Review: BSG Razor

BSG Razor was a big reminder of when Battlestar Galactica used to be better–you know, before it tried to become L.A. Law in space.

The return of the Cylons being a constant threat made for a much more dramatic storyline, and it allowed the show to return to what it does best. Namely, examine hard decisions made in the face of unthinkable acts. I always thought Admiral Cain was a great character and I enjoyed her return (if only in flashbacks) and I applaud the writers on not trying too hard to humanize her. Letting the circumstances justify her actions much more than a complicated backstory was still the right choice.

Plus, the whole hybrid storyline gave diehard fans just enough brain fodder to think over until the show starts up again. It was a nice set up for the final season. Who was that freaky old dude in the tub? What will Starbuck’s role as a “herald of the apocalypse?”

In my mind, putting Adama at the scene of hybrid experimentation fuels speculation about whether he isn’t a hybrid, or the one remaining unrevealed Cylon. He clearly felt really strongly about being involved in the situation, in spite of some double talk about it being Apollo’s call to make, he had his say. Makes me wonder if he had something to hide. He didn’t want the ship to blow up, but it blew up anyway. Very interesting. It’s almost too obvious, but the way I see it, the writers have to wrap the old man up tightly in the final scenario in some way. We’ll see…


6 thoughts on “Review: BSG Razor

  1. It was great, no doubt. It raised all kinds of interesting questions and was definitely some of the best of TV. Good stuff.

  2. Just a quick question, as I haven’t seen it addressed any where else: we watch BSG on DVD exclusively (we don’t have cable) and as season 3 hasn’t been released yet domesticaly, will watching Razor spoil anything from season 3? Or should we wait till Moore and Co. decide to finally release it and then watch razor?

  3. Razor won’t spoil anything, as the time period it covers is only seasons 1 & 2. However, there is some subtle continuity nods you might miss if you haven’t seen seasons 3. That’s about it.

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