Lost: Namaste

I’m on the road for Spring Break today and will be unable to blog this episode before the weekend (if at all). Feel free to discuss and speculate about the episode “Namaste” in the comments below.

UPDATED: I’m back from vacation and have now seen and analyzed the episode. My thoughts and observations are posted below.

Observations and speculations

  • Namaste, of course, refers to the Sanskrit salutation that Chang/Candle/Wickman uses at the close of each of the DHARMA orientation film. It’s also a phrase used to greet the new DHARMA recruits as they arrive on the island. It’s a phrase used in India and common to Hindu and Buddhism meaning, “I bow to you,” a humble expression, but also with a more spiritual meaning acknowledging the light within the person you are speaking to.

  • After several episodes, we finally got to see the crashing of Ajira 316. As I speculated, we now have confirmation that the plane landed on the primitive airstrip that the Others, plus Sawyer and Kate, were seen constructing on Hydra Island during episode 3.3 (“The Glass Ballerina”).

  • We first see Ajira 316 flying at night, then, once the plane has broken through the island’s perimeter, following the flash, it’s suddenly daylight. There must have been a slight time adjustment, although the Ajira flight seems to have landed in 2007 (roughly three years after Oceanic Six returned to the mainland, and thirty years before the LaFleur Protectorate of 1977.)

  • I like that the Ajira Airlines plane has a light that says, just below “No Smoking” and “Fasten Seat Belt,” “Use Seat Bottom For Flotation.” That’s a new one for me, one that would surely inspire confidence in the passengers.

  • As the co-pilot is yelling “mayday!” on the plane’s radio, you can briefly here a transmission of the numbers (with a man’s voice) being transmitted.

  • As Ilana wakes following the crash, she calls out “Jarrah,” thinking that Caesar is Sayid. We’re still not sure what the relationship between Ilana and Sayid was. On the surface, it would appear to be some sort of custodial extradition, but that may have been set up to look that way.

  • I have no good theory for why Sayid, Hurley, Jack and Kate flashed back to 1977 and Sun (and, for that matter, Frank) did not. Maybe the producers just enjoy torturing Jin. I don’t believe, as some have suggested in the comments, that there is any sort of “the-same-person-can’t-be-in-the-same-time-period-as-their-former-self” thing going on. After all, we’ve already seen Sawyer on the island when Claire was giving birth to Aaron, a time when his past self was certainly also on the island. What the explanation is, however, I just don’t know, and I’m not sure if we ever will know.

  • Island living has been pretty good to Sawyer, and LaFleur seems to be a kind and considerate, though no-nonsense, kind of guy. He seems genuinely touched to see each of his fellow 815 survivors again, even Jack.

  • Best Hurley line: “Uh…what?” Awesome.

  • Second best Hurley line: “Dude, your English is awesome.”

  • In 1977, Radzinsky was manning the Flame Station for the DHARMA Initiative. This is the first we’ve actually seen Radzinsky, but we’ve heard him mentioned before. He lived in the Swan Station with Kelvin before he killed himself by blowing his head off with a shotgun. There was a blood stain on the Hatch ceiling that was left from the suicide. It was Radzinsky who supposedly first started work on the blast door map (which is a little strange, since he should have had quite a bit of knowledge of the island’s geography at that point). When we first see him in this episode, he is working on his model of the future Swan Station (the geodesic dome area, to be precise). We get a brief glimpse of the blueprints for the Swan Station (which is almost certainly online somewhere already as I type this, with a detailed analysis). Presumably, 1977 is before the “incident” which caused the necessity of pushing a button every 108 minutes. That need may have been anticipated at the time however, which resulted in the planning for the Swan Station.

  • When we first saw the Flame Station, it was being manned by Mikhail, an Other and former Soviet soldier who had been recruited to the island by Ben. Under both DHARMA and Other control, it was a communications outpost that was capable of receiving satellite transmissions from the outside world as well as connecting with other DHARMA stations. You might recall that Locke dispatched the Flame Station by entering “77” into the station’s computer and causing the C-4 explosives in the basement to blow up.

  • On the Flame Station’s monitors, it made me smile to see the Muppet Show playing. The series debuted in 1976 and the opening shown was first used in the second season. Somewhere, a six-year-old version of me was watching that episode at the same time that Jin and Radzinsky were checking the Flame’s monitors.

  • So Amy was in charge of the sub manifests? Wouldn’t she know if Juliet and Sawyer messed with it?

  • Congrats to the commenters who guessed that Horace and Amy’s child is Ethan. He, apparently, was another who (along with Ben) defected from DHARMA and became a true convert. Obviously, he also survived (and perhaps participated in) the Purge.

  • Small, but interesting detail: as Jack and Kate are waiting on the North Point for Sawyer to return, Jack is examining his watch. It seems to have stopped working. This may be the same watch that Christian gave Jack before Jack married Sarah. (If you don’t remember it, that’s okay. It was in a mobisode.)

  • We still don’t know what the deal is with Hurley’s guitar case, by the way.

  • Sayid is savy enough to go along with Jin and Sawyer’s captive-hostile scenario. You’ve got to feel for him, though. He’s got to be mighty confused, and he doesn’t get the aid of any boring exposition at all. He may be the only character who could hold up under those circumstances.

  • Faraday is not on the island (or at least not with the DHARMA people) in 1977. So where has he gone?

  • During the new recruit’s arrival to the DHARMA compound, the song “Ride Captain Ride” by The Blues Image is playing. Chorus: “Ride, captain ride upon your mystery ship/ Be amazed at the friends you have here on your trip /Ride captain ride upon your mystery ship /On your way to a world that others might have missed.”

  • I love the blue and white DHARMA helium balloons. So festive.

  • Best Ben line (responding Lapidus’s boat-full-of-commandos comment): “And how’d that work out for everyone?”

  • Best Sun line (after sapping Ben from behind with one of the outriggers’ oars): “I lied.” Now that’s the Sun we know and love (though she scares us sometimes).

  • I like that Sawyer made Jack a “Workman.” I think it was premeditated on Sawyer’s part. He is somewhat threatened by Jack’s return, and it’s also a commentary on Jack’s former leadership. Sawyer does not want Jack to be in any sort of leadership position among the DHARMA folk.

  • Best Sawyer line (reacting to Radzinsky’s suggestion to shoot Sayid): “Well, I appreciate your input there, Quickdraw.”

  • When Lapidus and Sun arrive on the main island’s dock, they see what looks like the Monster moving through the trees, then hear whispers, then see Christian. This suggests that the Christian they see may be a manifestation of Smokey. I’ve gone back and forth on this and, frankly, it’s driving me crazy. We know that the Monster is capable of assuming the identity of dead people on the island because we saw it do this in the form of Eko’s brother, Yemi (whose corpse was in the Nigerian drug plane). Still, we don’t know conclusively who these Christian (and other walking dead) apparitions are.

  • My DVR cut off, then picked up again due to a scheduling issue. Consequentially, I missed out on probably the most controversial scene in the episode: inside the DHARMA house with Christian and Smokey. (See more here.) I also missed the mysterious woman standing behind Sun. (See here. It reminds me of the great Three Men and a Baby controversy of 1990. I’m sure that’s totally unrelated, though.) I was able to go back and watch these scenes on ABC.com, and can confirm that, on my computer screen, both Smokey and the woman seated in the background behind Sun seemed pretty clear.

  • I’m not sure what to make of Christian showing Sun the photo of her friends at their DHARMA orientation. Shades of Back to the Future, and not in a good way. Did the photo exist when the survivors first arrived on the island. If so, how come no one noticed? Makes my head spin. Stupid time travel.
  • It was ironic when Phil told Jack, “I wouldn’t call him James. He hates it.” James is Sawyer’s real given name. Sawyer is a bit self-loathing at times. But he’s always been confortable with his aliases.

  • Poor Jack. From this episode, it looks as if he likes both Juliet and Kate a lot more than they like him.

  • Sawyer was a bit harsh on Jack, but he was spot-on. Jack never thought, only reacted. Sawyer, the guy without any college education, is much more cerebral than the spinal surgeon. Strangely, Jack seems genuinely relieved at this point that he’s not the one calling the shots, while Sawyer has the weight of the world on him and has come a long ways from the every-man-for-himself ethos that he used to live by.

  • Now we know that young Ben was on the island in 1977. We don’t know whether this is before or after his encounter with Richard in the jungle. I suspect this was after, and that’s what drew him to visit Sayid (who he thinks is a hostile). Already Young Ben is feeling sympathetic with the Others. I have to question LaFleur’s security, though, if a young boy can come to visit his sensitive prisoner. I half expected the “sandwich” to be a file and a revolver.

I liked this episode a lot. It really moved things along and brought the story lines together. We seem tantalizingly closer to understanding how everything fits together. Next week also looks very promising.


63 thoughts on “Lost: Namaste

  1. oooo, I bet we get to find out a whole lot more about Dr Chang/Candle/Wickmund/Halliwax—including whether Miles is his baby.

  2. totally banking on miles being his kid. that was my first thought when we first saw the baby.

  3. Interestingly, I recently saw an episode of “Dead Like Me” where the actor who played Michael guest starred. When he went off into the great whatever, he said “Namaste” to Mandy Patkin.

    Coincindence? Or a hint that Lost and Dead Like Me will soon have a crossover? Heck, Lost just had a crossover with BSG, I don’t see why not other shows. 😉

  4. Have you guys ever read Doc Jensen’s articles over on http://www.ew.com? On Wednesdays he does great articles about that night’s episode usually with a few hints. He also has great theories. On Thursdays he does a recap. He loves the show and goes to great lengths to research all things related to Lost. Today for instance he said Amy will say something that will help put to rest the question of wether the castaways are changing history or if they were always predestined to crash on that island and then travel back in the past.

  5. I usually poke my head over there on the weekends to see what he has to say. most of his stuff is pretty interesting. But, some of his connections/theories are a bit far-fetched.

    Still, it’s a good read. And, his “previously on Lost” little webisodes are fun to watch.

  6. Rose, sure. Most weeks I think you’ll find BTD Greg’s recaps to be a little more comprehensive than Doc’s.

  7. Tonight’s episode is promising so far, and it’s only the first commercial break.

    Hurley: “Uh…what?”

  8. so I was expecting a little more about Namaste. After all, this episode is titled after him.

    I loved Sun smacking Ben, to make sure he doesn’t make it to the other island.

    next week’s episode looks great.

  9. Loved Sawyer taking the power out of Jack’s hands. I much prefer this Sawyer, the thinking man. I hope Kate heeds Julliet’s warning in the teaser for next week and stays away from Sawyer. Ben was awesome as always in the few scenes he had. So what time do you think the plane crash landed in? Present time?

  10. Please forgive me I just had my first cup of coffe. Of course the new castaways are in the present, the thirty years earlier thingy should have been a clue, eh? Also how could I forget the awesomness of seeing young Ben again! For the record I cannot say just how much I love Sawyer.

  11. Based on last night’s episode, I’m thinking of legally changing my name. I hope you can help me. I’m trying to decide between:

    1) Im thinking Jack but that wouldn’t mean much to you

    2) Its nice to meet you Ben

    I realize they’re a bit on the long side, but they’re just so awesome.

    Rose: do you think the teaser was for Kate to stay away from Jim Le Fleur, or to stay away from some other “him” (e.g., young Ben Linus)?

  12. Well, since right before we saw Jules tell Kate to stay away they showed Hurley say “you mean they live together and not like roommates” I figured it was Jim. However that could have been a clever ruse. It would be interesting if Kate wanted to take out Ben to prevent his future badness but if the castaways were always meant to go to the island to return to the island that would mess things up big time. I see Sayid as being the one who will one to prevent the things to come but I’m not sure it can be done. Where is Faraday when you need him?

  13. Even if one of the Losties tries to kill the young Ben, I doubt they will be able to do it. The Island is not through with Ben, as Eloise would say. Remember that Michael’s gun jammed when he tried to kill himself. Perhaps the reverse is true if trying to kill someone else that the Island is not yet through with…

    Then again, Eloise said that the universe has a way of “course correcting.” If Ben were murdered in the past, I wonder how the universe would “correct” it? Hmmm.

  14. just watched the episode. my head hurts. we blew through the first four seasons in about a month and i think my brain might be “lost”-ed out. i’m trying to wrap my head around sun and frank coexisting on the island with sawyer and the rest but in different time periods. and also who/what christian is.

  15. now, if you can’t change the future, will ben actually kill “the losties” when he takes out the rest of the initiative? will there be some way for them to escape it? since they already know it is coming, can they hole up somewhere with gas masks and survive?

    could the 1977 group leave things behind for sun? like, could jin leave a note somewhere and have her instantly find it? if she knew where to look, that is. wait. if you don’t change the future, where is the 1977 group in present day? DID they all die?

    like i said… my head hurts.

  16. Ben doesn’t mass murder the Dharma Initiative until the 1990s, when he is a man. He met Richard when he was a young boy, but it was much later when the murders took place. As this show only goes for another season and a half, I doubt we’ll find Sawyer and the bunch stuck in 1977 get to the point when Ben kills all the Dharma folks. I don’t think they are staying long with the Dharma folks.

    I’m still itching to know who Jacob is. We got the slightest glimpse in that one episode back in season 3, but that’s it. Maybe we’ll see some more of him toward the end of this season. We are about half way right now.

  17. So do you think Smokey and Christian are one and the same. It seemed last night Smokey made an appreance right before Christain. Was he looking out for Christian or he he actually Christian? I really want to know where the heck is Faraday?

  18. The theory I’m hearing is that one cannot exist as two different people in the same time frame. Thus, since Ben is on the island as a boy in 1977, he can’t be present during the same time as a grown adult. This would lead one to believe that Sun is on the island as a child in 1977 perhaps as the baby being born in the premiere.

    Just a theory.

  19. I wonder if Sun, Frank and Ben weren’t suppose to go back or the island as other plans for them. Also I think the new lostie on the plane said “Jarrah?”. As in “Where the heck is Sayid Jarrah the criminal I was escorting?”. At least my closed capations said so.

  20. We just have CC on at all times. It helps when trying to watch anything in a house with four small children and has the added bonus of picking up things you might miss otherwise. Unless the person who did the captions likes to get creative.

  21. ah, i forgot that ben was older… i thought he was just a few years older than he is in 1977.

    i like the theory, tim j, but… trying to think this out… if sun and ben were zapped to present-day because of that, what about frank? he’s on present-day island, but could have zapped to 1977 just as easily, right?

  22. I like the theory, Tim…but, I don’t know that it plays out:

    – while the island was skipping, Locke, Sawyer et al were skipping into time periods when they were on the island as well (Claire delivering the baby).

    – Christian tells them that they have a long journey ahead of them. That suggests that they will be linking up with their friends later on. Of course, we don’t know WHEN or WHERE they are going to meet up.

  23. or HOW! how could sun and frank meet up with everyone else? is someone going to have to use the donkey wheel again? i sure hope not.

  24. Interesting article in the L.A. Times that has a few thoughts on answers this episode delivered on that you may have missed.

    “Why did the Others ask Michael to bring back Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sawyer at the end of Season 2? And how did they know their names? Because Ben obviously remembers them from his youth. We saw young Ben encounter Sayid (though he thinks he’s an Other), he no doubt remembered the rest of the time travelers.

    Who was Radzinsky? Kelvin’s suicidal partner in the Swan Station was previously known only to us by the bloody stain he left on the ceiling when he blew his brains out. But back in 1977, we learn Radzinsky was a high-strung radio operator who had a hand in designing the station that eventually drove him to suicide. Judging by the annoying few moments we had to spend with him in tonight’s episode, I’d say suicide was definitely an improvement for him.”

    Also, get this, apparently there was a barely visible girl behind Sun when she was talking to Christian.

    “And finally, for you HDTV users, what is the nature of the girl hiding in the shadows behind Sun near the end of her encounter with Christian? Go back and look closely — just after Christian showed Sun the 1977 class photo of the Dharmas, we see a quick shot of Sun, and there, just over her left shoulder we see what looks like a girl, hiding in the shadows, move her head toward the camera. What do you think? Important clue or glaring production gaffe? My money’s on the former. Remember that just before this little incident, we were treated to a VERY blatant shot of the door to the cabin mysteriously blowing open on its own and the smoke/fog/mist swirling inside. “

  25. Didn’t Ben and the others have files on the 815 castaways? As soon as the crash happened Ben ordered one of the Others to get a manifest and start compiling information on them. Could be that Ben had been waiting for the crash and wanted to make sure this was who he was waiting for. Could be Ben just wanted an upperhand when he finally had to meet up with the new island dwellers. I don’t think Ben knew right away their importance. Ben’s not really in charge. In a way he’s a pawn too. Jacob, the island itself or someone else is calling the shots. Ben is just always trying to get the upperhand so he’s not on the losing end of things. One last thing to remember, Ben lies. So theories related to him are always kinda hard.

    I have HDTV and I didn’t notice the shadowy figure. I’ll look again. If I had to guess that it was actually someone, my money is on Claire.

  26. Remember that the group stuck in 1977 didn’t use their real names, so Ben couldn’t have realized they were the same ones he would see 30 years later.

  27. Yeah, Brian G., the girl. Screen shots of her can be seen making the rounds — docarzt.com for one. The chatter is that it could be Claire, since she was last seen with Christian and is his daughter.

  28. Sawyer is not using his real name in 1977 (nor was he in 2005), but Kate and Jack were listed by their full names on Juliet’s list, so I’m assuming Hurley was too.

    Going back to “the list” – Ben wanted Jack because he’s a spinal surgeon, and he no doubt wanted Kate to use to manipulate Jack. That’s probably where Sawyer comes in – don’t forget that in addition to the files they compiled, they had a spy in camp and people watching them. They specifically said that Hurley was on the list so that he would run back and tell the other Losties – likely choosing a big man who would not move too fast so they’d have time to clean up the spot he witnessed.

    I think what we are seeing now is a new reality.

  29. I think it’s a new reality as in that the events happening now in 1977 didn’t happen in Ben’s original 1977. However I do think it was always somebody’s plan for the plane crash and for the castaways to go back in time. Create a future to change the past that actually ends up creating the original future you planned. It’s like the Doctor says “Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey”.

  30. So this is all part of who’s plan to change history? Widmore, Eloise, Christian? Ben even?

    That would actually start to make sense …

  31. I think Ben’s orginal 1977 may have included the castaways, but his personal experiences may not have included anyone but Sayid. What if Sayid is the one who gives Ben the idea of becoming an Other and killing the DHARMA folks?

    I know Ben eventually meets Richard in the woods around this age, but we don’t know if that is before or after Sayid. If before, maybe Richard told him to go to Sayid. After all, why would someone send a kid to give a prisoner a sandwich?

  32. I agree with Supergenius. I don’t think there are going to be any alternate timelines on this show. What we’re watching unfold is the Island’s history as it is happening. “What happened, happened.”

    These are my two biggest questions after this episode:

    What did Sawyer mean when he said Daniel wasn’t there any more? (Is he: Dead? Flashed to another time? Back on the mainland in 1977? With the Others? Still with the Dharma Initiative, but completely out of his mind?)

    And why did Sun not flash off the plane with the rest of the O6? Oh, and follow-up question to that one: What did Christian mean when he said Sun has a bit of a journey ahead of her? (Is she going to travel back in time?)

    I love how Sawyer, Juliet, Jin, and Miles have started using the same vocabulary as the Dharma Initiative. I mean, they have to, in order to fit in, but it’s funny to hear them say “Hostiles” for the Others and so on.

    That’s very interesting about the possible appearance of the shadowy female figure.

    Oh, and so the baby is Ethan after all, I guess. I still think it’s hard to believe he’s about 24-27 in 2001-2004, but okay.

  33. IIRC, Daniel flashed at the same time as the rest but was not seen post-flash. My guess is that he is with Richard. The big question, as Heather points out, is why didn’t Sun flash off the plane. My guess is that she is going to die, or is dead. This is why she is conversing with Christian (same as Claire did).

  34. We saw Daniel in 1974 after the flashes stopped. He was at the spot where Charlotte died when Sawyer, Juliet, Jin, and Miles came upon him. When they all saw Amy and Paul and the Others, he told them it didn’t matter what they did. He almost walked through the sonic fence. And he saw (or thought he saw) young Charlotte at the Barracks. But we haven’t seen him in any of the scenes in 1977. (And we don’t know exactly what year it was when he went down where Dharma was building the Orchid earlier in the season.) So what happened to him in the three-year interim?

    I hope Sun’s not going to die! She’s one of my favorite characters and I want her to reunite with Jin and Ji Yeon. But it’s not a good sign that she was interacting with Christian.

  35. My guess is Daniel went a little nuts seeing little Charlotte and had to get away. He probably wondered into the jungle mumbling to himself.

    Since when does a run-in with Christian make you dead? Locke had at least two before he died and Jack saw him several times.

  36. I don’t think there are altertative timelines. Anyone seen the episode of Doctor Who titled Blink? I think it works more like that. The guy in the video store had the video of the Doctor which the Doc hadn’t made yet. The Doc makes it because he sees that he’s suppose to and then delivers it to the past so the video store guy gets the video and the Doctor sees it and knows he should make it. Confusing, yes. Wibly Wobly Timey Wimey. I think something like that is going on on Lost too. I would go on more but now my head hurts and I miss Doctor Who.

  37. I just watched it (Bit torrented from my hotel room in SF with Portugeuse subtitles)

    Wild episode although most of us were wrong about baby Ethan.

    Where’s Faraday? I think he figured a way to time travel…

    I didn’t see the ghostly girl, but I may rewind tomorrow when I’m not so tired.

    Why some went back in time is certainly the big mystery as what happened to everyone else including Rose and Bernard. But James was right to be critical of Jack. He got people off the island? He got a handful off with everyone else dead. I’d be pissed too…

  38. I am curious as to why Christian is in a different outfit from the first season (what he was buried in vs. what the dress code is being under Jacob’s employ). I wonder if that is significant…

  39. Christian’s clothing is significant. Every time Jack has seen him, as far as I can remember, he was wearing the suit and sneakers he wore in the coffin. Every time any one else has seen him, he’s been in jeans and lumberjack shirt.

    I think that means there are two different kinds of Christian – what Jack sees is strictly in his head. His own visions/conscience/unresolved issues manifesting themselves in his father’s image.

    The question is, what is everyone else seeing?

    Interesting also that many have now seen him – Locke, Hurley, Sun, Frank – but only Sawyer would actually recognize him. Waiting for that one to happen …

  40. Poor Jack. From this episode, it looks as if he likes both Juliet and Kate a lot more than they like him.

    Ouch, good point. From the preview for next week, we got a hint that Juliet is going to have to smack down Kate. All I can say is, they better go the right direction with that love triangle now that Sawyer and Juliet have been together three years in what appears to be a healthy relationship.

    From the podcast this week, it is worth mentioning that the season finale will be called “The Incident,” so it seems certain that we’ll get more of the Radzinsky story and the door map.

    Glad to have you back Greg.

  41. oooo The Incident! I’ve been thinking for awhile that there’s a major piece of island history missing, and this sounds like it could be IT.

  42. Jack is at a low. He realized everything Sawyer said was right. The question now will be whether he has a transforming process like Locke did. I think the Island wants both Locke and Jack.

  43. Insightful and entertaining as always Greg! A few thoughts on your notes:

    Namaste is also the word in the polar bear painting in Widmore’s office.

    I miss Mikhail!

    Ethan might have become a Hostile before the purge – they are later in the habit of stealing children, and we don’t know when that started.

  44. Rose, I had intended to watch Dollhouse, but the early reviews were sufficiently lukewarm to make me stay away. I think there’s a “Is anyone watching Dollhouse?” on the blog somewhere.

  45. Well, the first few episodes weren’t all that great but the last episode was a true payoff for watching. There are some great mysteries brewing plus Helo from BSG. Now back to your regularly scheduled Lost talk. The Incident is a pretty exciting title.

  46. I have a bunch of Dollhouse on disk waiting to be played. So we’ll see how I like it. I tried the Big Bang Theory (roughly a comedy about physicists suffering from Asperger’s Syndrome while living across the hall from a hot actress) and found it surprisingly funny despite being a stereotypical sort of sitcom. (Surprising given the subject matter is anything but the typical sitcom) Maybe it’s just because I knew way too many guys like that.

  47. I haven’t given Big Bang Theory a shot yet. I like How I Met Your Mother but it clashes with Chuck. I love Chiuck and I really hope it gets another season. Anyone seen Monday night’s Heroes? It was written by Bryan Fuller and is suppose to be better but I haven’t watched it yet.

    If you give Dollhouse a chance stick with it until the 5th episode at least. Fox made them reshoot the first few because they wanted them to be simpler for people to understand or something.

  48. Don’t get me wrong. Big Bang Theory isn’t great. It’s what I watch when my wife can’t watch TV (she wants to watch with me most of the shows I like). It’s more what I’d call a guilty pleasure. It is surprisingly well written but done in that cliched 70’s style of sitcom structure. Had they jettisoned the sitcom style I think this could have been true greatness given the quality of writing. But then it couldn’t have been on CBS. (grin)

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