LOST: Ji Yeon

A Sun and Jin episode with a twist. Nice.

Details and speculation based on tonight’s episode after the jump.

Links and miscellanea:

  • Here’s a link for the LOST fan who is also looking for a way to incorporate his love for the NCAA basketball tournament into his or her fandom: LOST Madness. Vincent seems to be the underdog to look out for (bad pun notwithstanding).
  • Yet another Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet) feature. Key quote: “I’ve had a tremendous amount of freedom to create something strange.”
  • And here’s a Mitchell interview with TV Guide. The highlight here: Mitchell’s husband’s reaction to Jack kissing Juliet.
  • The Baltimore Sun has a piece on LOST’s pop culture references.
  • The blogger Eugenia got to interview Malcolm David Kelley (Walt; Creepy Walt; Taller Walt).
  • I enjoyed this television advertisement for Perspective, a new treatment for those addicted to LOST. “With Perspective, all is not LOST.” (Remember: “Perspective is not for everyone. Pregnant women and children under 12 are not capable of having perspective.”)
  • Here’s an argument for The X-Files being better than LOST. (It’s Canadian, so consider the source.) I’m not very well qualified to argue this one. I didn’t watch The X-Files much, but what I did see felt pretty cheesy and weak (with apologies to X-Files fans everywhere). It just never grabbed me the way that LOST has, and I thought the whole Scully/Mulder Yin/Yang thing was sort of contrived.
  • A PR release for a new LOST-based book, LOST Mind Games, “loaded with over two hundred entertaining trivia quizzes, original brain teasers and unique word puzzles.” Sounds kind of entertaining. I’d be more likely to check this out than some sort of episode guide. I think the internet has that territory covered better than a published book ever could (I’m thinking specifically of Lostpedia and Lost-TV, among others.)
  • Korea.net has a feature on Yunjin Kim (Sun).
  • And finally, It turns out that there was an official podcast this week (even though Cuse and Lindelof said last week there wouldn’t be). Here’s what we learned from the podcast:
    • Two of the final five episodes for this season are complete, and the season finale has been begun. The finale will be two hours long, but aired on two separate nights.
    • The Tempest was on Kelvin’s map on the Swan Station’s blast door.
    • Ben isn’t telling all he knows about Charles Widmore, and we’ll learn more about that this season.
    • We’ll also be seeing Harper again at some point.
    • Once again: the show, the “Missing Pieces” mobisodes, and the Orchid video are canon; the ARGs, the video game and Bad Twin are not canon (though they try to make the ancillary products consistent with the LOST universe.
    • We’ll be seeing more of Christian Shepard in the future. That was, in fact Christian in Jacob’s cabin. (But no more explanation of how this all works.) Christian Shepard has a role in the life of Jack and that of the other survivors on the island.
    • We’ll see the Smoke Monster again this season, and we’ll learn more about it.

Observations and speculations:

  • Other than a clever narrative device that I didn’t catch onto until very late in, this episode was fairly straight-forward. Combining a Jin flashback with a Sun flashforward was pretty ingenious, I thought. As soon as we understood why Jin obsessed so much about that panda, it was all over, and we knew we’d been had. Note that the style of mobile phone (a clunky model) was a signal to the viewers here just like Jack’s Razr phone was in last season’s finale.
  • So now we know five of the Oceanic Six: Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid and Sun. Ji Yeon and Aaron don’t count, of course, because they were born after the crash. Next week, by all reports, we find out the sixth, and don’t be surprised if it’s something unconventional. Also, according to the promo, someone dies.
  • By the way, I believe this is the first time we’ve seen Regina in the show, though we’ve heard her voice over the sat phone, and she’s been mentioned. Regina was played by Zoe Bell, a stuntwoman of some renown, especially for her work in Tarantino’s last few films, as well as being Lucy Lawless’s stunt double in Xena. Here, we got to see Regina perform her own stunt by jumping off the freighter wrapped in iron chains.
  • The book that Regina was (not) reading upside down: Jules Verne’s The Survivors of the Chancellor. Naturally, it’s about a shipwreck and the survival of the castaways.
  • Sayid and Desmond were warned twice prior to talking to the freighter’s captain: once by Frank Lapidus and once by (presumably) Michael/Kevin Johnson.
  • The episode’s title is taken from the name that Jin suggests for (and Sun later gives to) Sun’s daughter. Anyone know what this name means in Korean?
  • If I’m not mistaken (and I might be) the TV Show that is playing in the background when Sun is packing her bag for the hospital is none other than Exposé, Niki’s old TV show, dubbed for Korean television.
  • Among the stuffed animals at the toy store where Jin buys the Panda is a Totoro. That wouldn’t be unusual, probably, for a Korean toy story, but as a big Miyazaki fan, I thought it was a nice touch.
  • By the way, the shop keeper mentions that it’s Year of the Dragon, which dates Jin’s flashback roughly to the year 2000, four years before the crash. At that point, Jin had only been married for two months.
  • Sun’s distrust of Juliet is certainly understandable. Even though she was ultimately wrong, I sort of had to admire her for it. Also, for the direct way she approached Faraday.
  • Worst dialogue in the episode: “Sayid, what’s that?” “It’s a note.” Usually LOST avoids such unnecessary exposition. In fact, it came off as so lame, I halfway suspect it was meant ironically.
  • Jin’s English seems to be coming along amazingly well. I wonder if that’s due to the island’s mystical powers. (Kidding, mostly.) Almost more amazingly, Sun’s accent, that was pretty heavy during the first three seasons, has nearly disappeared.
  • According to Kate’s directions, Locke’s camp (aka Othersville) is to the northwest about a day and a half’s journey. The show has kept this fairly consistent from the time we first found out about the yellow bungalows last season.
  • Here’s the hot topic for debate from tonight’s episode: was Juliet wrong to tell Jin about Sun’s affair? It felt so wrong, yet it turned out so right. Do the ends justify the means? Is revealing a confidence justified in this case?
  • Bernard sure is a buzzkill. But his devotion to Rose is his redeeming trait.
  • The freighter’s name is Kahana. Not sure I’ve ever noticed that before. Wiki lists several possibilities for “Kahana,” including a Rabbi with the first name of Jacob and geographical location in Hawaii.
  • Are we to presume that the mentally deteriorating Regina was the one banging the pipes and annoying Desmond?
  • So Lapidus apparently made a run to the island without telling Sayid and Desmond.
  • Captain Gault is Australian and not the sentimental type. Is his name an Ayn Rand reference?
  • Gault says that some of his crew are suffering from a “heightened case of cabin fever” and he speculates that this is due to being in proximity of the island. This seems to be something different than the illness that took Minkowski and almost claimed Desmond.
  • Is the saboteur the same as Ben’s spy (i.e., Michael)? Or someone else? If Michael/Kevin is working for Ben, it makes sense that he would also be trying to disrupt Widmore’s mission.
  • The captain is surprisingly forthcoming, as Sayid notes. He confirms that the boat is Charles Widmore’s, and that Widmore is, in fact, directing the mission. He also lets Sayid and Desmond know about the fake Oceanic 815 wreck and the flight recorder. Certainly, Gault has his own agenda, so we need to be wary of his information. Still, it’s refreshing to meet someone who gives it out so freely.
  • Gault claims that Widmore wantst to take Ben Linus because (he implies) Ben is behind the fake Oceanic 815 wreck, including the probable murders of the substitute plane crash victims. That’s one of the many reasons, anyway.
  • Next week should be interesting. Sayid will be outraged that Michael is doing Ben’s bedding and working against Widmore, yet we already know that Sayid will be in this exact same position in the future. What we don’t know is what turns him in favor of Ben and against Widmore.
  • Whose bloody spot is on the wall of Sayid and Desmond’s new cabin? It looks like someone was shot, or perhaps shot themselves.
  • So it wasn’t much of a surprise for anyone reading this, I’m sure, that Michael was on the boat. It was a bit surprising to me that he looks like hell, though. Even on the island, he always looked better than that. Where’s Walt? Is Walt the one somehow communicating information to Ben, perhaps through Jacob?
  • Michael has taken on the alias of Kevin Johnson. Seems like more of an NBA allusion than literary to me. Next episode’s name, by the way, is “Meet Kevin Johnson,” so I’m assuming we might find out more about how Michael got where he is and what he’s up to.
  • According to Jin’s tombstone, he died on September 22, 2004 (the day of the crash) at the age of 29. This makes sense because, according to the official “Oceanic Six” story, everyone but the Six, except for two others who lived only briefly, everyone died in the crash.
  • So, I guess Sun invited all of the other Six to see her new baby, but only Hurley showed up. Kate, of course, has legal issues that preclude her from traveling. Jack has emotional issues and probably feels debilitatingly guilty for Jin’s death. Sayid is off being an assassin for Ben. Hurley is pleased that no one else showed up. I wonder why.

This episode rates pretty well. If it wasn’t for the twist in the flashback/flashforward, I might not have enjoyed it so much. Sun and Jin have always shared flashback episodes, and their stories have always intertwined, so this was set up well.

If all indications are correct, next week’s episode should be a killer (no pun intended) and a cliffhanger. I’ll be on spring break with my kids, but my hotel is supposed to have wireless, so I think I’ll try to blog it if I have the energy and can stand watching the episode in real time. Expect my observational skills to suffer greatly without a DVR.


63 thoughts on “LOST: Ji Yeon

  1. Alright, so am I the only one who doesn’t think Jin is dead?

    Furthermore, I now have no clue who the 6th person is that gets off.

  2. What I also want to know is this: If Jin (supposedly) died in the crash, whose baby do they think Ji Yeon is? While the Aaron/Kate DOC-issues makes me think that time off the island is faster than on the island, the Sun/Ji Yeon DOC-issues make me wonder if time on the island is actually faster after all.

    I guess the discrepancy for Sun isn’t THAT big (she conceived her 37th day on the island) as opposed to Aaron who was conceived a good 180 days before the crash. Combine this with the fact that apparently Ji Yeon came early, I guess they could pull it off… maybe.

  3. Greg,

    Dude! The core of the greatness of X-Files is the relationship between Scully and Mulder. Not necessarily the difference between the two sexes, but more than that. Their ways of reasoning, where Scully relies on science and Mulder on faith. It is a brilliant relationship that is well borne out over the first six seasons. (I stopped watching at the end of the sixth season. I felt that’s where they should have ended the show).

    Worst dialogue in the episode: “Sayid, what’s that?” “It’s a note.” Usually LOST avoids such unnecessary exposition. In fact, it came off as so lame, I halfway suspect it was meant ironically.

    I also felt it was supposed to be ironic, but I maybe Sayid’s actor (I forget his name now) just didn’t make it ironic and the directors forgot to challenge them. Or the writers were in a rush (after all, the strike was impending).

    Here’s the hot topic for debate from tonight’s episode: was Juliet wrong to tell Jin about Sun’s affair? It felt so wrong, yet it turned out so right. Do the ends justify the means? Is revealing a confidence justified in this case?

    Juliet had no business telling Jin. She lost major brownie points with me when she said that. There’s an important reason confidentiality with a doctor is confidential. Plus Juliet could have attempted some more with other reasons to stop her (including getting Jack and having a confrontation).

    I liked the episode and felt it was fairly well done. I can’t tell you how excited I am to see Michael again. He is one of the most fascinating characters on the show and we really didn’t get to see him much at all after the first season. What would you go through to get your son back who finally is warming up to you? We’ll apparently find that out in the next episode!

  4. Ugh. Worst episode of the season. I can tell the whole Sun flash-forward/Jin flashback balancing act was supposed to prompt an “A-ha! That was clever,” but it merely prompted a groan from me.

    The soap opera-ish elements of Lost are really starting to wear on me.

  5. Jin is not dead. I guarantee it. And Michael will be the one who dies next week. I guarantee it.

  6. I liked the switcharoo, but my good friend had the same reaction as you, Brian — he was none too impressed.

    Funny, when the year of the dragon was mentioned, I ALMOST paused the TV and googled year of the dragon.

    Oh well.

    I thought the episode was good, but inconsistent. The flashback/flashforward didn’t have much to do with the goings on with those back on the island, which was disappointing.

    Soo, lingering questions:

    1. is Jin alive back on the island?
    2. why didn’t Hurley want others there?
    3. Did Ben give Michael directions to some past event and not some way to leave? Kevin Johnson seemed too embedded with the crew to fit within Michael’s timeline.
    — perhaps he time traveled to the past
    — perhaps the time difference on/off the island is quite stark
    4. I thought that this was all supposed to happen chronologically? Did Hurley get out of the insane asylum? She would have had 5-6 months OFF island before labor…then why does Aaron look to be 2+ years?

  7. Rusty,

    I don’t think it will be Michael. Harold Perrinau (or however you spell his last name) has been listed as a cast member the entire season so far, and only now on episode seven does he appear. I don’t think he will be gone just like that.


    I think Jin actually dies. I don’t think that Sun and Hurley would go visit his grave if he didn’t. She wouldn’t be in such mourning if he were still alive on the Island.

    Michael’s time on the boat does seem rather long compared to the amount of time he was supposedly away.

    As far as Hurley’s visit to Korea, well I think that occurred before his own breakdown and visit by Charlie. My guess is that the flash-forwards are happening in reverse chronology. Jack’s was the first, and furthest one in the future. Then we get Hurley. Then Sayid. Then Kate. And now Sun.

    I like the captain of the boat. A no nonsense kinda guy. I wonder why he reveals what he does though.

  8. “I thought that this was all supposed to happen chronologically? Did Hurley get out of the insane asylum? She would have had 5-6 months OFF island before labor…then why does Aaron look to be 2+ years?”

    I don’t think that the flashforwards are necessarily happening in chronological order. The rule that the writers set was that the events in each episode’s flashforward or flashback happen in chronological order. They honored this rule last night, even though we didn’t realize that Sun and Jin’s stories were being told separately.

  9. I think Michael is on the boat as someone found drifting in the ocean that they rescued. My guess is Ben had this planned and sent Michael in the direction that would lead him right to the boat. The boat then rescued the “drifter” and he has now been working as a janitor on the boat. My guess is that Walt is also on the boat.

    However, I cannot explain how the crew would not have recognized Michael and Walt as 815 passengers. Based on the things Ben has been able to do so far, it is believable that Ben was able to modify 815’s passenger manifest to remove Michael and Walt.

  10. BlueTraveler – excellent theorizing. The bearing that Ben gave to Michael at the end of season 2 would have sent him right to the freighter if Ben knew it was there. Also, I think there’s a strong possibility that Ben managed to alter the manifest to put his own alias on there, and that he’ll be one of the Oceanic Six. If he could do that, he could also take Michael’s (and Walt’s) name off.

  11. I think that the captain was on to something. I think that Ben orchestrated the cover up, the plane found at the bottom of the ocean.

  12. I didn’t get what happened last night until this morning. Youse guys are some kinda geniuses.

  13. I’m big on Ben misleading Michael/Walt on where to go. He’s such a conniving little punk.

    I got the feeling that Jin’s gravestone, despite the date on it, meant that he was one of the Oceanic Six and that he died after he came back. At the end of last week’s episode, didn’t the narrator say we’d find out who the rest of the Oceanix Six would be during last night’s episode? Or should that ABC narrator guy be sacked? Or should we sack the people who do the sacking?

  14. Maybe the ABC narrator guy, like Supergenius, didn’t understand what happened in the episode. Maybe the ABC narrator guy is Supergenius!!!

  15. Are we sure it’s a combo flashback / flashforward? I thought it was two flash forwards with Jin being undercover somewhere.

  16. If Michael is the one to die next week, that might explain also how Sayid comes into being in the service of Ben.

  17. I’m starting to suspect that the present and future lines will converge pretty soon. The next big shoe drop will be this: scenes that seem like a flash forward or flashback (because they take place off the island) will be the present, and scenes on the island will be revealed as a flash forward to a future time involving some kind of return/rescue effort.

  18. That’s pretty annoying. I think they have to be somewhat upfront about what they were doing. I could handle the surprise flash forward but not two flashbacks one in the past and one in the future.

  19. I think it’s unlikely that they will kill off Michael just a single episode after bringing him back. The producers and Harold Perrineau himself made a pretty big deal about his return to the show. When he left after season 2 and didn’t come back in season 3, it as due in part to contract negotiations gone bad. I doubt that they’d get it all worked out for what would basically be just a guest appearance.

    I think it’s more likely that a minor character will be killed.

  20. I wish that they would have loaded Jin’s flashback with some kind of significance. The way it is, it just seems like a long drawn out joke on the audience.

    I’m pretty sure that Michael did not drift into the boat while leaving the island. Michale left the day the bottom didn’t get pushed, and it was that same day that the location of the island was revealed. (Unless, the black box is actually how they found the island. But then, how would Widmore know that 815 crashed on the island in the first place?)

  21. I felt this was the weakest episode this season, but I still enjoyed it.

    My main objection is that having Sun yell Jin’s name as she was giving birth was brazen cheating to mislead the audience. The reveal of Michael being the spy was also supremely underwhelming.

    I don’t know why, but I was hoping there was a bomb inside that stuffed panda, and that it would explode as Jin walked away.

    Maybe the bodies on the plain were the bodies of all the people Ben gassed.

  22. “I wish that they would have loaded Jin’s flashback with some kind of significance. The way it is, it just seems like a long drawn out joke on the audience.”

    I liked it. I don’t mind being fooled if it’s clever enough, and it’s not as if this is the first time that the writers have messed with our sense of perspective and time/place.

    Also, I think that Jin’s flashback did serve a thematic purpose to the story: it dovetailed nicely with the emotional climax of the on-island storyline, when Jin tells Sun that he forgives her because he realizes that he’s changed and he’s not the person he used to be. The flashback serves as a reminder to just what kind of person Jin was before he arrived on the island.

  23. “The reveal of Michael being the spy was also supremely underwhelming.”

    Now this I can agree with completely. Maybe I’m too close to the show, but this wasn’t nearly as much of the shocking reveal that we were lead to believe it would be by the cast and the writers.

  24. It might have been more shocking if they didn’t tell us it was coming. As it was, we knew someone was coming back and really, how many candidates are there? I really hate the previews at the end of the episode for that reason: it makes the experience of watching events unfold less fun. I try not to watch them anymore, but it’s hard not to.

  25. “Maybe the bodies on the plain were the bodies of all the people Ben gassed.”

    BrianG, weren’t all those bodies in the big pit Locke fell into when Ben shot him? Unless there were so many Dharma people that he could take away 324 of them and still have a full pit left over.

  26. So is Michael one of the 6? It seems he’d have to be if all of them are identified.

    I agree with Jeff that the flashback of Jin is kind of pointless. The problem is that it doesn’t establish who Jin used to be. There’s nothing in it about his neglectful attitude, his self-loathing, his violence, or so forth. It’s pointless and is just there as a big joke.

    Now had it turned out to be a flash forward…

    One other thing. What exactly is the relationship of the Haitian like guy (sorry – he reminds me of Heroes), Widmore, and the Dharma Initiative? It’s not clear to me that we necessarily have only two teams here (plus the Losties)

  27. Clark, the Oceanic Six have *not* yet been all identified. The voice overs in the previews have a long history of being inaccurate, and the writers have disclaimed them before. (Apparently, the creative team has no real control over the way the show is promoted.)

    In Jin’s flashback, we got indications of the fear, desperation and humiliation that Jin endured as one of Mr. Paik’s thugs. You got the idea that if he didn’t get that big stuffed Panda for the Chinese ambassador’s grandson, bad, bad things were likely to happen. He also seemed callous and blase about his own domestic situation.

  28. Hear, hear, Clark. Serious, what would have been missed had I simply chosen to not watch any of the Jin flashback? I still would have been just as surprised at the end, and there wouldn’t have been any unnecessary misdirection.

    The only information which the flashback may have contributed was a connection between Mr. Paik and China. I doubt this connect will amount to much, though.

  29. So some sites are confirming that Aaron is the 6th member of island escapees. I wonder if the world believes Aaron to be Kate’s biological son or something else.

  30. Captain Gault is Australian and not the sentimental type. Is his name an Ayn Rand reference?

    I immediately thought the same thing, but then I saw a link to this somewhere: Captain Gault

    With the spelling like it is, it’s probably more of a reference to this.

  31. Michael is not Michael but Kevin Johnson. He will have no memory of this Michael character. He will be Michael’s rabbit 15 doppleganger of sorts. Sayid and Des will have to convince him of his past. He will feel guilt and then sacrifice himself somehow (in redemption) to help people get off the island.


    Whatever happens to Michael or whatever happened to him, he is not necessarily the door opener, the note slipper OR Ben’s spy (or for that matter the sabateur). Ben may have no idea that Michael is on the boat… he is Kevin Johnson, not Michael. Further, it is obvious that Gault doesn’t know Michael/Kevin is from the island and has a connection to Ben because if he did know that he probably wouldn’t have him mopping floors.

    I don’t think we are going to get the story of what happened to Walt from Michael/Kevin. Although Walt may be behind what made Michael on the boat become Kevin on the ship, I think it would be too much to ask of LOST for Michael to simply tell us what happened. It would be too much to ask of LOST for Kevin to simply be Michael.
    The twist next week will be extra twisty.

  32. It is unlikely that Ben knowingly sent Michael and Walt on coordinates that would put them on the Widmore ship. Ben was extremely shocked and alarmed when, weeks later, he learned for the first time that there was a ship offshore that managed to drop a parachutist onto the island.

  33. I watched it in real time, so I may have missed something, but I thought Sun was calling for Jin while she was in labor at the hospital. What was that all about?

  34. Kevin,

    Later in the episode, when talking to Hurley, Sun says that the doctors told her she was calling out for her husband. She says she must have been delusional basically.

  35. #34 – the sneak peeks for next week already show Sayid saying “hello Michael” and Michael saying “not now!”. He knows who he is, and hopefully we’ll get some answers next week.

  36. Nice find!

    Thanks. Like I said, I read it somewhere.

    The episode’s title is taken from the name that Jin suggests for (and Sun later gives to) Sun’s daughter. Anyone know what this name means in Korean?

    Jeff Jensen at EW says it means either “delay” or “flower of wisdom.” Some people (bloggers, forum participants) have been saying it means “heavenly patience,” but I think they’re all quoting each other. I’d say what Jensen says is more reliable than what “everyone” says, but I’d love to hear from someone who knows Korean.

  37. My husband and I watch the show with another couple and we all knew something was up during the flashback/ flashforward. Sun seemed too upset about taking off her wedding ring, and she kept imagining that Jin was there in the room with her. Jin just didn’t seem to be the “new Jin” from the island, especially when he was yelling after the guy in the cab saying that he would kill him. I’m not saying that we knew it was a flash forward/ flash back, but we defnitely knew that all was not as it seemed.

    About the Oceanic Six, I still say that Aaron is one of them. If the media was trying to come up with a cool name to call these survivors of the plane crash, I don’t think they would call them the Oceanic Six + that kid who was born on the island. I think they would just call them the Oceanic Six. It has a nice ring to it.

  38. Pregnancy/baby drama is just plain boring.

    So if Sun is teaching Jin English, she must have apparently taught him the word affair?

    Juliet just keeps looking worse. Okay, she needs to get off the island. What proof is there that Sun has any better chance by staying with Jack and Juliet? Sun had just confronted Faraday, who didn’t give much hope of a rescue. And on that topic, wasn’t Sun’s reaction to his answer just a little subdued? You’ve been trapped on an island for months, you think you might die in a matter of weeks, and some folks with a helicopter show up and they tell you that they may or may not rescue you? I would think in any real setting that Faraday would have been strung up by now. Sun just kind of shrugs and walks away?

    This and Juliet’s episode (the first scene) seem to be the writers trying to trick the audience instead of tell the story. They want to see what kind of weird flashbacks they can do. What can they trick us into believing this week?

    Rose and Bernard are pointless characters. As far as I can tell all they do is clutter up the story and serve as someone to stumble into a conversation and deliver a throw away line.

    I completely trust the captain.

    I’m pretty sure the ABC narrator said we’d know all the 6 by this last episode, so I was thinking Aaron was being counted.

    As I side note, I got to meet Zoe Bell last year. Incredibly nice lady. I was excited to see her on the show. 10 minutes later – she’s dead. Oh well.

  39. Jeff Jensen at EW says it means either “delay” or “flower of wisdom.” Some people (bloggers, forum participants) have been saying it means “heavenly patience,” but I think they’re all quoting each other. I’d say what Jensen says is more reliable than what “everyone” says, but I’d love to hear from someone who knows Korean.

    I asked a Korean American colleague about this. She said basically that it could mean lots of things based on what Chinese characters form the name, but that phonetically, it’s a fairly common Korean name. (Japanese is similar. You wouldn’t know for sure what the name means unless you saw the Chinese characters.)

    This and Juliet’s episode (the first scene) seem to be the writers trying to trick the audience instead of tell the story. They want to see what kind of weird flashbacks they can do. What can they trick us into believing this week?

    You know, I’ve heard several people complain about this, but it doesn’t bother me in the least. I like to be entertained and see a story told in an interesting way. Also, it’s not like this is anything new to LOST. The writers have been done this several times in every season since the show has been on. (Think, for example, of how you felt when you first saw Locke in a wheelchair, or when you realized that Season 2 was beginning from the perspective of the guy inside the hatch, or when season 3 began during a bookclub meeting in Othersville, just before the crash, etc.)

  40. So if Sun is teaching Jin English, she must have apparently taught him the word affair?

    Or else Sawyer did, as Sun said that Sawyer taught him a little English as well.

  41. OK, so I wanted to comment on this thread, but it has been locked, so I will have to make my comments on Season 2 here, even though I am about two years behind.

    Many interesting ideas are brought up in the aforelinked thread, however, there is one very strange thing happening on this island that everyone is overlooking: everyone keeps throwing other people over their backs and then running a half mile to a mile through the woods. Have you ever tromped through the woods while carrying a 160+ pound person on your back? It’s not that easy. Out in the woods, with all the variations in the microterrain on the ground, you have to move slower and it gets really tiring really fast. I bet as soon as they call cut the actors freaking collapse.

    Alas, it appears as if I will be accomplishing nothing this next week as well. At this point I just want to get through this so I can move on with my life.

  42. By the way, I notice the show is swift to punish women who fornicate. Kinda makes you wonder what Hurley and that blonde chick were doing off camera.

  43. Eric,

    Your in for a treat with the season finale of season 2. That is my favorite episode of them all.

  44. I notice the show is swift to punish women who fornicate

    The show or the island? I think the island has a very medieval view of ethics and that the smoke monster is related to this as we saw with Eco’s death.

  45. I don’t think that Jin’s flashback was insignificant at all. I think it was important to the episode that focused on his desire to change and become a different person.

    He had the chance to be present and embrace the arrival of a new life, and completely dismissed it by saying, “it’s not mine”. He never got the chance to be present at his own child’s birth.

    The whole show is about life, and change, whether forced or chosen and how you react to the circumstances you are presented with.

    I think the flashback will play another purpose also.

  46. ok, this is my theory which i believe to be correct:
    Michael is ben’s spy on the boat and he is only there pretending to be Kevin because ben’s “OTHERS” have got his son AGAIN and are blackmailing him. e.g they will kill Walt if he does not do what they want him to.

    Also, Jin is not dead as the grave said 2004 which is the date of the crash. Sun only said”I MISS HIM” when she was at the grave, this could mean he is still on the island as he never got away and there is not much chance of seeing him again.

    I also don’t think the captain is being COMPLETELY truthful- why say all of that unless he is either going to kill them, use them or i lieing to them. after all- we all remember the note don’t we?

  47. Except the note is from Ben ultimately who has his own motives. However we also know from Sayid’s flashforward that there is some sort of betrayal.

  48. I am starting to think that Jin is still alive too. Remember the conversation with benard when they were fishing? I think his karma talk is going to prove significant. “See, it’s all about karma, Jin. You make bad choices, bad things happen to you, you make good choice, good —” Jin catches a fish. “See that? Now, that’s karma. We must be the good guys.”

    So, Jin is still alive and well somewhere.

  49. Jin didn’t really have a chance to stick around to witness a new life being brought into the world. The guy was very cold to him in the hospital. I doubt he would have wanted a henchman from another company coming in to watch his Grandchild being born.

    I think it is possible that Jin is alive on the island still and they visit the grave because it is the closest they can get to “visiting him.”

    Just because a note says not to trust the Captain doesn’t mean it should be trusted. And just because Sayid perceives that he was betrayed doesn’t mean he was. Remember, Ben is the guy reminding him of this betrayal.

  50. If Ben did indeed direct Michael toward the boat, knowing it was there, that would indicate that he already had a spy on board. I’m guessing/hoping it’s Ben’s love interest, the little freckled girl from his past. Her or Mikhail, cause Mikhail is freaking awesome.

  51. I could handle Mikhail being alive more than Eko. (Is it Eco, Eko, or Ecko? I’m too lazy to look.)

    BTW – I agree that Jin is obviously still alive.

  52. Mikhail has survived the sonic thingy, being shot in the heart with a harpoon gun…I think the guy has more than nine lives.

    And, I imagine that he has some relationship to Black Rock.

  53. Mr. Eko is dead!? Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

    haha, yeah Mr. Eko is dead. And Clark, it is spelled Eko.


    Mikail is Russian. I think he is modern age, not like Alpert.

  54. Yeah, but the age doesn’t matter. The question is whether what happened to the Black Rock folks happened to him. (And, one wonders, to Locke)

  55. He took a harpoon to the chest. That normally kills you. Yet he still swam out with a grenade, with no air to blow up the window. Hmmmm….

  56. OK let’s make bets- who is the last Oceanic Six?

    Juliet- because she wants it so much, probably not
    Rose- because she doesn’t want it, probably (she is the body in the coffin?)
    Ben- Probably

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