LOST: The Other Woman

In tonight’s episode, we get a closer look at Juliet and her history on the island.
As usual, there are spoilers below for anyone who has not seen the episode. Everyone else, click on through and join the discussion in the comments.

Links and miscellanea

  • This week’s official podcast featured quite a bit of substance from Cuse and Lindelof. Here are some highlights:

    • Last week’s episode, “The Constant,” should be understood as Desmond’s past consciousness traveling into the future. That’s odd. I hadn’t thought of it that way.
    • According to Cuse and Lindelof, none of the time travel that occurs on the show should be interpreted as changing the past, present or future. Thus, the flashforwards are what will happen—there are no alternate futures in play.
    • For a primer on the time travel paradigm, go back and review Ms. Hawkings words to Desmond in the episode “Flashes Before Your Eyes.” Short version: “The universe, unfortunately, has a way of course correcting.” The idea of destiny will come into play again soon.
    • By the end of episode 7, we will know for certain who each of the Oceanic 6 are.
    • By the end of episode 8, we will know exactly where the Others have gone.
    • Certain places in the world have a special connection to the island. Medenine, Tunisia is one. Ayers Rock in Australia is another. (I’m guessing that Madagascar, or someplace near it, is also one.)
    • Faraday’s difficulty with memory is a condition that preexisted his arrival on the island.
    • We will see something to do with the Orchid Station and time travel experiments on the show.
  • This Q&A with Cuse and Lindelof at TV Guide is worth checking out. In it, the cast members ask their burning questions (and few of them are answered directly).

  • Here’s a very amusing video montage of Sawyer’s nicknames, with commentary from the Onion’s AV Club.

  • Elizabeth Mitchell says in this interview that she hopes Juliet won’t die. That’s understandable. I’ve come around on Juliet. At the moment, I like her a lot. I’ve always thought she was a great character, but now I don’t think she’s as evil as I once did.

  • Terry O’Quinn took some time to talk to a class of college theater students this week. Apparently, his brother is a visiting professor at the school. That would have to be a thrill for the students.

  • Matthew Fox says that he won’t do any more TV after LOST.

Observations and speculations

  • LOST’s writers love the fake-out beginning. Here, we were being lead to believe that Juliet was one of the Oceanic 6, which would have taken some explaining, since she wasn’t on the flight. Instead, we are introduced to Harper Stanhope, island therapist and certified bitch. The disambiguation page at Wikipedia has lots of listings for “Stanhope.” Take your pick. Apparently, it’s a common name among British nobility.

  • Harper is played by Andrea Roth, a veteran TV actress whose credits include a guest starring role on a Carlton Cuse-penned episode of Nash Bridges.

  • I enjoyed seeing Tom again, this time with a mustache rather than a fake beard.

  • Nothing good ever happens when it’s raining in the jungle. I fully expected someone to get shot.

  • Just before Harper visits, Juliet hears (according to the close captions) “ghostly whispers.” So the whispers are associated with the Others. (Or, I guess, Harper’s a ghost.) This is not really a new revelation. The tailies heard the whispers when the Others came and snatched Cyndy, the flight attendant, for example.

  • Harper’s appearance raises a lot of frustrating questions. How did Ben communicate with her while being held prisoner by Locke? How did Harper know how to find Juliet? How did she appear and disappear without being noticed? Was she actually there physically, or just appearing from some other location? (The whispers are also associated with Creepy Walt’s appearances in season 2, so I think this last one is worth asking.)

  • The power station/chemical weapons facility is called “The Tempest.” This seems to be a Shakespeare reference. Naturally, The Tempest involves characters stranded on an island. I’ll let someone else draw analogies to the characters of Shakespeare’s play (chiefly, Prospero, Caliban, and Miranda) and the cast of LOST.

  • Goodwin was tasked by Ben to develop the island’s chemical weapons system. He lies to Juliet about his injury, claiming that it happened when he pressed his arm up against a transformer.

  • Nice line of dialogue: “It’s very stressful being an Other, Jack.” Juliet, of course, is the eponymous “Other Woman” of the episode’s title—several times over. She’s an Other, but she’s also the Other woman in at least three separate love triangles: Juliet, Harper and Goodwin; Juliet, Ben and Goodwin; and Juliet, Jack and Kate.

  • Juliet says definitely that the problem with pregnant women only happens to women who conceive on the island. Thus, the paternity of Sun’s baby might determine whether she lives or dies.

  • Harper comments to Juliet during one of her sessions that Ben has been good to Juliet because “you look just like her.” The implication (or maybe just my supposition) is that Ben has a former lover who is no longer around—perhaps a pregnant partner who died. This could be Annie, who we learned last season (episode 3.20, “The Man Behind the Curtain”) was Ben’s childhood sweetheart and only true love.

  • Poor Miles. He’s probably hanging somewhere with a grenade in his mouth while Locke and Claire debate the relative merits of alternative means of interrogation.

  • Ben’s power play when he sees Oceanic 815 go down is very reminiscent of David ordering that Bath-Sheba‘s husband, Uriah, be abandoned to die at the hands of his enemies so that he could have Bath-Sheba for himself. Except of course that Juliet is not Goodwin’s wife, and as far as we know, Ben had not slept with Juliet at this point. (Hey, the analogy’s not a perfect one.) It’s generally considered to be King David’s greatest failing.

  • It’s strange that the Others don’t use DVDs. They seem to be committed to VHS technology.

  • The combination to Ben’s wall safe (36-15-28) was also a clue in the Find 815 ARG. It refers to latitude coordinates for Tunisia. (Given Ben’s lechery in this episode, it could also be exaggerated female measurements.)

  • Now we know (at least according to Ben) that Charles Widmore is, in fact, behind the freighter. So it’s not Penny’s boat, but it is Penny’s dad’s boat. Interesting. Ben surmises that Widmore is seeking to exploit the island’s powers. This may just be a ploy to appeal to Locke’s obvious sense of protectiveness towrad the island, but it may also be genuine. Penny knows about the island, but she apparently does not know that her father’s freighter is parked off the island’s coast.

  • Somehow, it’s a bit disorienting to see Ben, the master manipulator, resorting to the old, “come on over for a dinner party—for two!” ploy.

  • Juliet has been taking care of Zack and Emma, the children snatched from by the Others from the tail section, the ones that Ana Lucia felt responsible for.

  • Ben tells Juliet, “Who are we to question who’s on the list and who’s not?” That would be the list that Jacob ostensibly made for Ben—”Jacob’s list”—not the list that Goodwin made.

  • I’m still not sure what I think of the freighter people. Faraday and Charlotte disabled the island’s chemical weapons. Taken alone, this seems to be a good thing (Juliet goes so far as to say they are on “our side”), but it could also be a prelude to an assault on the island. It also puts an interesting spin on Ben’s promise to Jack that if the freighter people are allowed onto the island, everyone on the island will die. Ben might have been thinking that he would kill everyone on the island with the chemical weapon he had constructed rather than relinquish control of the island to invaders.

  • Ben raises his game to a whole new level of creepiness when he tells Juliet that she belongs to him.

  • Could Jack’s future desire to return to the island be a result of leaving Juliet behind? I’m just asking.

  • Sawyer should not challenge Hurley to games of hand and eye coordination. Did he learn nothing from ping pong?

  • I can’t help but think that Locke’s horribly over matched by Ben. Why is it that he doesn’t trust Ben’s word (smart move), but feels obligated to keep his word to Ben (dumb move)? Yet again, Locke is being played.

  • By the way, right now I’d put the odds at about 2:1 that Michael is Ben’s man on the boat. I hate it when the shocking twist is something that the fans guessed a long time ago (see, e.g., Jack’s half-sister Claire, and Locke’s Dad, the Real Sawyer).

I enjoyed this episode. The flashbacks offered a nice recap of the Others’ chronology. It wasn’t as good as last week’s episode, but it was up to the high standards that this season has created.


68 thoughts on “LOST: The Other Woman

  1. This episode did nothing for me. I groaned when I saw Juliet to start the episode. She is incredibly boring to me. I think it is a mix of a badly written character and an actor who can do nothing but express feelings (good-bad-indifferent) with a half smiling smirk. Do the writers want me to like her? Hard to tell, but introducing an affair into her history didn’t help the cause if that is the goal.

    The timing for the rain storm was just a tad too cinematic. I was disappointed with the whole Juliet/Harper/Jack scene. How can they possibly explain this stuff in a satisfactory way? I’m getting worried that way too many worm cans are getting opened here.

    Jack’s character has become such a buffoon it’s amazing. The guy sends a search party out in the middle of the night in the rain to hunt down these 2 people, they put a gash in Kate’s head – and because a woman with VERY questionable integrity tells you “they are our friends” he says he’ll take her word for it! Whaaaat?

    I really thought we were going to find out who Ben’s man on the boat was tonight. When Ben tells John he better sit down to hear this one with about 25 minutes left in the show, I was expecting some pay off. At least they could have done it at the end as a cliff hanger.

    Calire’s character has become so phased out it is amazing. Everything she does seems slightly contrived and only to keep her somewhat visible in the show. Again, I think this is a symptom of too many characters.

    Locke is WAY over matched by Ben. Their scenes are pretty funny. They play that angle well. I enjoyed Ben walking by Sawyer and Hurley casually. That was funny.

    Lost seems to have this pattern that some of their least interesting shows follow the best ones. I guess that is how you pace yourself, so I won’t gripe too much.

  2. Matthew Fox says that he won’t do any more TV after LOST.

    Of course not. He’s jumping to the movie world.

    Faraday and Charlotte are good people, not bad, well at least Faraday. I cannot see him as a bad guy. And I can understand Charlotte’s, well, uneasiness around Losties. After all, she was captured by them and shot! It’s understandable not to trust them.

    Could Jack’s future desire to return to the island be a result of leaving Juliet behind? I’m just asking.

    I don’t think so, but if she’s not one of the survivors, then we’re in for Jack having some major heartache when he leaves the island. Are we foreseeing one of the major deaths to occur soon?

    Locke is a fascinatingly flawed character who I still think is quite unhinged. I still very much believe that Locke did not have to kill Naomi (after all, that is what Ben wanted, and we all know, especially from this episode, that Ben really is the bad guy). Locke has always been gullible. It is why the Real Sawyer has been able to manipulate him over and over again. I can’t help but feel that there will be a same result to Locke’s life on the island as back in Florida, that Ben will kill Locke, again, because Locke is just too gullible.

    Michael is the man on the boat. We’ve been seeing Harold Perrineau (or however you spell his name) in the cast of characters for this season and the story points to the freighter. There is no one else.

  3. Michael is definitely the man on the boat. Especially since the preview for next week’s episode said something about “The return of a character you never thought you’d see again.”

  4. That whispering sound right before something weird happens/someone suddenly appears? Human-sized pnuematic tubes. Obviously, that’s how the Others get around the island.

  5. That whispering sound right before something weird happens/someone suddenly appears? Human-sized pnuematic tubes — bviously, that’s how the Others get around the island.

  6. But if Ben is such the bad guy, then how does Sayid come to work for him down the road?

  7. Yeah, Ben is creepy, evil and wrong. And really not appealing as a love interest. But you’re right, cweingarten. At some point, even though he’s not a good guy, he’s going to end up looking like a better person to work for than Widmore.

    This episode actually gave us quite a bit of information. Now we know for sure creepy black guy works for Widmore, how Naomi could have got Desmond & Penny’s picture, etc.

  8. Are we sure that Ben was really the one that gave those orders or could the Others be acting on their own but using Ben as a cover? It seems possible. Everyone seems to believe that Ben has all these powers and is so brilliant that no matter where he is jailed that he can manipulate the island…perhaps the Others are taking advantage of this paranoia.

    I thought it was amusing that Hurley said he was “lucky” considering he was all bad luck before the island.

    It did seem like a pretty big reveal that Mr. Widmore wants to exploit the island’s powers. It kind of goes along with the theory that the island is or has the fountain of youth. I like the potential in that as an overall story-arc, that this whole show isn’t just a dream or something lame like that.

  9. My guess is that Michael’s the man on the boat (since he motored off the island on a small boat that I assume couldn’t go very far on a single tank of gas). I also think Sayid is working for Ben in the future to knock off Widmore.

  10. Matthew Fox says that he won’t do any more TV after LOST.

    He should rethink that. His movie that just came out, Vantage Point, is a real stinker.

    And maybe I misunderstood, but I swear I read in an interview with Lindelof that they were only doing flash-forwards for this season. My wife remembers this as well, so for a minute we both thought that smirk had made it off the island.

    Having a cliffhanger in the middle of the episode is really annoying. Especially when they decide not to tell you how it ends.

    I really disliked this episode, it reminds me why I almost gave up on the series during the beginning of last season.

  11. “And maybe I misunderstood, but I swear I read in an interview with Lindelof that they were only doing flash-forwards for this season. My wife remembers this as well, so for a minute we both thought that smirk had made it off the island.”

    I’m pretty sure that Cuse and Lindelof indicated that there would be both flashbacks and flashforwards. One thing they did say is that the flashbacks or flashforwards in each episode will always be presented in chronological order, which is a nice thing to know.

  12. A nice episode, but I happen to like Juliet a lot.

    What happened with Miles and what’s-her-face? A bit unfair to leave that so open.

  13. Last night, at the end of the episode, the ABC narrator said that we will learn who the final person of the Oceanic Six is. For the life of me, I can’t recall who the fifth person is. This is all I’ve got:

    1. Jack
    2. Kate
    3. Hurley
    4. Sayid

    Ben doesn’t count, and Aaron wasn’t on the flight’s manifest, and neither was Desmond (assuming he survives). Is it Wichael (Walt/Michael)?

    Any takers on who the fifth is?

  14. As of now, there are still two open spots.

    There’s rampant speculation (neither confirmed nor denied in the podcasts) that Ben is one of the Oceanic 6–that he assumes the identity of someone on the plane who has no next of kin or worldly connections. Michael is a good guess at this point. Sun’s not a horrible point, although the fact that she’s connected, through her father, to Charles Widmore adds a weird wrinkle.

    In one podcast, Cuse and Lindelof hinted that there will be something “tricky” about one or two of the Oceanic 6 members. Not sure what that means yet.

  15. The Ben/romance angle didn’t work much for me either. I liked him more as a kind of monkish, sexually ambivalent puppet master. Seeing him go all gooey for Juliet made him kind of pitiful. And Juliet knocking boots with a married dude didn’t quite seem to fit her character. I always thought of her as too cerebral to fall in love with a dude so abruptly, and too cautious/moral to do it with a married guy. And the whole sexual predator/Ben angle does take things in a creepy direction that I’m not all that thrilled about.

    Who gets off the island?

    Well, didn’t Desmond promise Charlie that by pressing the button, he was ensuring that Claire and Aaron got on the chopper. I know that is not the same as being rescued, but I think one of them will have to count as a rescued member…right? What about Sun/Jin? Jin seems to be the type of person to do anything to save her baby. She has three weeks to get off the island. Will she do it? I think the previews for next week were misleading…but, I think that one of them has a good chance of getting off.

  16. I see your point, but I can’t say I fully agree. With this episode, we now know Ben is heterosexual, and we also know that he uses his cultish manipulation not only to satisfy his desire for power, but also for sexual escapade as well (which is not uncommon among cult leaders). And I thought his bubbly personality while preparing dinner for Juliette was very revealing of how lurid and eery/sick he really is.

  17. “Juliet says definitely that the problem with pregnant women only happens to women who conceive on the island. Thus, the paternity of Sun’s baby might determine whether she lives or dies.”

    Haven’ t they already determined that the baby was conceived on the island?

    As far as the 5th Oceanic 6 survivor. What about the person whose funeral Jack went to at the end of last season, but Kate could not bring herself to go? It was a small casket in a black neighborhood and we know that Walt is taller and it could have been Michael. He is not kid sized, but he is kind of short 🙂

    Do we know if Penny’s father has some kind of illness and that is why he is looking for the island? He knows its ability to heal.

  18. Oh, also when the comment is made that Juliet “looks just like her”, could they have been referring to his mother? I am still convinced that this whole thing is Ben creation because he is trying to time travel and save his mother from dying during childbirth.

  19. SG, what I’ve learned is that if most of us are saying “It’s Michael,” than chances are … it’s not!

    But seriously, I can’t think of anyone else it could be, other than maybe “Giant Walt.”

  20. I don’t think Aaron is the 5th of the 6, but can we fully rule that out already? Even though he wasn’t on the manifest, he was technically on the plane. I could see him being included in the 6 in news coverage.

  21. BTW – Tempest references have long been made to Lost. It and it’s remake as the science fiction Forbidden Planet have a ton of parallels to Lost.

    This episode was definitely the weakest of the season but still good. It does make you dislike Ben even more.

    I think it obvious that Michael is Ben’s “man on the boat.”

    My guess is that Juliet will be dead by the end of the season.

  22. I agree David, I can’t help but think they are setting us up with this whole Michael on the boat thing. I can’t really think of anyone else either, maybe it is someone we think is dead.

    The part I don’t understand is even if it is Michael, and he does end up on the boat – how is he in contact with Michael? Why would he be spying for him all of a sudden? Was this part of the plan all along? Why would Michael go along with that?

  23. Oh regarding Ben and Juliet. It’s all about the little girl that Ben was in love with as a child. I expect a Ben flashback in the second half of the season that will explain a lot more.

    It’s too bad we’re losing so many episodes this season. There’s a lot of backstory we’re missing. There’s a lot happening this season.

    The one thing I hope is that if the man on the boat isn’t Walt or Michael that it’s not our mad one eyed Russian.

  24. Re Niki’s comment “Thus, the paternity of Sun’s baby might determine whether she lives or dies.”
    Haven’ t they already determined that the baby was conceived on the island?”

    Now that we know there’s a time difference between the island and the outside world does this mean it is not Jin’s baby?

  25. Clark,

    My wife and I both think that Juliete will commit suicide, or allow herself to die somehow. It’s so befitting of her name (again, from Shakespeare). Whether or not it’s a love-based suicide is still in the air for me.

    Has anybody ever noticed the connection between Daniel’s name (Daniel Faraday) and the real physicist Michael Faraday? Faraday was the one who spun a magnet and noticed that its magnetic field intensified. On the island, Daniel is clearly not only a scientist, but messes with electromagnetic stuff too.

    Names are big on Lost.

  26. I still wish the producers would nab a physics grad student to write some believable notes for Faraday.

    The paternity of Sun’s baby hasn’t been established. There was a scene two weeks ago where she says, “my baby” and her husband says, “don’t you mean our baby?”

  27. Juliet told Sun that she was 8 weeks pregnant when they ran off to the Staff Station together and did the maternity test. That means it happened on the island– remember Sun’s look of relief when she realized the baby was Jin’s?

  28. The only thing that makes me doubt that Michael is Ben’s spy on the boat is the fact that the ship people have the flight manifest and they seem to be very familiar with everyone on it. The helicopter pilot immediately recognized that Juliet wasn’t one of the flight 815 people; how would they miss Michael as the ship captain??

  29. Hmmm… good call Clark. But if it was a time thing, that would mean the baby has grown slow relative to the outside world where it was conceived since Juliet diagnosed it at 8 weeks. That didn’t happen with Claire, why with Sun?

  30. I’m pretty sure it’s Michael. While it may seem too obvious to us, it’s not to all my Lost friends.

    I’m pretty convinced that it is Ben’s mom that Juliet looks like. We have seen his mom, and she does look a lot like her. More than that, there is a painting in Ben’s house of his mom which has been there since his dad was alive.

    I have a couple of other things from recent episodes which I wanted to mention:

    First is Faraday using Desmond as his constant. Isn’t it strange that the picture on Brother Campbell’s desk of himself and Ms. Hawking was taken at the exact spot that Desmond meets Faraday?

    The second is during Miles’ flashback when he goes up stairs and they focus on the pictures on the old lady’s wall. When he goes up, all the picture frames are wooden, but on the way back down all the frames become metal and seem to be arranged slightly differently.

  31. Now that I compare his mom to the painting, I’m not convinced that it’s her in it at all.

  32. Which is really creepy since the woman who played Ben’s mom is actually his wife in real life. Wow. Oedipus Rex is Lost.

  33. John K., don’t forget that Ben has had regular contact with the outside world, including video of Juliette’s sister, newspapers, and probably even telephone contact with the outside world too. The freighter wouldn’t be a problem.

  34. What really got me in this episode was how “girlie” Ben is. By “girlie” I mean passive-aggressive, non-confrontational. For instance, Juliet and Harper both recognize Ben for the threat that he is. They know how those girl-games are played. Goodwin, on the other hand, is still thinking in terms of guyness; direct confrontations. “What’s Ben gonna do?” he asks.

    (Sorry about the over-the-top misogyny, but c’mon, we all know what I’m talking about.)

  35. David,

    my question is more how would he know Michael was on the freighter? Apparently he is not friends with those on the ship. So the only person on the ship he recieves info from would be Michael. So how would he recieve that information? Michael would have to have contacted him from the boat, and even if Michael would want to do that, how on earth would he have known how to?

  36. If the four folks from the ship knew the crew they’d know he was Michael but why would that be a big thing for them? They clearly aren’t telling the Losties much.

    Jeff, Ben is pretty emotionally undeveloped although his flashbacks from when he was a kid explains why. I agree the whole Ben/Goodwin bit was interesting.

  37. BTW – my wife brought up a point last night. What was up with Penny calling both the boat and the undersea facility? Was this just an accident? Or is there a connection between the two? She remembers folks on the undersea station being told not to answer just as on the boat.

    BTW2 – who is manipulating Locke. Ben or Jacob?

  38. You guys are all amazing. I enjoy the show, but I just don’t know it on the level you folks do. I really enjoy reading these recaps and all of the deep insight, even if I can’t add to it.

  39. I didn’t like Juliet in the beginning- her naive self and then the butch jaded Juliet, but now I’m beginning to like her. She goes for the hottie, Goodwin, and that made her just more well-rounded to me. And the idea that she has botox is still there with me, but not as persistent. I can seriously stop being a fan if she martyrs herself.

    I think it’s Michael on the boat, and in the casket.

    Since I’ve seen the Tempest a zillion times, here’s my mapping of characters. The best bit is the circumstance in the beginning of the Tempest: Prospero finds that his enemy’s ship is nearby and he conjures up a storm to shipwreck it and: split it in two. Very cool, if they did follow this closely.

    Brother of duke of milan/usurper: Widmore
    Prospero/Duke of Milan: Ben
    Alonso: Jack?
    Antonio: Locke? (brother of Ben)
    Caliban: Michael (sorry, i know it’s racial profiling, but mostly because he is a ready pawn)
    Ariel: Cross between Juliet & French lady & Kate
    Miranda: Alex, Ben’s daughter – nice

  40. JeffG, you’re right. It’s over-the-top misogyny.

    Ben is manipulative because he’s a short little man with a super dysfunctional background. He wouldn’t have gotten far by trying to beat up people like Goodwin. He strategizes and plays mind games because he’s an evil genius and that’s what evil geniuses do, not because he is like a woman.

  41. OK correction on the ship’s roster:

    Antonio – either Locke, or Jack (brother of Ben)
    King Alonso – Widmore (though not on boat… is this Locke?)
    Alonso’s brother Sebastian – Michael
    Alonso’s royal advisor Gonzalo – Desmond
    Alonso’s son, Ferdinand – Alex’s boyfriend, forgot his name

    Maybe the King Alonso character is Jack since Ben knew he was on the ship, like in the play. Hmmm…

  42. Clark,

    Penny wasn’t calling the boat necessarily as much as she was sending out a signal and whoever would answer it, she would talk to them. Mukowski was under orders not to answer her signal, remember. I highly doubt that Penny knows about the underwater facility at all. It just so happened that Charlie answered her ping.

  43. I was more thinking about the connection between the boat and the undersea facility: or more precisely what those folks Ben sent there were doing. I didn’t think Penny knew what it was although her knowledge is probably due to investigating her Father.

  44. Christian Shepherd is the man on the boat…

    if it’s obviously Michael (fan guesses and theories, credit references) then obviously it is NOT michael. The fact that it’s well know they film certain important scenes on the show using different actors to keep the talent in the dark… then the last thing they would do is give us obvious hints to the man on the boat…

    my guess is…the man on the boat will be the episode 8 cliffhanger… and i have a feeling it’s Christian Shepherd… afterall, there was no body in the casket, and Ben could have very well faked his death. Just a shot in the dark… but keep in mind Christian Shepherd was the man sitting in Jacobs cabin in 4.01

    and who is to say that Christian doesn’t end up being one of the oceanic 6, somehow, dies, and is the person in casket in 3.23… all just stupid speculation… but one thing on this show ive learned…nothing is EVER as it seems

  45. Can’t be Christian – I’m pretty sure in a podcast, it’s been confirmed that he’s definitely dead.

    It’s also been said that Michael will return by ep 8, so I still think Michael’s the guy on the boat.

  46. Dan, please refrain from posting spoilers about upcoming episodes in LOST threads.

    Speculation = okay.

    Spoilers = not okay.

    Perhaps the preview post would be a better place to make these kinds of comments.

  47. Yeah, the writers said in a Podcast those who are dead will stay dead. I know that disappoints all of you Nikki and Paolo afficianados out there…

  48. I know almost everyone hates Nikki and Paolo but can I admit I really dug that episode? Yeah it was mainly a riff on an old Alfred Hitchcock episode. But I liked it and it is probably in a broad sense related to the theme of the island. (Think Eco’s fate even though I hated that episode)

  49. Of course zombies are dead technically. Ditto with ghosts and vampires. So what’s Charlie and Jack’s Dad? Ghosts or projections of Jacob? (Or the Island?)

  50. I REALLY liked that episode from Season 3…mainly because it is self-contained and was a good yarn.

  51. That was right up there with Jack in Thailand as one of the worst episodes for me. To me it was the height of the show dragging out the narrative as much as they could to make the show last as long as possible without advancing the actual story. The show nearly lost me around that period.

  52. The Nicki and Paulo episode is still the one episode I have not yet watched. I’ve got it on my computer and can watch it at any point, but, well, I never cared for those two characters, the episode was self-contained, and as such, didn’t feel any loss at not seeing it. I’ll see it some day

  53. I really liked the Nikki and Paolo episode, too. I agree that it felt very classic Hitchcock/Twilight Zone. I don’t think every episode needs to answer big questions to be entertaining.

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