Something Amazingly Cool for Halloween

I wanted to make this a Link of the Day, but I can’t figure out how to do that.

Instead – feast your eyes and ears upon:

Stan Lee reads “The Raven.”

Two great tastes that go great together.


5 thoughts on “Something Amazingly Cool for Halloween

  1. The Raven as done by Christopher Walken. Yeah. It’s cool.

    I love Edgar Allen Poe’s poetry and The Raven is a tradition for Halloween for me.

  2. BTW – I found this while looking for the above.

    It’s a stop motion animation of The Raven done by everyone’s favorite 90’s Goth icon.

  3. Speaking of Burton’s short Vincent here’s Vicent Price actually reading the full poem.

    Here’s a great clip of Price and Lorre in the movie The Raven also with Karloff. Man you can find some interesting stuff by accident on YouTube. Too bad video quality is soo bad.

  4. Now, if I could just find that clip of Vincent Price reading a parody of this poem on Animaniacs (with the Warner Sister Dot as the titular character).

    I’ve looked and just can’t seem to find it online. Too bad.

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