Yuletide Gratitude

Here are my five reasons for being grateful this holiday season:

5. Radiohead restoring my faith in grassroots capitalism by exposing the hollowness of bands and record labels who use single, catchy tracks to push entire albums of mostly crap and then try to sue their fans for stealing them.

4. Brett Favre, for proving me right in my arguments with family members: he is a superior quarterback to Steve Young (in the sports category Honorable Mentions go to Boston area sports — go Celtics! — and Jeff Van Gundy’s brilliantly honest color-commentary for ABC/ESPN).

3. Twin Peaks — The Definitive Gold Box Edition, DVD. Finally, the original Pilot Episode, and Seasons 1 and 2 in one place. Can I get a hallelujah, Diane?

2. HBO, On Demand: The Wire, Season 4. HBO is running season 4 of perhaps television’s greatest dramatic series all December — a splendid Christmas present for those who need a re-up before the 5th and final season begins in January.

1. Well adapted books. Beginning in early 2007 with the wide theater release of the Alfonso Cuaron’s magnificent Children of Men and culminating with the Coen Brothers’ triumphal return to cinematic greatness (two stories that explored the relationship between narrative, violence, and human meaning), the film industry has graced moviegoers with a steady output of well-made, entertaining films based upon books, fiction and non-fiction alike. Examples include Zodiac; Gone, Baby, Gone; Kiterunner; There Will be Blood; Atonement; and Charlie Wilson’s War. With Yann Martel’s The Life of Pi and William Gibson’s Pattern Recognition in the cinematic offings, one hopes that the standard will hold.

Christmas Wish List:

A peaceful end to the writer’s strike.

A Lost season 4 that lives up to its promise.

An end to 24.

A less-than-4-year hiatus before Radiohead’s next album.

A wardrobe malfunction at the 2008 Superbowl to distract us from the steady decline in the quality of the commercials.

Advanced screening passes to The Dark Night.

On earth peace, good will toward men.

Yours Truly,
Cinnamon J. Scudworth


13 thoughts on “Yuletide Gratitude

  1. Radiohead made more money by selling their new album directly on their website, with fans choosing the amount they pay, than they did on all their previous records combined.

    They also don’t want to tour because of all the driving the fans do to get to their shows. Bad carbon footprint.

  2. Actually Susan, I think more precisely they said they made more digital money on this album than all digital versions of their previous records combined.

  3. I just wish Twin Peaks was available in HD DVD. I can’t justify getting Twin Peaks, of course. (I have season 1 minus the first episode) Man I loved that show…

    My hidden shame. I’ve been so busy I’ve not (yet) listened to the new Radiohead album.

    My wish list.

    Deadwood Season 4.

    A good 24 – at least as good as season 1 episodes 1-12.

    The end to the writers strike and the full season of Lost.

    The Dark Night being as good as that trailer looks.

    Indiana Jones being as good as we’re all wishing.

  4. Clark, having seen the first six minutes of The Dark Knight (attached to the IMAX version of I Am Legend, which I would give a B+), I believe it will be really great.

  5. I’d been thinking over the past few years that Favre was good but not great, that despite his big numbers he didn’t belong in the conversation for all-time greatest. But this year he’s amazing. He’s better than Elway was in his last couple of years.

    The reason I’m grateful for Favre’s amazing year is that he’s my fantasy QB. I expected him to do OK for me, but he’s my highest scoring player. Thanks to him I’m in the championship game this week. [/nerdtalk]

    The Dark Night. Oh man. I haven’t been this excited for a movie in a long time.

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