree without hearing at least once. Tell us about it and link it if you can.


10 thoughts on “It Isn’t Christmas Without…

  1. Anything from The Carpenters: Christmas Portrait and the musical movie Scrooge, not to be confused with the Bill Murray movie, Scrooged.

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