LOST: Mid-summer Comic-Con update

I haven’t written anything about Lost since the season finale. Frankly, I’m still digesting it and trying to figure out if I like the latest game-changer. I’m still undecided. Part of that depends on how the final season kicks off. Which brings us to the Lost panel at this year’s Comic-Con.

(Actual spoilers and potential ones below. If you don’t want to know anything about how season six ended or anything revealed at Comic-Con, don’t join us after the jump.)

Links from the Lost Comic-Con panel:

  • Doc Artz claims to have every last second of the panel on video.
  • Whitney at PopCandy attended the Lost panel and has republished her Twitter feed, with additional links.
  • This website is its own kind of genius: a fan created some killer black velvet art featuring
    Carlton Cuse, Damon Lindelof and a polar bear, and for his trouble got to present it at Comic-Con.
  • This year’s ARG appears to be Lost University. Meh. I’ve never gotten much into the ARGs, and this one seems the least compelling yet.

The videos:

Hurley’s Mr. Cluck’s commercial.

This was promo’ed at Comic-Con, and it raises a lot of questions. Either the producers are just messing with us (as they are wont to do on occasions like this), or this video is a huge clue about the final season. Think about it: Hurley starts out the video saying “Ever since I won the lottery, I’ve had nothing but good luck,” then proceeds to talk about his recent vacation to Austrailia. In other words, Faraday’s plan (carried out by Jack) to detonate a hydrogen bomb was a success (?) and in the final season we’ll see what it would have been like if Oceanic 815 never would have crashed (?) (!).

That would certainly explain this video:

There was also a third video showing Kate as a fugitive on America’s Most Wanted. I’ll update this post if I can track down a high-quality copy of the video.

All three of the videos explore the same scenario: Oceanic 815 never crashed. Surely it won’t be as simple as that, but it’s an interesting (and frankly, frustrating) premise.

I also like this promo video from ABC quite a bit, created in the style of a ’70s/’80s mysteries-of-the-unexplained television show.


The ABC.com website promises more episodes in the future.

At some point before the start of next season, I promise* to do an in-depth analysis of where things stand in the show. But this stuff at least gives us something to chew on until then.

(*Yes, I was crossing my fingers behind my back when I typed this. You should try it some time. It’s not easy.)


11 thoughts on “LOST: Mid-summer Comic-Con update

  1. So as I mentioned in the other thread they are saying Dharma won’t really be in this season. Which seems odd, if true. There are tons of mysteries about Dharma and its relationship to the island that need explained. That ABC promo suggests it as well.

  2. My third-hand understanding of what was said was that there wouldn’t be a whole lot of Dharma, but still some. Like they did suggest that the food drops would be explained so I presume that means that some Dharma stuff will pop up. Just not to the extent that we saw in S5.

    I was dreading any suggestion that the bomb would reset time and erase the past five seasons but these ads are intriguing as well as the Hurley Q&A addressing the subject where D&C just said “trust us.”

    A very cool tidbit that got little notice was when Dominic Monaghan showed up at the very end he didn’t say anything but flashed his hand upon which was written “Am I Alive?” The sure love playing us.
    See http://spoilerslost.blogspot.com/2009/07/dominic-monaghan-am-i-alive.html

  3. Also in an interview to promote V, Elizabeth Mitchel says that Juliette will be back on Lost and she says the fans are to thank for it. The interview is on ww.ew.com in the Ausiello Files.

  4. I think they are just screwing with us. If they do a last season where the plane never crashed there will be a fan mutiny the likes of which we haven’t seen since X-files.

  5. I’m with Greg on this one: i am still undecided on the whole season 5 finale. i think there is a chance that they rebooted the timeline (I personally don’t think so). But if that happened, in the words of Eloise, there will be some course correction by the universe which will ultimately get the 815ers BACK to the island.

    And, perhaps the series finale will take us where season 5 ended, with Jacob saying “they are coming….” and in run the 815ers 2.0

    I don’t like that possibility very much, but I don’t like the thought that they survived a nuclear explosion, either.

  6. It would be interesting if they end up back when the plane crashes but knowing what has gone on in the past. I don’t think that’ll happen (I think they’ll end up in Ben’s present) but it would be interesting.

  7. If that is what happens, is Locke Jacob’s Nemesis, or is he Locke from an alternate time stream?

  8. Good lord, Lost U doesn’t even count as an ARG. They aren’t even trying to create something ‘in universe’. UGH.

  9. LU looks terrible as an ARG. Maybe they conceived it as a way to get the LOST viewers to explore some of the really fun themes of the show. I’m not really sure whether or not I should be insulted.

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