Lost: Top 5 Questions

OK, we’ve all been discussing the mind blowing finale to Lost this season. Come fall we’ll be on to the final season which will wrap everything up. (Although the producers have said that some minor questions, such as Libby’s connection to the mental asylum, might not get answered)

So here’s the question. What are your top 5 questions that must get answered next season.

Here’s mine.

1. Why do the Others kidnap children? A big point of season 1 was the kidnapping of children. Oddly despite having Ben and being amongst the Others no one has asked about the lost children. This had better be answered. I have some theories but it bugs me this hasn’t really been mentioned for some time.

2. What is the importance of Walt? I think we will see Walt again. Indeed he popped up in Locke’s pre-death recruiting of the escaped Losties. Season 1 made a big deal of Walt having some odd psychic abilities. We know Miles has some odd abilities like this. Faraday has his super-mind. What is the significance of these abilities?

3. The CIA and the Hatch. When Desmond gets convinced to manage the hatch a former CIA operative (who’d worked on Sayid) was monitoring it. He didn’t appear to have any connection to the Others. We know that there was some conflict between the Others and potentially US military people back in the 50’s around the time of the H-bomb. Presumably that’s how Dharma discovered the island. Is there a government connection?

4. The Numbers. The first two seasons the numbers had this quasi-mystic role. That’s appears downplayed of late and they haven’t appeared much beyond being put on the hatch as Hurley drove by. Those early Hurley episodes need to be explained.

5. Charlie’s Visions and the Baptism of Aaron. That episode where Charlie goes loco has always bugged me. Clearly there was some significance to what was going on. But nothing has remotely been explained.

I have other questions of course. But those are the ones I most want answers for.


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  1. I think the others wanted the kids because they were all infertile. Could it be that simple? Probably not, but that’s my first thought about it.

  2. Don’t we have to wait until 2010 (i.e., not fall 2009) for the final season? So my most burning question is: Why the hell do we have to wait so long?!?!?

    re #3: I thought the former CIA dude said he got recruited into the Dharma.

    My Top Five:

    1) (related to your #1) What caused the infertility? Maybe the H-bomb? People seemed perfectly fertile earlier (e.g., Miles was born on island).

    2) What’s the deal with the dead/quasi-dead people? Are they really who they appear to be?

    3) Why did the island want Jack, Kate, Sawyer, et al? I think the finale made it clear that this isn’t really about them—it’s much bigger—but still they seem vital to…something.

    4) Why are certain Others so willing to die for their cause? Think of Bea telling Mikhail to shoot her, or Mikhail blowing himself up with a grenade.

  3. Maybe the H-bomb? People seemed perfectly fertile earlier (e.g., Miles was born on island).

    I think, techinically, that Horace and Amy’s baby and Aaron are the only children that that we know was born on the island. I believe there was dialogue in the episode where Juliet delivered the baby that most women took the sub off the island and gave birth in a hospital.

    But yeah, I there doesn’t seem to have been a fertility problem before the Incident.

  4. “1. Why do the Others kidnap children?”

    I agree with Brian that this has to do with the fertility issues that Juliet was recruited to try to overcome.

    “2. What is the importance of Walt?”

    Walt was “special” and had some psychic abilities (including astral projection and possibly the ability to kill birds with his mind). The Others are interested in gathering and recruiting those who are “special.” Richard’s comment in this past episode that he had visited Locke three times and he didn’t seem at all “special” is a nice reminder of that.

    I’m more interested in why Aaron is special than Walt, at this point.

    “3. The CIA and the Hatch.”

    I don’t think there’s any connection. I think that Desmond’s hatchmate was simply recruited by DHARMA after her retired from the CIA, much like Mikhail was recruited after serving in the Soviet military.

    “4. The Numbers.”

    I think we’ve already gotten as much of an explanation of the numbers as we’re likely to get. Check out the video from the “Lost Experience” ARG on the Vanzetti Equation. If that’s not satisfying enough, then I don’t know what to tell you. The numbers were simply a recurring narrative device. I don’t think the numbers themselves have any real intrinsic importance.

    “5. Charlie’s Visions and the Baptism of Aaron.”

    I think that was a one-off deal. Charlie was having religious delusions, probably because his mind was being affected by the island’s mystical properties. I doubt the show will go back and address this one episode (which I happened to like quite a bit).

  5. How is the biggest question not, “What’s going on between Jacob and his nemesis?” Isn’t that the meta issue here?

  6. Some thoughts:

    1. Why do the Others kidnap children?
    Dharma people can have children, but Others can’t. As far as we know, the only characters to get pregnant/give birth/survive have been non-Others.

    The only exception is Eloise, and we do not know for sure if she was born on the island or if she conceived on the island and where Daniel was born. It’s also possible that the problems started after Daniel was born, likely due to the nuke in some way.

    2. What is the importance of Walt?
    We already know that the development of certain characters has been affected by the actors that play them, ie making the most of their potential, or dealing with contractual issues.

    My guess is that they had big plans for Walt, but couldn’t make it happen. I think it’s possible that the three-year jump between crash and return might have been to accommodate the actor’s growth. However, for whatever reason it wasn’t working, and I think the character of Miles was created to fulfill the function of “character who can perceive the dead.” I think they also gave a bit of it to Hurley.

    3. The CIA and the Hatch.
    My theory is that Kelvin, Mikhail and the women in the Looking Glass were all recruited by Ben to perform technical functions to replace the Dharma people after the purge, since it’s doubtful any Others had their skills. All are ex-military, perhaps looking for work post-Gulf and Cold War.

    If Kelvin was already in place before Ben was in charge, it’s possible that off-island roamer Charles recruited him. Charles was the one who found Keamy after all.

    In the end though, I think the first question will be answered (and is perhaps in the process of being answered now), but the second two will likely not be answered. These details are things fans like us obsess about, but in the grand scheme of things, they don’t really matter to the story.

  7. I really don’t think that the Walt question is really a detail. They were building him up to be a fairly major part of the story. I think he’ll be back. I realize the fact that he was aging much faster than the story was progressing, but, I think that’s one of the reasons they fast forwarded into the future. Now the time line is correct for the actors age. I will be a little disappointed if he isn’t brought back some how and in a fairly major way.

  8. Brian, I think your (4) is answered by the temple and the smoke monster.

    Jenny, while I think contract issues sometimes affects the show (like the horrible situation with Ecko) I don’t think that explains Walt. On the other hand his dad did have contract issues which was partially why they wrote him out of the show.

    Although speaking of Walt’s dad the idea that Jacob’s Nemesis is a corrupting influence would really apply there, wouldn’t it?

  9. That’s a great point Ian, about the aging of Walt. The fact they had Locke meet him this season suggests he will become important.

    Regarding the children, while I think the infertility might explain some things I don’t think that explains everything. I get the impression Ben was under orders from Jacob and was prepared for everything that happened.

  10. Regarding Walt…

    I was talking to [producer] Bryan Burk last night, and he was talking about a scene that he was watching between Walt and Locke. Knowing that the end is just around the corner, he was thinking, “Wow, that might be their last scene together.” And if you really look back on the moment in the pilot when they first saw each other, the backgammon game and stuff like that, it’s a big deal, in a sense, but then that chapter closes. There’s gonna be a lot of that, probably, next season.


    Perhaps Walt is done?

  11. One question I have:

    What’s with the fakery in the first and second seasons?!?!?! Tom with his beard for example.

    I still will never get why the Others were so antagonistic against the Losties.

  12. Amen Dan!

    They were darn tricky too, almost supernatural. I’m sure that part won’t be addressed, but I thought they had super powers are something.

  13. Hayes, perhaps Locke is done? I mean they’ve shown him dead now. That comment is actually a pretty compelling reason to think that alive Locke isn’t the real Locke.

    Dan, I think they’ve indicated that they were following directions from Jacob. Clearly Ben knew exactly what was going on and whom to capture when he saw the plane. The point about Tom and his beard is a good one though.

    I do think some of the “supernaturalness” will be addressed – specifically the voices before the Others appear. I’ll lay good odds that’s tied in with some transportation device. (i.e. how did The Real Sawyer end up on the island)

  14. Clark: how is the Others’ willingness to die answered by the smoke monster?

    Rusty: I just don’t know enough about Jacob’s nemesis for him to be a big question. See my #3 in comment 2.

  15. #1 question: Is Miles right about the incident? =)

    Why is that rollercoaster-climbing ratchety sound present when Smokey is pulling someone?

    Seems clear that JN-manifestations can affect physical objects normally (Locke pushes in the wall. Hands Ben a knife)

    Can’t wait to see what they do with the season opener next season.

  16. 1. The whispers. Do we know what the whispers certain Losties have heard in the jungle are? 2. I also would really like to know more about Eloise and Charles. How did they get on the Island? What happened to their relationship? Did Eloise leave by choice or was she kicked out like Charlie? What is the “war” Charles referred to when he found Locke in that hospital? 3. What about Richard? Where did he come from? Where does he get his eyeliner? Is his anti-ageing a good thing or some sort of punishment? Finally, 4. Who or what is Jacob and who or what is his Nemesis?

  17. No mention of the Hurley Bird in your list? c’mon

    I doubt the infertility will be due to the nuke. I’d guess it was due to the purge before I’d guess it was due to the nuke.

  18. I don’t think the infertility is due to the nuke either. The infertility may be why they are kidnapping kids – but I doubt it. I think it has something to do with “being special.”

    The whispers have appeared this season several times.

    Brian, when Richard took Ben to the temple you get the impression that the smoke monster did something to him to make him “loyal.” This happened to the men around Rousseau if you recall as well. Is this the Nemisis? I don’t know. But they become very compliant although I don’t think all Others go through this. (I see no evidence Juliet did, for instance, but perhaps that’s a shocker for next season) Richard said it changes people.

    Richard I’m sure is from the pirate ship we saw at the beginning of the finale. Presumably he served Jacob and becomes a messenger. (There are parallels to The Tempest here as I mentioned in the other thread and the Tempest and The Odyssey are probably the two main influences on the show – although I’m beginning to think Job is as well)

    I used to think the War Charlie was talking about was between Ben and Widmore. Now I think it is Jacob and his Nemesis. But it appears there are four teams. Widmore (serving either Jacob or N – we don’t know); Ben (presumably serving Jacob due to Richard’s role as messenger despite the skeptics in the audience); the van people (presumably serving Jacob due to their bringing the Locke body); then there is Dharma and the unknown Hanso Foundation (who mainly pop up outside the show so I don’t know how canonical they are – although they appear to be behind Dharma.

  19. When we started time traveling, I thought that the whispers must be layers of people on the island in different time periods.

  20. “What’s with the fakery in the first and second seasons?!?!?! Tom with his beard for example.”

    I thought this was answered, at least indirectly…they only wanted the Losties from Jacob’s list. They really didn’t need/want outsiders trying to join their cute little Other village. The Others have a history of waging war on outsiders (DHARMA) and on anyone else who may use the island for their own purposes. If they remain mysterious (and look like poor savages) it’s a big advantage and raises fewer questions about their resources and the island’s properties.

  21. Clark: okay, that makes sense about the smoke monster/temple. I wasn’t thinking about Ben losing “his innocence” in the temple—whatever that means (and however bad that sounds!).

  22. I’m leaning towards the cabin as never being Jacob’s place. I think that’s where someone was holding Nemesis captive but he escaped just int time to take John’s body. Not sure how ash keeps one captive but it could have something to do with Smokey. Also I’m not sure Claire is dead. It could be that Nemesis as Christian found her and is manipulating her somehow.

  23. BTW – anyone notice the parallels between the theory of Jacob’s Nemesis being trapped in Bernard’s old house and the story of Alvar Hanso (head of Dharma) who was kidnapped by his second in command? Also Hanso, like Richard and Jacob (and presumably Nemesis) doesn’t age normally.

    Also to the theory that the Nemesis was trapped in the house. If he was trapped in the house he couldn’t be the smoke monster but there seems reasonably evidence that he is the smoke monster. If so, who was in the house?

  24. Clark, I don’t think Jacob (or anti-Jacob)’s cabin is Bernard’s cabin. We saw Horace made the plans to build Jacob’s cabin and I believe he did build it. Bernard’s cabin also didn’t look big enough to be Jacob’s cabin. What makes you think they are one and the same?

  25. The five questions I would like answered:

    1) Richard’s history and why he never ages. (I’ve heard the theories that Richard is a Black Rock survivor, but I’ve seen no direct evidence from the show to support it. Yet.)

    2) What are The Rules? And what specifically was JN’s loophole?

    3) What is the history of the ancient civilization that once lived on the Island? And are Jacob/JN actually from that period, or did they pre-exist it?

    4) Who are in the temple, and why? What is the temple’s significance to the history of the Island?

    5) Whose skeleton’s are in the cove?

  26. Hmm. I just assumed they were from the fire. Good call meems. I’ll have to check into that. Anyone know if they are the same or not?

    Mudhead, Richard did say Jacob made it so he doesn’t age. (I believe he said this in the finale although it could have been the prior episode)

    The Rules are a great question.

    I think the people in the temple are the Others who had passed “through” the trial ala Ben via the Smoke Monster.

  27. Clark, I think there’s more to Richard’s agelessness than simply “Jacob did it.” Jacob may be a deity, but he clearly has his limits. (There’s those goshdarned Rules again!)

    As for the Others in the Temple, maybe you’re right and they have been “judged” worthy. But it’s only a theory. A few passing references remind us that they are in the Temple, but no one on the show has said why.

    Of course, the exercise here was to list the 5 questions we wanted the show to answer. I’ve been following this blog for sometime now. And sometimes our theories are right on the nose (e.g. Eloise is Daniel’s mother, Miles is Chang’s son), and sometimes the show has proven us completely off-base (e.g. Jack — or Locke — is Jacob).

    While the show’s writers may not answer every mystery presented over the last 5 years, I hope they come up with an over-arching answer to the Island, and its purpose and history. And I hope they do it in such a way that we can figure out some of the minor unsolved mysteries on our own within the larger context.

  28. Other people have agelessness though (including Dharma’s own Hanso).

    Yeah, it’s just a theory about why some Others are in the temple. But clearly they are in the temple.

    You’re right that the aim is your top 5 questions. But I appreciated it when folks tried to answer mine. (Even if I am skeptical of some – such as the CIA)

    While the producers won’t answer everything and have said some things they won’t answer (such as how Libby got from asylum to the island) I hope they answer major ones. Especially Charlie’s weirdness.

  29. I agree that there is more to Richard’s agelessness then Jacob giving him it or what have ya. We asume that it’s a good thing but perhaps it’s a curse or punishment of sorts. Another thing I’ve wondered is did Dharma and The Others become one in the same during Ben’s reign? Didn’t both groups have a part in recruiting Juilette? Also at times it seemed like Ben and co. were furthering some of the scientific findings that Dharma had begun.

  30. That’s a cool idea, Clark, I like it! But, as I think about it, I’m pretty sure that Jack said that it was a male and a female skeleton. They nicknamed them Adam and Eve.

  31. You’re right. My bad. To be honest I’d forgotten about them. Sounds like it was part of a larger plan from season 1. This is what Lindeloff said way back in season 3.

    There were certain things we knew from the very beginning. Independent of ever knowing when the end was going to be, we knew what it was going to be, and we wanted to start setting it up as early as season 1, or else people would think that we were making it up as we were going along. So the skeletons are the living — or, I guess, slowly decomposing — proof of that. When all is said and done, people are going to point to the skeletons and say, ”That is proof that from the very beginning, they always knew that they were going to do this.”

    Of course there were things said in that interview that never happened. (Such as a Libby explanation which now sounds like it’ll be dropped – perhaps because of the strike?)

    Last year they also said,

    The identity of those other two people are not as important as people are making them out to be, it just makes it feel like a more believable fiction.

  32. BTW – I’ve come around to thinking there is no US government connection. I might be wrong – the appearances in the 1950’s are interesting. But I think Radzinsky just brought Kelvin Inman on himself. This raises an interesting question of why Ben and the Others left Radzinsky and Inman at the Swan unharmed after doing in all the other Dharma folks. Did they not know about the Swan? (Presumably)

  33. Clark,

    Did they not know about the Swan? (Presumably)

    Um, didn’t Jack’s nuclear bomb group tell Richard and Eloise where they were wanting to go with that nuclear bomb?

  34. why Ben and the Others left Radzinsky and Inman at the Swan unharmed after doing in all the other Dharma folks. Did they not know about the Swan?

    They needed someone down there pushing that button.

  35. Which never made a whole lot of sense either. I mean they had the computer. Why didn’t Radzinsky just program it to send the sequence rather than have someone push a button on the computer. I thought there would be some weird mysterious reason for it. But there wasn’t and Radzinsky isn’t an idiot. Well, maybe that’s not quite right. But he is smart enough to write a simple Basic program on an Apple][+.

    Dan, did they explain what the swan was? I’m not sure.

    However by the fact Richard knew about those tunnels it seems like the Others knew a lot more about Dharma than it first appeared. More of Jacob’s games? And why the silly Dharma psychological experiments hasn’t been explained. Although Chang suggested some experiments (like the polar bears) were stupid in his opinion.

    I suspect next season we’ll learn more about what Faraday was up to and thus a lot more about Dharma.

  36. I think the “stupid” Dharma activities were a cover for what was really going on, and that was to harness and exploit the unique properties of the island. They needed workers, so they had a cover story of a utopian world and psych experiments that would attract people in the 1970s. Chang and Radzinsky were part of the upper echelon with the real mission on the island.

    It’s possible – although I think we’ve learned all we are going to learn about Dharma – that Ann Arbor is also a front. A corporation is behind Dharma for its own advantage, and funds a university study program to disguise its activities from competitors/rival factions.

    Could be US government (since they were already there and might’ve detected that there was more to the island), could’ve been Paik (I can’t forget the pictures of the island in his office, and the rather thin mission he gave Jin to get him on that plane), could’ve been someone else who doesn’t matter.

  37. “I mean they had the computer. Why didn’t Radzinsky just program it to send the sequence rather than have someone push a button on the computer.”

    Did you never see War Games? Or if you did, did it teach you nothing at all?

    I don’t know about you, but I’d be hesitant to leave my fate to an Apple II.

    Recall that the Others could always monitor what was going on in the hatch through the Pearl, so maybe they chose to leave Radzinsky (and later Kelvin and Desmond) there so long as they kept pushing that button.

  38. I honestly don’t think we’ve learned all we are going to learn about Dharma. Faraday’s trip to the mainland is still a big mystery. Plus the guys behind Dharma may still be important.

    If Jacob was behind the Others (even if his Nemesis was tweaking things) then clearly he knew about the Swan. Likewise if there were Dharma folks like Ben who defected to the Others they knew about the Swan.

  39. Good question Clark, and I see that BTD Greg in his wisdom has cited the great War Games in response.

    There may be something more to it though. And anyway, how long was Radzinsky down there? Did they force him to go as some kind of punishment (I don’t think Chang likes him much)?

  40. Not only Chang, but Horace too has a reason to hate Radzinsky, who staged a coup right in front of Sawyer and Juliet. I think the rest of the Dharma leadership has come to realize that Radzinsky is high-strung, mercurial, violent, and unstable. He resorted to torture against Goodspeed’s wishes; he continued drilling against Chang’s wishes.

    Rad-boy was also the first to invoke Ann Arbor as a way to shut up the other Dharma leaders and have his way in a group leadership meting. This may mean he has some pull with the Michigan overlords, and thus would present a difficulty to Pierre, Horace and others to pull back his reins or have him fired/kicked off the Island.

    The solution? Put him in the Swan 24×7 to push a button, where he won’t interfere with the rest of Dharma’s work (whatever that is). Given Radzinsky’s personality type, I wonder how long he lasted there before he blew his brains out?

  41. #47 – Wasn’t Radzinsky there with Kelvin until a couple months before Desmond showed up? Or maybe not, I could be wrong. It just seems that it would be very difficult to push a button every three hours for years without blowing your own brains out, and Kelvin was in the Gulf war, so he couldn’t have even gone to the island until like 1992. He must have gotten there just before the purge…okay now I’ve confused myself.

  42. Horace acquiesced to the “coup” pretty easily. I don’t think he holds a grudge. I’m trying to remember how he appeared in that Ben flashback from a couple of seasons earlier.

    BTW – if you haven’t, you ought read the Lostpedia on Dharma. The “funder” of Dharma has life extension ala Richard. And the “end” of Dharma appears a bit vague. i.e. how does it relate to the purge. Plus it seems like the food drop might be Dharma still trying to run Swan. i.e. that they were still running Radzinsky and may just not have known he was dead.

    There’s a lot of mystery still left. It’ll be interesting to see how on earth they can wrap it up in a single season.

    I wonder if Radzinsky really killed himself out of despair. (Or if he really even killed himself)

  43. Given Radzinsky’s high-strung personality and trigger-happiness, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Kelvin shot him… if only to shut him up.

  44. i was pretty certain that the Swan AND the Pearl were not known to the Others.

    The hatch was buried and the door was covered. The Pearl was buried as well (it wasn’t until Locke had the vision that he discovered it’s location).

    I only have one question that MUST be answered:

    what do Jack’s tattoos mean? There has to be a REALLY cool episode out there that might explain that….

  45. Umm. You missed that episode? Or is that a joke? It was one of the weaker episodes of the series including some horrible acting. “Stranger in a Strange Land” The tatooist says that the tatoos say, “He walks amongst us, but he is not one of us.” There’s some evidence that the tatooist was a kind of psychic prophesy telling Jack his essence.

  46. The Others did know about the Pearl…I think it was the Nikki and Paolo episode that contained a flashback where, while Paolo snuck down into the Pearl to hide his diamonds in the bathroom, Ben and Juliet entered to scope out Jack and co. on the Swan cameras (also confirming their knowledge of the Swan, at least to some degree). Then, when they left, Ben told Juliet to have Tom move the drug plane on top of the Pearl entrance, so that it couldn’t be found. (Unfortunately for him, Eko’s dream in “?” helped them find it anyway).

    As for whether or not the Others knew the purpose of the Swan, Emerson’s performance in Season 2 as a captive “Henry Gale” makes it extremely difficult to tell whether or not he was feigning ignorance about the computer and the countdown, or whether he was truely clueless. One episode he dutifully enters the numbers while Locke is trapped under the blast door, the next he’s telling John that “it’s all a hoax,” effectively condoning not pushing the button. Given Ben’s character history, I think he knew what was going on. Now I’m just curious as to why he’d encourage John to not push the button…

  47. I think that our mad one eyed Russian would have known about most of the other bases.

    I tend to think that Ben knew as well and that he was following Jacob’s orders to try and get Desmond to stop pushing the button.

  48. Sigh, I miss Mikhail. Great character, great actor. Loved his scenes with Sayid.

    If I could bring back any characters it would definitely be him, and Boone for the swoon factor.

  49. Hayes, fwiw I thought the joke was hilarious.

    Jenny, Mikhail was easily my favorite supporting character.

  50. Mikhail was a fantastic character. He and Ecko were my two favorites. Too bad the actor playing Ecko was such a twit.

  51. So ABC revealed in a recap of the season finale just who the statue is. Taweret. The interesting part, she was seen as a protector of women and children but especially of pregnancy. So does the destruction of her statue have something to do with the Island’s baby problems?

  52. Interesting. I didn’t watch the recap so I missed that Rose. Lostpedia has up a good overview. Apparently J. J. Abrams revealed this is a cryptological puzzle in May’s Wired magazine as well.

    Interestingly Taweret has a hippo head and hippos have four toes. Although the producers said the statue has four toes because ABC wouldn’t let them use six because it was too weird.

  53. Hi to those still checking this thread – I know we’re all in withdrawal right now, and I will certainly miss the weekly discussions here, particularly BTGreg’s excellent recaps.

    This is a blog someone linked a few weeks ago, and they’ve just announced that they (and others) will be rewatching all 5 seasons and blogging until season 6 begins.

    Thought some of you would enjoy it, and might even want to keep our little group alive until next year 🙂


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