Most Eagerly Awaited Shows

Well it’s almost September and the fall premieres are already being advertised. Yes some of our favorite shows won’t be here until January or February. (Lost, I’m looking at you) But there are plenty that will. While I confess there are no new shows I’m terribly excited about (Bionic Woman? Come on) but there are some returning ones I’m pretty excited about. So here’s the place to rant and rave about your anticipation.

My picks:

1. House: I love this show. Yeah it’s unbelievable at times and it can be annoying that his doctors do everything. (Reminds me a little of CSI in that) But it had a great cliff hanger and remains one of the better written shows. It starts September 25.

2. Battlestar Galactica: Yeah last season was a big disappointment. Especially compared to previous seasons. Not disappointment on the order of last season’s 24. But big. Still there were some good episodes and the season finale was pretty wild. Supposedly he’s going to wrap it up with them finding earth. I’ve heard mixed dates on when it will premiere though. Hopefully before Christmas.

3. Heroes: OK it was a fantastic show with undoubtedly the lamest finale ever. Here’s really hoping they recover from that. Rumor is the blonde haired spy plays the ancient Samurai from the finale. Whaat? Here’s hoping that this year some of the big plot holes and matters of convenience are fixed. (i.e. Hiro learning to be a Samurai how fast?) Reportedly they are doing a mix of stand alone episodes introducing new heros aiming for a Twighlight Zone “moral teaching” vibe and then the main series. Premieres September 24.

4. Lost: Can I even put this here when it’s more than six months before it premieres? Probably not. So anything awaiting 2008 doesn’t count.

Dang. That’s all I could come up with. Uh oh. Looks like I may finally get caught up on my blogging and Netflix accounts again. After about 5 or more years of amazing TV this fall is looking to be a bit weak. The only new show that looked vaguely interesting, New Amsterdam, has been postponed to mid season. Which isn’t too auspicious. Is TV returning to it’s more typical state after a run of innovation and quality? It sure looks like it.


17 thoughts on “Most Eagerly Awaited Shows

  1. The only things I’m looking forward to are Lost and the final season of The Wire, both of which don’t premiere until 2008. I’ll watch House but last season was pretty lame so I dunno how far in I’ll make it.

    I heard The Riches got picked up for another season – maybe I’ll give that another shot. I started watching it because I love Eddie Izzard but I was pretty bored and stopped watching after 3 or 4 episodes.

  2. I thought the Hiro becoming a samurai so fast issue had something to do with his father’s power to be a teacher. If that isn’t the explanation, then there is a serious problem.

    I’m looking forward to the same shows as you, minus Battlestar Galactica. Not because I wouldn’t like BG – but because I haven’t seen it. It must be on a channel we’re not getting.

  3. The existing shows I’m looking forward to returning:

    Lost – This should go without saying. February 2008. Hopefully, by then I’ll be recharged to start blogging it again.

    The Office – I’m hoping that Jim and Pam’s first actual date won’t be a shark jump, but this show finished out last season really strong, I thought.

    House – I actually thought season 3 was very sub-par, even though the show is more popular than ever, but it certainly ended with an interesting twist, and I’m curious to see what they do with it next season.

    Heroes – Last season had moments of greatness, and other times when it seems like the writers were taken a bit off guard by the show’s success. Hopefully the off season gave them time to think and plan out exactly what they want from season 2. Expect to see Kristin Bell in a guest-starring role for a mini-arc. That should be fun.

    Ugly Betty – This show has sort of become a guilty pleasure, but it’s fun.

    New shows:

    The Bionic Woman – I’m giving this one a shot, Clark, and you should too. It’s got some of the same people behind it as BSG.

    Pushing up Daiseys – I don’t actually know much about this show, but it’s getting a lot of good buzz.

  4. I think it’ll just get better. (Worse)

    I’m worried the Office is going to jump the shark this season. Too many episodes planned. I’m worried they won’t be able to keep the quality up.

  5. I’ve not even caught up on last season’s BSG, so I am not sure I’m looking forward to this season. Which is odd given that during seasom 1 I thought it was far and away the best show on TV.

    I am looking forward to 30 Rock, and I guess The Office. That is about it.

  6. brian v, i too am definitely looking forward to the final season of the wire, but am not too happy that it’s the final season. i don’t think it starts until sometime in ’08 though.

  7. The Office and Lost for current shows. I’ll be watching Heroes,too, but I don’t have much confidence.

    Apparently production for the new season of 24 has been delayed due to creative difficulties. I hope that’s a good thing.

    Looks to be one of the weakest years for new show in recent memory. Pushing Daisies and Life both look very promising. I liked Journeyman better when it had Scott Bakula in it.

  8. Oh yeah, and last year’s best new show, Friday Night Lights. Even though they have a different coach this year–noooooo!

    FNL was the biggest snub for the Emmy’s, both for Best Drama as well as Best Actor/Actress.

  9. BSG, Bionic Woman, Heroes, Pushing Daisies, Lost, and The Office. Is there anything else on?

    Heroes + Kristen Bell. Nice.

  10. 30 Rock. I think I’ll probably check out “Chuck.” And my guilty pleasure will be Kitchen Nightmares.

    I’m also looking forward to BSG and Heroes on Netflix.

  11. Ironically, I just returned from an advertising luncheon where each Network showed clips of most of their upcoming shows.

    Pushing Daisies
    Bionic Woman

    Sarah Connor Chronicles doesn’t look very good. And Cavemen is about what you’d expect. I give it three episodes.

  12. HOtel Babylon was recommended to me the other day when I admitted I liked MI-5- all on BBC America.

    Heroes! Ugly Betty! BSG!

    I’ll check the others mentioned here- though nothing has really flipped my lid like Lost. wah wah wah.

    I’m a late-comer to the American Office, but I’m hooked already.

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