Top 5 Puzzle Video Games

1) Tetris
2) Minesweeper
3) Bejewelled
4) Snood
5) Hexic

Runners up: Dr. Mario, Welltris


19 thoughts on “Top 5 Puzzle Video Games

  1. I like Bubble Breaker

    I’m not one for ranking, but Burning Monkey Puzzle Lab is my favorite puzzle game.

  2. Peggle is number one. I now own it on my Mac, my PC and my ipod. I can’t think of another game I’ve loved enough to buy three times.

    Zuma and Bejeweled are good as well.

  3. I’ve never been able to wrap my head around the popularity of Bejewelled, though my wife’s devotion to it borders on the religious.

    Super Collapse is probably my favorite (besides Tetris, of course).

  4. 1) Tetris
    2) Tetris
    3) Tetris
    4) Tetris
    5) Tetris

    Well, okay. I’ve never actually played any other puzzle games except Tetris. But I really like it!

  5. My primary game machines are a Mac and an iPod, so if the game isn’t available on either f those, I probably won’t get to try it. I have heard great things about Lumines though.

  6. While on a two-year trip to foreign parts, I and other colleagues became briefly obsessed with playing Lemmings on the office computer. Does that count?

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