Cruise or All-inclusive Resort?



15 thoughts on “Cruise or All-inclusive Resort?

  1. neither is my cup of tea. my favorite mode of travel, especially abroad, is referred to by my wife as “slummin’ it.”

  2. Neither would be my choice but since I have kids I’d have to say the resort. I’m sure both my toddlers could figure a way over the rails into the ocean.

    On the other hand I have long wanted to do an Alaskan Cruise. Even better yet if there was a nice cruise that went to Iceland. I’ve always wanted to go to Iceland. Maybe next year…

  3. We did a Bahamas cruise for our 10th anniversary and hated it. I love the ocean and beach, but I wasn’t in the ocean or on the beach, I was floating several hundred feet *above* the ocean.

    Also not a lot of on-board activities for those who don’t drink or gamble. I’ve spent a lot of non-drinking time in bars so it wasn’t just some prudish over-reaction; there just wasn’t anything else for us to do.

    I’d do the all-inclusive before I’d go back on the boat.

  4. Wouldn’t want to do either of ’em.

    My husband’s family has talked about doing a big group cruise. What a nightmare. I told them we’d meet them on the beach wherever they were headed.

  5. We’ve stopped doing the all-inclusive thing. We get tired of eating in the same places over and over. Instead we find a hotel that is near an area with places to eat and just eat out.

    I’ve never done a cruise, but I don’t really dare to try. I barf at every opportunity when placed on a floating vessel.

  6. We did the all-inclusive once. It was fun, and he place had enough restaurants that we only had to repeat each one twice in five days.

  7. I should add that whether to do the all inclusive thing depends upon where you are going. Some of the carribean islands (which is where most of these supersized resorts are) can be dangerous outside of the secured grounds. Not super dangerous – I could see doing it if I were single. But with young kids? I don’t think so.

    But there are other places – especially in the US – where half the charm is wandering without a plan.

  8. clark,

    Puerto Vallarta is one place outside of the US that has the option of all-inclusive resorts where you should definitely not go for the all-inclusive. The city is walkable and there are more great places to eat than you could possibly hit in a week.

    I think that it makes a lot of sense to research the destination before going in order to decide if you want to go all-inclusive or not. It also is important to research the resorts you might be interested in going to. Mid-range resorts seem to change hands frequently so it is possible that any reviews you might find on-line are out of date.

  9. My wife’s dream is to go on a cruise, but I get motion sick using a magnifying glass, let alone getting on a boat. Our compromise – at least that is what she tells me it is – when our daughter is 16 they are going on a cruise.

  10. I picked resort, but I have to say, the one cruise I went on (with about 20 family members), turned out to be a lot of fun.

    I’ve read the David Foster Wallace article before. Funny, and pretty accurate. I like Chuck Klosterman’s similar cruise-related article even better (a cruise for Journey and Styx fans, if you can believe that!).

    There is a lot to bag on about a cruise, but that is kind of like shooting fish in a barrel. At the same time, the food is top notch and always available. You can gamble. Work out. The various activities are goofy, but can be fun too with the right attitude. And you get to see a lot of different places, if only briefly.

    Bottom line, I wanted to belittle the experience… I wanted to feel superior to the bloated, skin-cancer-waiting-to-happen Cruisers around me… but I ended up having a great time and I’d probably do it again.

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