Liveblogging the Superbowl

Will Fitz prove his superiority? Will Hines’ injury be a factor? Which Superbowl-ring-wearing QB will prove mightier? Or will they cancel each other out? Will the Boss rule? Or have a wardrobe malfunction? Will the commercials be worth watching? Or will the response to them be a flush heard round the world? These and other fascinating questions will be answered today! Comment here during the action.


106 thoughts on “Liveblogging the Superbowl

  1. Cardinals and Steelers. Cards are the underdogs, never having been here before. Steelers are one of the winningest teams of all time. Cards are on a roll, having proved themselves time and time again over the doubters. The pre-game festivities are under way. Boy, the national anthem sounded awful.

  2. BTW, I would really love to see Arizona win this thing, but I’m not anti-Steelers. I just think seeing a new team hoisting the Vince Lombardi trophy would be nice.

  3. Challenge upheld! Steelers go for 3 instead! Wow! That’s huge. Kick is good, but Steelers lose four points on the deal.

  4. End of first qtr. Steelers knocking on the door again.

    I absolutely love Al Michaels and John Madden. They are like sports poetry.

  5. Cards have the ball. Fitz has a goose-egg so far. Zip. Bagel. Nada.

    After three plays, he still does.

    First down Boldin. Nice catch.

  6. I already have a dog, makakona, and he’s my best buddy. He looks a little like that Budweiser horse. Actually, he looks a lot like that.

  7. Cards are back in it now after two huge plays. Let’s see if their defense can step it up. So far, Steelers have pretty much had everything their way.

  8. The bright spot in the defense is Rogers-Cromartie. He is truly amazing in coverage and has made a few key tackles up close to the line. He’s everywhere.

  9. Chop-block penalty on James. Bad call in my opinion. James didn’t even hit the guy. 15 yards.

    Warner sacked! Great play by Steelers defense, which has been really really solid today. Steelers are a very good team.

  10. Cynthia, compared to Faith Hill, Jennifer seemed a little shrill and… well “pitchy” to quote Randy Jackson. You really liked her?

  11. Fitz is still a big fat zero. Steelers must have prepared well to stop him. I’m not sure what they’re doing, but whatever it is, it’s working.

  12. What a freaking crazy end to the half!

    Warner gets blitzed and tries to force the ball to Fitz, Steelers intercept and run the ball all the way to the other end for a TD. Longest play in Superbowl history. An almost certain Cards TD gets turned into a TD for the Steelers. 14 point swing. Are the Cards cursed or just abysmally bad?

  13. re: anthem: Well, I was trying to grade on a curve because I like America the Beautiful much, much better than the national anthem. So Faith Hill had a huge unfair advantage right off the bat for this listener. It was better overall. I guess I just didn’t think the anthem was bad enough to warrant saying it was bad. Maybe that means it was bad. 🙂

    Maybe after a few years of doing America the Beautiful alongside the anthem at our nation’s biggest annual event, America the Beautiful could then move up to going after the anthem, then after a few years of that they could do away with the anthem and the AtB’s transition to being our official national anthem will be complete. Keeping my fingers crossed. 🙂

  14. The penalties against the Cards are just killing them. This last one on the field goal attempt is just inexcusable. Cards deserve to lose this game with play like that. They’re just beating themselves.

  15. Another great pass. Looks like no-huddle offense. Fitz makes a good catch, but has been no factor in this game so far. Who’d’ve thunk it?

  16. Cards have not been doing enough to free up Fitz, but the no-huddle offense is doing what they previously couldn’t.

    Another great grab by Fitz puts the Cards near the goal line. Timeout. Whew! Don’t blow it this time Cards!!!!

  17. “When your brain is reduced to a cottage-cheese like subtance, we’ll scoop it out with a melon-baller and eat it right up”


  18. Steelers have to punt! Cards will get the ball back with 5:30 left and six points down. This is one of the best Superbowl games in years.

  19. Pepsuber kida sucks.

    Fitz in motion left. Warner never looks at him, throws right, first down. Penalty on Steelers.

    Things are going Cards way.

  20. Ball downed on Steelers’ two! Flag down! On Steelers, but it’s after the play. First down Steelers from their own One.

  21. It was a terrible game in its own way. All the Steelers important plays were reviewed in the booth or on challenge. Penalties played a bigger part this year than last year, and it sucks to watch a game like that.

    I also hated the NBC info bar that would say “1st and 10” then as soon as the play would start it would spin to “Superbowl XLIII” – the spin animation was yellow. I thought there was a flag on every play in the first quarter – well I was faked out every time anyway.

  22. …when I mationed penalties last year, I really meant when the Seahawks were there, not the giants game…THAT was a good game.

  23. The SuperBowl ads on Hulu are all ad sponsored. i.e. to watch an ad you have to first watch a different ad. Weird.

    Kind of like watching MTV back when music videos were their main form of programing.

  24. You mean MTV when they actually had some sort of relationship to the M part of the name?

    Hell, I could accept all their stupid skanky reality TV shows. Even back in the day there was their spring break excesses. And the occasional dating show. (Which is how Jenny McCartney got big if I recall my misspent college days) What bugs me about MTV is that they rarely have anything to do with music anymore. Not even a weekly unplugged or the like. (Although with rock music being out of the popular music scene in place of rap I guess I can understand – you have to go all indie to really get the music I like with a few exceptions)

    Anyway, back to your regularly scheduled Superbowl discussion.

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