LOST: “LaFleur”

It was island-based character drama and a Sawyer-centric episode this week. No flashbacks of flashforwards, per se, but a lot of non-linear storytelling. Spoilers from tonight’s episode after the jump.

Before I launch into the usual, I’d like to float a theory that I’ve recently concocted regarding John Locke’s significance to the island. We know that both evil factions (Linus and Widmore, respectively) were intent on Locke returning to the island—dead or alive, as it were. We also know that they both understand the island’s mystical time-traveling properties. From what Faraday’s (and Faraday’s mom) told us, and from what we’ve seen, time travel isn’t a way to change the future—the universe will find way to correct itself. What will happen, will happen. We also know that various people (Richard Alpert, Christian Shepard) have been prepping Locke for some sort of “sacrifice.”

Here’s my theory: what if the “sacrifice” they were talking about hasn’t happened yet? What if they didn’t mean, “get murdered by Ben so that you can be shipped back to the island via Ajira Airways”? I think maybe the powers-that-be have looked into the future and seen Locke commit some crucial act on behalf of the island, and he must be on the island in the future for that to happen. (Let’s side step over the philosophical dilemmas caused by the tension between free will and determinism for a moment. That morass has always been there and is not going away.)

Something to think about as we stumble our way through Lost’s penultimate season.

Links and miscellanea

  • As the hype machine continues to roll for The Watchmen, I’ve been thinking about how much that graphic novel influenced Lost. Take, for example, the comments made in this Wired interview with the cranky old wizard Alan Moore (none too pleased with the movie, it should be noted):

    [P]erhaps it is because of the combination of words and images in a readable form that comics does have this unique power. Now, of course, movies are a combination of words and images, but they have a completely different structure and completely different way of working. With a movie you are being dragged through the scenario at a relentless 24 frames a second. With a comic book you can dart your eyes back to a previous panel, or you can flip back a couple of pages to check whether there is some reference in the dialog to a scene that happened earlier.

    You can also spend as much time as you want absorbing every image. This is especially true of something like Watchmen, where I was trying to take advantage of Dave Gibbons’ brilliant capacity as a former surveyor for including incredible amounts of detail in every tiny panel, so we could choreograph every little thing. The little symbols and signs appearing in the background, every little touch could be choreographed to the last detail, and we knew that the audience—because they’d be reading at their own pace—would be able to study each panel and to take in these almost subliminal details. Even the best director in the world, even a person as talented as Terry Gilliam, could not possibly get that amount of information into a few frames of a movie. Even if they did, it would have zipped past far too quickly. Because the audience at the movie theater is not in control of the experience in the same way somebody reading is.

    It strikes me that what the producers of Lost have accomplished, for viewers equipped with DVRs and easter eggs that sometimes flip by as quickly as a few frames at a time, is something very similar to the comic book experience described by Moore. And while composition in Lost is not quite as dense as The Watchmen, it is probably the most visually dense TV show every produced, and definitely takes its cues from graphic novels like The Watchmen by using recurring visual motifs and repeated symbolism.

  • Christianity Today notes the similarities between the works of C.S. Lewis and Lost (linking to this analysis of Naria references on Lost by Jeff Jensen).

  • A blogger at the LA Times asks, “Is Lost one big homage to Get Smart?” (Answer: No.)

  • Here’s a Lost Twitter page featuring (made up) twitter feeds from the show’s characters. (Via The Swan Station.)

  • Variety says that ABC is considering placing interactive “widgets” on the broadcast of Lost. Whatever that means.

  • This analysis argues that season 5 may be the best one yet, and notes how the writers have employed the “riddle technique” as a storytelling device and to reassure viewers that the show knows where it’s going.

  • The LA Times reviews Lost’s characters and rates their prognosis for getting killed in this photo gallery. (I espcially enjoyed this analogy: “Ditching Sawyer before the end would be like leaving Han Solo in carbonite for the third ‘Star Wars’ movie.”

  • Honeysuckle has a nice breakdown of some Ajira Airways-related Easter eggs in this blog post.

  • A German university student conducted a study on the Lost fan community and is posting his results to his blog.

  • And finally, here are some cost-saving food tips for international reserach organizations in this difficult economic times.

Observations and speculations

  • This episode picked up where we were three episodes ago, after Locke disappeared down the well and turned the Frozen Donkey Wheel and ended up where we ended last week (i.e., with Jin in a DHARMA jumpsuit discovering Jack, Kate and Hurley in the lagoon). In between, a lot of relationship-heavy stuff happens, and a little bit of mythology (not quite enough for my tastes).

  • Probably the best moment of the episode didn’t last nearly long enough: we got to see the backside of the four-toed statue. It appears to have some sort of animal head, a skirt, and to be shirtless. Kind of seems vaguely Egyptian–Anubis or something the like. And it appears to be holding an Ankh, as Anubis sometimes is pictured doing.

    Of course, an ankh shows up later in the episode, when Amy removes the necklace worn by her dead husband, Paul, and that same ankh becomes the source of the argument between Horace Goodspeed and Amy.

  • Anubis, the jackal-headed god of Egyptian mythology was a sort of messenger who prepared the dead for their transmigration to the afterlife. The idea of a giant Anubis statute erected on the island’s shoreline fits right into recent symbolism involving Abaddon/This Place is Death/Cerebus. I still have no idea, though, why the statue only has four toes. Update: More support for my “four-toed statue is Anubis” theory can be found here. (“One of the most famous artifacts is the Anubis statue found in King Tutankhamun’s tomb. Watterson analyzes the statue like this: ‘Tutankhamun’s Anubis, like so many others, bears many features characteristic of a dog: long muzzle, eyes with round pupils, five-toed forefeet and four-toed hind feet.'”) This could be an explanation for the four-toed foot after all, since Anubis is sometimes portrayed as having four toes on his hind paws/feet.

  • So when Locke turned the FDW, the nosebleeds stopped, the headaches stopped, and the time-skipping stopped, landing the Left Behinders in 1974, a time when DHARMA and the Others co-inhabited the island. That’s all well and good, but it doesn’t explain why the O5 were zapped back to 1974 when Ajira Airways passed within the island’s airspace. Is it too much to hope for an explanation for that as well?

  • So what really motivates Sawyer? He stated (twice) that he’s willing to wait “as long as it takes” for his fellow Oceanic 815 survivors to return. Clearly, loyalty is one of his strong points. (Either that, or I guess he’s just really carrying a torch for Kate.)

  • Once again, I really have to question the DHARMA folks’ taste in music. This time it’s Tony Orlando and Dawn‘s “Candida” on the DHARMA reel-to-reel. By the way, the girl dancing with Jerry, one of Sawyer’s security grunts, is wearing a Geronimo Jackson baseball shirt with American flag lettering. The DHARMA people just cannot get enough of Geronimo Jackson.

  • Insidentally, if Phil and Jerry both kind of looked familiar, you might have seen either one of them on any number of shows where they have had recurring roles.

  • Horace Goodspeed, first seen in this episode drunk and playing with dynamite, is someone we’ve seen a few times before. Remember, he was the one who happened to drive by the woods outside Portland, Oregon, right after Ben’s mother gave birth to him, and it was Horace who recruited and welcomed Ben and his father to the island. We also saw Horace in one of Locke’s dreams. He was repeatedly chopping down the same tree to build a cabin for “the missus.” Horace’s DHARMA jumpsuit has the Arrow insignia on it (a station identified as being used to defend the DHARMA group against the hostiles) and the job title, “Mathematician.” After seeing Horace in his dream, Locke later finds his corpse in the mass grave where Ben piled the DHARMA bodies after the purge. Before this episode, we never had any reason to believe that Horace had a leadership role in the DHARMA initiative.

  • Horace, of course, was also one of the great classical poets. Then there’s homophone Horus, in keeping with the pseudo-Egyptian theme.

  • Sawyer is now going by the alias “James (Jim) LaFleur,” and his head of security for DHARMA on the island. It seems to be a job he enjoys. Sawyer explains to Juliet later in the episode that he picked the name LaFleur because it’s “creole.”

  • Miles also seems to work for Sawyer in security. And Jin as well.

  • So why did most of the Left Behinders flash to 1974 and stay there, but Charlotte’s corpse flash away? I have a feeling that these are the types of questions that may never be answered.

  • When Juliet and Sawyer find Faraday, he is mumbling, “I won’t tell her. I won’t do it. I wont—” I assume he’s talking about not confronting young Charlotte, if he ever runs into her (which of course, he does) and telling her not to return to the island.

  • The burlap sack put over Amy’s head by the two hostiles was awfully reminiscent of the sacks that were put over the heads of Kate, Jack and Sawyer at the end of season 2.

  • What’s with the “park” in the middle of the jungle and why were Amy and Paul visiting there for a picnic. Apparently, part of the “truce” was for the DHARMA people to stay away from the Other’s territory.

  • I love the way that Sawyer cut right through Faraday’s philosophical malaise about determinism: “Yeah, thanks anyway, Plato!”

  • The two Others/hostiles are ugly dudes, and one has a horseshoe tattoo.

  • Sawyer and Juliet make a pretty effective team.

  • Juliet: “It looks like some sort of sonic fence or something.” She’s not that great at ab-libbing, but under the circumstances, it’s understandable.

  • Through Sawyer’s meddling, Juliet is able to have her first successful delivery of a live birth on the island. Sawyer’s supposition that “whatever made that happen hasn’t happened yet” appears to be correct—the island’s infertility issue hasn’t yet been triggered. Either that, or it applies only to Others and not DHARMA folks.

  • A favorite technique of Lost writers is to recycle dialogue and situations. Here, we see Sawyer waking up on the couch in the barracks rec room with a headache, being asked “How’s your head,” and Sawyer answering, “It hurts.” Later, the scene is repeated, but with the roles reversed.

  • Horace describes the Others as “hostile, indigenous people.” Of course, they hardly seem truly indigenous. We know that some of them arrived as recently as the 1950s.

  • Charlotte is young, maybe four or five, in 1974. Still, it seems not to match up with her age in 2004. Perhaps leaving the island messed with her timeline.

  • It’s worthy of a chuckle when Sawyer calls Alpert, “Eyeliner.”

  • Alpert lets Horace know that the sonic fence does not keep Others out.

  • It’s interesting that Locke told Sawyer about his visit to Richard Alpert. Then again, Locke has always been pretty forthcoming and doesn’t really believe in secrecy.

  • I don’t quite understand Others justice, but apparently it has something to do with taking the corpses of your enemies. What do you suppose they do with the corpses? Defile them?

  • The scene that really sunk the episode for me was Sawyer picking a flower on the way home, then returning to domestic bliss with Juliet. Ugh. I guess I’m just not that caught up in the love triangle/quadrangle/polyhedron/whatever-it-is.

  • Sawyer’s little speech about three years being enough to get over someone was, frankly, not much better. Then the final scene didn’t have much suspense, either. The only wrinkle—that Sawyer didn’t tell Juliet about what was happening—also seemed somewhat predictable.

Overall, this was probably my least favorite episode of the season. Compared with other episodes in a very strong season, this one was just okay. I may be in the minority of folks who are somewhat ambivalent about the character’s various love interests. It wasn’t bad, necessarily, but it didn’t do much for me. Even the information we got about the island and DHARMA was kind of thin. Hopefully it will get more interesting when Sawyer tries to fast-talk his way around the sthe other Oceanic people showing up suddenly.

We’ll have a week off before the next episode airs. Until then, Namaste.


69 thoughts on “LOST: “LaFleur”

  1. I have to say that Lost is making less and less sense every episode. The writers keep adding these storylines that are backed up by nothing. It seems like none of the characters are really aware or care about how bizarre of a situation they are in. Why does John Locke need to die in order for the Oceanic 6 to come back to the island? Why do they need to come back to the island to save the others? Why do none of the characters ask any questions? I mean, we havn’t even really gotten a clear answer on what The Others were dong on the island, and Juliet is one of them. Why dosn’t she tell them in detail who exactly The Others are, what they were doing on the island, and all the details that she knows about the island. Why don’t the rest of them try to get more answers from her. Who are the Dharma initiative? Its obvious that they are doing research and stuff, but I just find it really strange how Sawyer and people don’t just ask them wtf is going on? It seems like none of the characters care about getting answers anymore. This show is pissing me off. Anyways, if you missed tonights episode, check it out online here, and try to see if my rant makes any sense to you.


  2. I don’t know…I really liked the episode. My wife is not interested in the love stories (she wants tales of survival, fighting the others, and island mythos). but, you could see from the start of season 5 that Sawyer and juliet were going to hook up.

    I am curious as to WHO was born on the island. Who was that boy? That has to be significant.

  3. I am curious as to WHO was born on the island. Who was that boy? That has to be significant.

    Yeah, you’re probably right about that. Any guesses? I’ve got nothing.

    But I wouldn’t be surprised if the Others’ baby-stealing tendencies pop-up with this one.

  4. If this boy was born in 1974 he would be 30 years old in 2004 (when Lost begins its story). Who could that be?

  5. My guess as to why Charlotte’s corpse was flashed away is maybe it can’t exist in the same time and space as her younger self? No idea though.

    I can’t say I agree about Locke not keeping secrets. Seems to me he’s done his fair share of that over the years.

    Rush, I’m sharing your frustrations about the show. This season has certainly been good in the sense that things are going on. It isn’t boring. But does it make any sense? A few weeks ago a friend of mine used the term “moved the island” as a substitute for “jumped the shark.” I fear he may be right.

  6. About the Others taking Paul’s corpse — maybe that didn’t have to do with justice so much as dead people’s tendencies to become recurring characters on the show. The island seems to have a thriving community of corpses walking around and giving advice. Maybe the Others wanted to do something with the corpse so that wouldn’t happen.

  7. I don’t know that much about Anubis, but according to a brief look at wikipedia, he was the god in charge of taking care of the dead and moving them on in the afterlife. Seeing how much dead people interact on the island, it seems that your correlation is correct, Greg, that that statue was probably Anubis or one attributed to Anubis.

  8. The request for Paul’s corpse could be more simple than all this. Maybe Richard needed to return with his pound of flesh to show his people. He can return to the camp and say he did away with the guilty party. That way he can quench the thirst for justice from the others, while not killing anyone from Dharma unnecessarily.

  9. I don’t know that much about Anubis, but according to a brief look at wikipedia, he was the god in charge of taking care of the dead and moving them on in the afterlife.

    Anubis is also sort of a gatekeeper to the afterlife and is usually the god associated with the critical weighing-of-the-heart ceremony in the Book of the Dead. This calls to mind the idea of some people who arrive on the island being “worthy” and others “unworthy” (i.e., on the list, or not on the list, etc.).

    All that assumes that I’m right about it being Anubis, of course. The ears are pointy, but not as prominent as Anubis’s ears usually are. Then again, he may be wearing some sort of a headdress.

  10. I thought it was obvious why Charlotte’s body didn’t flash with the rest: she was dead. The only non-living things that have flashed have been the ones touching (or in use by) living humans. If Daniel wasn’t touching her body at the time, she wouldn’t flash with him.

    While watching, I had the same thought as John K. (#9), that Alpert wanted his pound of flesh, because he mentioned that his people will need justice. I do rather like the idea of the Others/Hostiles doing something to help the dead move on, but if it’s correct, they evidently failed with Horace during the purge, since he visited John in that dream.

    I enjoyed the episode, particularly Sawyer’s conning his way around Horace and Richard, and his mention of eyeliner. That was funny.

    Sorry haters, but I also enjoyed watching the relationship of Sawyer and Juliet develop. Juliet is so much more stable and mature than Kate. Juliet always has his back, but Kate only had his hormones.

    I wondered if he was lying to Horace about being over Kate, but then I could relate to having not seen an old flame for a while, then they show up unexpectedly and it’s like “Oh, weird.”

  11. Recent chatter is declaring that the statue is the Egyptian goddess Taweret. Who was Tawaret? She was the goddess of motherhood and protected mothers during childbirth.

  12. Tim, very interesting. My quick stroll through the Lost blogs this morning (after writing my post last night) made me think that Anubis was the consensus. Taweret seems like a pretty strong candidate too. I’d never heard of her before now.

  13. Not sure about Taweret – the headdress and theme makes sense, but the Lost statue looks very masculine to me. At least we’ve finally gotten over this four toed thing – I always thought that was a red herring. I did love seeing it though, and agree a longer shot would have been nice.

    Also interesting the idea that the birth issue affects Others/Hostiles, but not Dharmans.

    Also agree that the corpse was just a pound of flesh, unles …. the Others/Hostiles are messing with the ideas of reincarnation etc and need a body to experiment on.

    As for no one on Lost asking any questions – I agree that’s something that has driven us all nuts, but on this ep, I think they tried to address that. They showed us Sawyer referring to a conversation he didn’t witness, signifying that John told him offscreen.

    And Sawyer is perhaps the one character that does ask questions and demand answers, so I think we can assume that Juliet has told him everything she knows by now. Sawyer is also the only character who ever reads a book, showing again his curiosity and willingness to learn, and openness to new ideas. Juliet is a good match – remember her in the book club? And we also recently saw Ben reading, which might mean something.

    I loved the ep. I’ve read a few casting spoilers and was not happy to hear we’re going to be in Dharmaville for awhile, but Lost comes through and makes it work for me again (I resisted flash forwards and time travel too, and look at me now, I’m sold!).

  14. Best Sawyer episode ever. I also like that with the blistering speed on plot that they focused on the character side of Sawyer. Although I could do with out yet an other love triangle. BSG this is how it’s done!

    The big question I have… What about Rose and Bernard? Are they in the past as well? (I assume so) Did they die? Are they out on the beach or are they hanging out with the Others.

  15. The big question I have… What about Rose and Bernard? Are they in the past as well? (I assume so) Did they die? Are they out on the beach or are they hanging out with the Others.

    Unless they were killed or something, I imagine they were skipping through time along the same path as the other Left Behinders. Sawyer and Juliet expected Rose and Bernard to be back at the beach when they returned, but they weren’t there. They could just be on another part of the island. You would think that they too would have flashed back to 1974, but that kind of makes you wonder why Sawyer’s security patrols never spotted them.

  16. BTW a year ago I’d never have anticipated that they’d explain the Dharma initiative by going into the past! And I like how they still play with non-linear storytelling even if it isn’t the flashbacks or flashforwards as done in the past.

    The ankh the dead husband had is probably significant so I agree with the Egyptian connections. (And remember where the “well of the souls” exits) I suspect they are going to make some ties into Egyptian myth.

    My other question is whether Ben and Locke are in the present or in the past. It appeared from the state of the equipment that they are in the present.

    BTW – I loved how Sawyer is the only one really with a clue of what is going on. Dropping the name of that ship where they got the dynamite was great. And was that a non-response? (I think Sawyer thinks Albert is from the ship)

  17. Sawyer definitely has Jin out there looking for Rose, Bernard, Vincent and the other remaining Losties. Doesn’t make sense that they’d just be on a beach somewhere, so I think it’s one of two things:

    1. They’ve been put into service by Dharma (maybe they are pushing the button!). As head of security though, you’d think Sawyer could find them.

    2. They’ve gone native. Remember that Bernard knows Cindy and the kids because he was a Tailie, and that Rose didn’t want to leave the island. It’s possible they’ve joined the Others/Hostiles.

    There’s no way they’d just leave them hanging though – I’m sure we’ll find out eventually.

  18. Man, if Rose and Bernard have joined the Others, that would be an interesting twist. Remember that Bernard was a key member of the Losties’ militia at one point.

    I can’t think of any other way that Bernard and Rose could have survived on the island without being detected. Maybe you’re right.

  19. i wonder if the problems with childbirth on the island has anything to do with the destruction of the statue. in 1974, we see that it is clearly still standing, and a baby was born on the island without issue. i’m not sure who destroyed the statue or when it all took place, but it was obviously torn down post-1974, thus sparking the numerous deaths of mothers and unborn babies on the island.

    the baby boy is going to be a big deal…

  20. i also have a whole wormhole theory.

    long story short, i was just on the phone with my friend last week discussing the show and we were totally frustrated and confused about locke’s reincarnation and how we’re not even sure if christian shephard is dead or not. and then we were like, “why do they wake up in tunisia?” my friend then proceeded to tell me that she watched this documentary about the bermuda triangle and scientists theorized that if a wormhole exists, it wouldn’t necessarily send someone or something straight through to the opposite end of the earth, but rather make a loop to maybe the side in the shape of an L. i looked at a world map online and if that theory holds up, TUNISIA would be a likely destination. after our initial excitement, we decided to investigate our theory further, so we were reading all this stuff online about the bermuda triangle and i discovered a place called the dragon triangle (aka the bermuda triangle of the pacific). GUAM is one of the points on that triangle, and if you remember, the ajira flight 316 was destined for guam. interesting right? now i’m gonna blow your mind…

    when i was reading about wormholes, it basically explains that if you enter the accelerated side of the hole in the year 2000 and spend 5 years there, it’s REALLY 10 years. so that would explain why locke thinks it’s only been 4 days, when really it’s been 3 years. wormholes are also a place where our counterparts exist. SOOOO, either locke is really dead (and christian too) and we’re just seeing their counterparts on the island (i also think this would explain walt’s mysterious appearances on the island to shannon, and then to locke)… OR they really do travel back in time and they’re all alive!

  21. When ben moved the island, I think he sent it through a wormhole. It’s the only thing that makes sense. I was reading more about wormholes and it was saying that they are considered to be the sites of intense electromagnetic energy. Places like the Bermuda triangle and dragon triangle make compasses point to the magnetic north rather that the geographic north. Whenever Locke or sayid used a compass on the island, they would never get an accurate reading to the north.

  22. I am in agreement with Greg and did not care too much for this episode. It was confusing and Sawyer and his group all seemed to be in bliss as they lived among the dharma group….strange! It was so predictable at the end with Kate and Sawyer.

    I agree with Rush…so many things need answers and not more confusion.

    Well, I have a question (and please remember that I am new to all the theories and such with LOST) but remember when Sun gave birth and Jin shows up at the hospital (but no one see him and Jin is wearing a wedding ring)….well, if Jin has been on the island living and working for dharma how and when would he have gotten to the mainland to go to a hospital and is he married…did he steal the sub and showed up because he knew it was time for his baby to be born and returned on the sub? Sorry, if there is an obvious question to this but I am SUPER confused on how Jin could be on the island and at the hospital after Sun gave birth.

    Thanks for any help on this….

    One more thing, I recently rewatched the episode of Claire when she finds out she is pregnant and sees the psychic. The Psychic tells her about a couple in LA and tells her she must be on the flight 815…well, I wonder if that might be where Aaron is? Just another useless thought through all the confusion.

  23. WOW…thanks Jamie for the investigations you did with the wormholes! GREAT research and great possibilities! THANKS!

  24. hello jane,

    we saw jin at the hospital for the birth of a different baby (at this point, i forget who… but it was someone he worked with, or worked for – and he bought the baby a huge panda)… when sun gave birth, jin was presumed dead… she had made it off the island as one of the oceanic 6, but he was out there in the middle of the sea, floating around on a plank. i understand your confusion though, and it only became clear to me when sun, her baby, and hurley went to jin’s gravesite and everything she was saying was translated on the screen – something along the lines of “the doctors told me i was asking for you”…

    the psychic, i believe, was paid to set up claire… to make her get on the plane bound for LA so she would eventually be brought to the island… can’t be positive though… it’s a little foggy…

  25. Help me out here–in 1974, would Ben and family have been on the island? I kept waiting for little Ben to show up last night.

    Jane–I thought Jin was wishful thinking on Sun’s part–just a run of the mill hallucination.

    I did not remember about a couple in LA. I figured Kate went back to that motel where Claire’s mom was and had her take Aaron. Can’t wait to find out.

  26. Jamie, all compasses point toward the North Magnetic Pole, no matter where you are. Also, when Sawyer saw that statue, it was before they flashed to 1974. The statue existed in the ancient past. Finally, I suspect you might be trying to develop the (meta)physics of how the island works more than the LOST intend to do.

    Dan and BTD Greg, the year was 1977 when the baby was born and when Jack, Kate, and Hurley arrived, not 1974. Isn’t Ben supposed to arrive in 1977?

    Jane (23), on that episode the parts with Jin were flashbacks, and the parts with Sun were in the present. Jin was shown going to the hospital to deliver a gift from his employer to an associate of his employer who had just become a father. That happened before Sun and Jin left Korea. The scenes with Sun were set after she left the island.

    Clark, I agree about Ben, Locke, and the other 316 survivors. I think they are in the present (2007). We haven’t seen Sun, Sayid, or Frank. Caesar said the pilot had left in a boat with a woman, so Frank wasn’t flashed out of the plane and back in time like Jack, Kate, and Hurley were. Is the woman Sun? If so, why wasn’t she flashed as well? Did Sayid flash or not? Those are my pressing questions.

  27. Jamie:

    * Ben is right. The statue was standing in the ancient past, before the well was built: pre-neolithic island. Another flash and the well appears, but it has been sealed up: post-neolithic period. After that final flash, Sawyer, Juliet, Miles and Faraday are in 1974. Three years later, in 1977, Kate, Jack and Hurley show up.


    * the Sun/Jin episode last season, “Ji Yeon,” (episode 4.7) was a bit confusing because what we saw of Jin and Sun were really two different timelines. Sun was having her baby, the eponymous Ji Yeon, in Korea after returning from the island (sometimes between 2005 and 2008). Jin’s storyline takes place before the Oceanic 815 crash (pre-September 2007). The two stories are edited together to make us believe that they are happening at the same time, when in reality, at the end of the episode, we find out that Jin is really working for Sun’s father, who has asked Jin to go to the hospital to greet a Chinese ambassador whose grandchild has just been born.

  28. Dan and BTD Greg, the year was 1977 when the baby was born and when Jack, Kate, and Hurley arrived, not 1974. Isn’t Ben supposed to arrive in 1977?

    Ben, you are correct about the date. 1977 sounds about right for young Ben’s arrival, but I don’t recall exactly at when he arrived. Interestingly, at this point, Horace would have already made contact with Ben’s parents outside of Portland.

  29. yeah, that’s right… i forgot about the flash that occurred between no well and a sealed-up well… nevermind! 🙂

  30. About the Others taking Paul’s corpse — maybe that didn’t have to do with justice so much as dead people’s tendencies to become recurring characters on the show. The island seems to have a thriving community of corpses walking around and giving advice. Maybe the Others wanted to do something with the corpse so that wouldn’t happen.

    Maybe the Others are just a bunch of formally dead people and they need corpses to keep the Others tribe thriving? Obviously something is different about them that the “sonic fence” won’t hurt them.

  31. What about Rose and Bernard? Are they in the past as well? (I assume so) Did they die?

    I’m not that lucky. They must be alive.

  32. Ben,

    Dan and BTD Greg, the year was 1977 when the baby was born and when Jack, Kate, and Hurley arrived, not 1974. Isn’t Ben supposed to arrive in 1977?

    Right, that’s what I meant. 🙂 So he would be in his late 20s when the Oceanic flight crashes.

  33. The scene that really sunk the episode for me was Sawyer picking a flower on the way home, then returning to domestic bliss with Juliet.

    I was just happy that someone found happiness. I really hope they make Sawyer stay happy. I don’t want a triangle. I want someone to overcome being a dysfunctional person.

    the baby boy is going to be a big deal…

    Wouldn’t it be funny if the baby turned out to be Faraday?

  34. Clark,
    I thought about that but Daniel’s mother is Eloise, not Amy. Unless someone is misinformed.

  35. The only important character I can think of that would match the age for the baby would be Karl. Any other candidates?

    Surprised to see BTD Greg (whom I always agree with) didn’t love this episode. Blew me away, as usual. The moment of finding out that Sawyer was some big Dharma boss just had me giggling like a little girl. This season has gotten to the point where I just expect to have my mind blown every week.

    Also, how great to see Sawyer in what appears to be an adult, mature relationship? The way he smiled when he kissed Juliet and told her he loved her seemed like a really amazing point on a character arc that began with an almost sociopathic liar and manipulator. And it was all pretty believable to me.

  36. Eloise is probably Faraday’s mother but I sure thought it was weird how she brushed off Desmond when he mentioned it.

    I really hope they make Sawyer stay happy. I don’t want a triangle. I want someone to overcome being a dysfunctional person.

    I really liked that too and believe he deserves it more than Jack and Kate who have never really been very sympathetic characters to me. I’m not much a of ‘shipper fan but it would be nice to see Sawyer and Juliet have a nice and healthy relationship. Of course, that probably breaks the rules of TV writing.

    Ben seems too old to have only come in 1977. Plus what happened to the lady that was with Goodspeed when they picked up Ben and his Dad in Oregon? I thought she was his wife but now I guess there’s another explanation?

  37. David,

    Right! I seem to recall that Horace’s wife was young Ben’s Dharma Initiative school teacher. At least that teacher was once listed as Olivia Goodspeed on ABC’s Lost website, according to lostpedia.

    I’m with you and Ryan on Sawyer. I had a moment of considering him the principal character in the same way I consider Samwise Gamgee the principal character in the Lord of the Rings: they each are the character who grows the most. I really hope the writers have Sawyer just sit down with Kate and tell her how he’s really glad to see her, but he’s happily in love with (and married to?) Juliet, and hopes they can be friends. Kate, meanwhile, can have Jack, since she slept with him last night anyway.

  38. BTW – the acting by the guy playing Sawyer was impeccable. There were a lot of little small things thrown in that really conveyed a lot. His character had often been kind of stereotyped. But this really reformulated the character a lot.

  39. Ben,

    Right back at you about Samwise.

    That would be great if Sawyer did that. After all, how can there be any comparison between three years with Juliet and 100 some days fighting over Kate?

    Plus, he needs to live down that bear cage scene and just move on.

  40. What if the rest of the castaways (rose etc.) were flashing through time with Sawyer and Company but in different locations on the island, however when that last flash occurred which was described as being different, only those at the well travelled to the seventies, and the rest of the castaways stayed where they were i.e. the far past.

    Maybe the Others are the castaways descendants?

    Another thing I keep thinking is that Rose and Bernard are the two corpses that they find at the caves.

  41. Another thing I keep thinking is that Rose and Bernard are the two corpses that they find at the caves.

    Oh, that is very interesting. Even if it isn’t those two, I bet the corpses will be paid off at some point. Good call.

  42. I liked the episode. I really liked seeing Sawyer assume a leadership role and how he approached it. I loved him talking to Richard, no deceptions, no obfuscations, just straight out “I killed them in self-defense” followed by name-dropping Jughead and Locke. Even though the story they told DHARMA had to be a lie, from there on they seem to have integrated themselves into the group and proved themselves by hard work. I wonder why Sawyer’s jumpsuit says “LaFleur” instead of “Jim.” (Everyone else’s has the first name, from what I can tell, even Horace’s.)

    I like the “I’ve got your back” aspect between Sawyer and Juliet. I don’t care much for the pairings on this show (except for some of the pre-crash relationships) and I thought the flower/dinner/I love you scene was a little … eye-roll-worthy, but three years have elapsed, and we didn’t see the relationship develop, and I buy it more than any other post-crash romance, especially the ones in the love rhombus of death. Probably my favorite scene was the one where Sawyer convinced Juliet to stay. I really buy them as buddies.

    Seeing the statue was thrilling. It is too bad it was so brief. Nice pull, BTD Greg, about the four-toed King Tut Anubis statue.

    Karl is too young to be the baby born in 1977 (unless there’s some really weird time stuff going on). In 2004, Alex is 16 and Karl is about her age. IF the baby grows up to become an Other, maybe it’s this guy? Or one of these? But knowing this show, it’s probably going to be a much more shocking revelation.

  43. As far as Amy’s baby goes, I can only think of a few male Caucasians of the correct age whose parentage hasn’t been established yet: Keamy and Desmond. Or an unnamed other, like Aldo. In fact, I’m going with the Aldo theory, if only because I want to see Rob McElhenney on the show again.

    Keamy makes sense from a circumstantial evidence viewpoint, as some of the group that came on the freighter in Season 4 seem to have ties to the island via their childhood or their parents (Charlotte definitely; Daniel presumably; Miles possibly).

    But it’s a grasp at straws. Still, a baby born on the island is presumably important. Doesn’t have to be anyone we’ve seen yet, though.

  44. Kinda off topic, but was anyone else creeped out by Horace’s hair? I kept thinking of Tobias Funke when he was suffering from Graft versus Host Syndrome.

  45. Much as I would love to see Keamy again, I think the likely choice for the baby boy is Ethan. We’re looking for a 27 year old, and he’s not Asian. That leaves only Ethan, unless we take it back to people like Boone and perhaps Charlie.

    And yes, Ben is due to arrive on the island around 1977, when he was about 10. That’s about 13 years younger than the actor’s age, but it’s credible that he’d be portraying someone in their early 40s today.

    Back to Egypt – in addition to the statue and the ankh, and of course the hieroglyphics on the Temple – there was Hurley’s watercolour when Locket visited him. He was painting the Pyramids and the Great Sphinx. A bit unusual, especially in such great detail, considering that it’s unlikely that Hurley has ever been there.

    Might be interesting to go back and see if he painted them in their current state, or as they appeared in centuries past (the body of the Sphinx is only recently excavated) or in their original form (with the Sphinx having a nose and full paint job, and the Pyramids smoothed over with gold caps).

  46. I can’t buy any scene where somebody who wants to get off the island is convinced to stay. People are swayed waaaaay to easily on this show.

  47. Good point, John K. I can’t believe that didn’t bother me. I guess it’s because it is 1974, and Juliet can’t go back to her sister and nephew, and there is maybe still hope for the possibility that they can get back to their own time. And Sawyer was certainly at his most charming, smiling his dimply smile, giving some of his funny nicknames (the “mad scientist” and “Mr. Speaks-To-Dead-People”), appealing to her loyalty. (This coming from someone who initially disliked Sawyer.) But I guess it would be more realistic for people to not be convinced and for them to jump at any opportunity to get off the creepy Island.

    Jenny, do you really think Ethan looks to be around 27? I would guess he’s in his mid- to late 30s. The actor who plays him is in his 40s. But of course I could be wrong about how old he’s supposed to be, or there could be something going on so a baby boy born in 1977 doesn’t look 27 in 2004. (Like how Charlotte’s timeline doesn’t seem to agree with itself.) (But whatever’s going on with Charlotte probably has more to do with her having moved away from the Island, or maybe having traveled off it in the wrong manner, or at least that’s my guess.)

    I think Desmond’s got to be in his 30s in 2004. He was already living with Penny in 1996, he was in the monastery in 1995, and before the monastery he had dated Ruth for 6 years and almost married her. It’s possible Desmond and Ruth dated since their early teens and were about to marry young, but I think it’s more likely they were at least in their mid-20s. Lostpedia says Boone was born in 1982 and Charlie was born in 1979 (but I suppose those dates could be made-up, like Charlotte’s alleged birth in 1979 in Essex, or it could be that Lostpedia is just plain wrong). Interestingly, Hurley’s birth date is given as 1977, but neither Horace nor Amy looks Hispanic.

    Of course, Joe R. could be right and the baby could be no one we’ve seen yet.

  48. I think it is Daniek as well.

    Remember when comparing timeline and age that time moves at a different speed off the island than on it.

  49. I don’t know. To date, the only character we’ve seen age abnormally is Richard. There’s no evidence that anyone else is slower or faster to age, or has made any strange leaps.

    Daniel would be an annoying solution, because we’ve already had one big reveal as to his mother, so if they now tell us it’s someone else, I’m not buying. Daniel also seems older – at least into his 30s.

    Desmond definitely seems much older than 27 to me, but at least some groundwork has been laid in that he has some odd psychic abilities, and as Hawking said, “the island’s not done with you yet.”

    Boone and Charlie are long dead, so what’s the point? Plus, there was no indication that they had particular ties to the island when they were alive. I think they are just simply people who were on the plane.

    Hurley’s parents are well established, and while he also has some odd psychic abilities, I can’t see suddenly finding out he’s not who we think.

    Ethan you are right looks older, plus he’s an Other/Hostile, not a Dharma guy.

    Maybe the point of the baby, and Candle’s baby, was just to bring back the issue of pregnancies/birth again, and give Juliet and Sawyer some character and relationship development.

    Or maybe it was to keep us all busy for two weeks until the next ep.

  50. So I had a dream last night that I turned on the TV, and there was a Lost rerun playing, but it was an episode I’d never seen before and never blogged about. I couldn’t figure out how I had missed it. The episode was called “String Theory,” and it was centered around Sawyer and his life after leaving the island. As best as I could work out, the episode took place in an alternate past where instead of staying on the island, Sawyer had returned home and Kate had stayed. Sawyer was living with Cassidy, his former accomplice in con and the mother of his daughter, but was disturbed by visits from Widmore-funded mercenaries, troubled flashbacks of the island and his unrequited love for Freckles. Additionally, Sawyer was beginning to study and understand a little bit about theoretical physics and the way the island works. Occasionally, he would obsessively crochet a giant model of the island’s history, with different colored yarn representing different possible trajectories. At the end of the episode, it became clear that Sawyer would do whatever it took to return to the island and face his fate.

    I guess this is what happens when the show has a week off but my brain still thinks it should be blogging about Lost.

  51. Charlie had connections with the island (the moth, the visions about baptizing Aaron that went nowhere). I don’t think that he was just a dude on the plane.

  52. BTD Greg: so awesome. I think that your unconscious could write a solid episode of Lost. My favorite part is how Sawyer crochets models of the Island’s history (which of course ties nicely to the title of the episode).

  53. Heather P,

    Thanks. It’s true that my subconscious is actually much more creative and intelligent than I am. You have no idea how frustrating that is for me.

  54. I once had a dream about a Lost episode where it was revealed that the secret behind the island was a group of lost cub scouts who had to play volleyball with rocks. I even remember the key quote: “Playing volleyball with rocks sucks!”

    My subconscious hates me, and it is not so much creative as bizarre.

  55. Does anyone think that maybe Richard being called “Eyeliner” is a hint to him being Egyptian? I’ve noticed a lot of Egyptian characters on tv being portrayed with eyeliner, though I don’t know why. Richard has always looked a little dark around the eyes and Juliet said once that he was really old. Maybe he has been there since the statue was built??

    I’m really curious about the baby born. I think Miles was the baby of the DHARMA doctor in the videos (shown with a baby a few episodes back in the hatch). But I can’t think of which white male character would be born to Horace and Amy — I agree that it could be Ethan. I also agree with whoever mentioned that Faraday could have been stolen, rather than be Eloise’s biological child.

    For whatever reason (maybe b/c of Hostiles), I think some of the DHARMA kids get sent to the mainland with or without their parents… Charlotte, Miles… And what about the little girl who was Ben’s only friend as a child? Does anyone remember the little girl’s name who gave Ben a handmade doll for his birthday in a flashback in one of the early seasons? Her parents moved her away as well.

    In the preview, Sayid was a captive of Sawyer and the others so he must have made the time leap. It also showed Ben running through the jungle, so he must get better soon.

    Another thing I keep thinking is that Rose and Bernard are the two corpses that they find at the caves.

    I love this idea. Didn’t someone refer to them as “Adam and Eve” at some point?

    This show gives me lots to ponder when I’m up in the middle of the night trying to get the baby to go back to sleep.

  56. I think it was a joke based upon everyone thinking the actor wore eyeliner and it becoming a big deal on blogs like this. Eventually the actor publicly said he didn’t wear it. On the podcast the producers actually said they originally thought he wore eyeliner and that when they saw the dailies actually wanted him to stop wearing it. (He wasn’t – it’s just how his eyes look)

    On the other hand it does lead to the theories that he’s a pirate.

  57. ooo I like the Richard-Egyptian connection! Sure it’s his actual look, but it wouldn’t be the first time the writers have built around an actor’s physical characteristics. Jack’s own tattoos have been written in, and the character of Sawyer was reworked to accommodate the actor (he was supposed to be a suit-wearing con man from Buffalo).

    There was a time when Richard’s future wasn’t certain because the actor had another series on the go, so my bet is that now that he’s fully available for the duration, they’re going with it.

    We’ve had the statue a long time, but they didn’t need to decide it was Egyptian until recently (at least we’re all assuming it is), and suddenly out of nowhere we have an ankh and Hurley painting the Pyramids!

    So perhaps Richard is one of the island’s ancient people, and was already there when the Black Rock showed up with (I’m assuming) Widmore’s and Shepherd’s ancestors (although it looks like old Ray was Christian’s father, which kinda blows that, but we’ll see).

    vv cool, can’t wait to see how this plays out.

  58. The episode about Jack’s tattoos was pretty mysterious. It was a crappy episode – one of the worst of the series IMO – but it suggested something mysterious about Jack I’m never sure is supposed to relate to the rest of the series.

  59. So, I had this bizarre dream about Lost that might sorta kinda be a theory/speculation for the LAX universe.

    [Leaving out Megatron, Underdog, and Iron Man being on the Island], in my dream Jacob offered the Losties a chance to live in World where the Island never touched them. However, it’s a false construct, and overtime they all begin to realize it was a false reality. They came together in the false reality (in my dream this was much like the scene in BSG where four of the final five came together and realized they were Cylons) and saw it for what it was, and rejected it.

    At that point in my dream, Jack used Excalibur to cut the Island in half, so the whole dream wasn’t exactly theory worthy, but that center part was.

  60. I’m not convince Jack’s tattoos are that mysterious. Primarily because they are really Matthew Fox’s tattoos and were just written into the show rather than putting makeup on them. More just a reading of his destiny. In fact part of what was so bad in the tattoo episode (beyond how horribly Bai Ling was as an actor) was that it just confirmed Jack’s personal foibles which were obvious from the main plotline. On the other hand some still see something to them. “He walks amongst us, but he is not one of us.” That could (and probably does) just mean he’s lost as a person.

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