Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade or New Years Day Rose Parade?



12 thoughts on “Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade or New Years Day Rose Parade?

  1. I just hate parades. They always seemed so tremendously pointless. The kind of thing you’d only watch if your young kid was in it. They strike me as a remnant of a lost past of America that is like the dried dessicated zombie walking around that no one can figure out why it is walking around. Sort of like beauty contests. And like zombies they eat your brain.

  2. Clark,
    Then you haven’t been to the Macy’s parade. My daughter has adored it the last couple years, and I like it too (other than the schlocky musicians that play). Last year we got up at 4:00 am, roughly, to go see it; this year we figured that we could have front-row seats and not get up until about 5 (with a 3-year-old, the front row is essential). The two little girls next to us were dying to see the Jonas Brothers (who, sadly enough for them, were in the parade last year, not this year.

    My daughter went crazy over the balloons, the marching bands, and especially Santa. And I got to see Sesame Street actors I grew up with and who are still on the show from a not-too-distant distance.

    I’ve never been to the Rose Parade (in spite of having grown up in SoCal). But the Macy’s parade, the St. Patrick’s Day parade I went to in Virginia, the 4th of July Parade on Martha’s Vineyard (no, we’re not rich, but we have friends who have friends with great vacation homes), and especially the Our Lady parade with various Latin American countries representing on Amsterdam just behind my apartment have been very cool, and frankly (esp. the Latin American parade) not at all a remnant of a lost American past.

  3. That is true, when it’s possible to get out of work at a decent hour. (This year, however, it wasn’t possible, so all we had was the morning of.)

  4. I’d only bother going to small town parades. Steve you should head out to Sequim next May for the Irrigation Festival. Small town parades rule.

    Although when we lived there we always called it the Irritation Festival.

  5. Sam, I had friends who went gushing crazy over beauty pageants as well. But the fact that Miss America is better than the local county pageant doesn’t make me tune in to watch this year’s Miss America. Although I will watch the clips on Youtube when they show how stupid they are.

  6. Clark,
    That’s fine, but analogizing beauty pageants and parades doesn’t tell me anything about parades except that you don’t like them. I know (of) people who adore Kenny G, too, and they’re clearly wrong, but that doesn’t say anything about the aesthetics of a parade.

    In general, I’m with Susan. A small-town parade is cool (especially if you live in that small town) because it reflects a community experience. The Rose Parade and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade? Well, I don’t know about the Rose Parade, but there’s a sense of community in being packed onto the sidewalks with others to watch the Macy’s parade.

    And you have yet to convince me that parades are a throwback. I don’t know how they happen where you live, but it seems like at least once amonth 5th Avenue is blocked for a parade (be it St. Patrick’s Day, a Dominican or Puerto Rican parade, or whatever). The Village Halloween Parade (which, trust me, would never have happened in the good old days) is one of the biggest things in New York on Halloween.

    (I have aesthetic problems with beauty pageants, I think, but I’ve never actually seen any that weren’t movie versions, so I don’t know how well-founded my objections are.)

  7. I like watching the parades (I don’t live anywhere near LA or NY) but I wish they’d get someone with a CLUE to do the TV commentary. Chloris Leachman today for the Rose Parade? Give me a BIG FAT Break!! I like watching the Westminster Dog Show because they have dog people who know all about dog pageants doing the commentary and I – who am not a dog person – actually learn something. Why don’t they have knowledgeable parade people, marching band leaders, or float engineers doing the play by play instead of inane, washed-up B-list celebrities?

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