LOST: “Through the Looking Glass”

Spoilers from the two-hour season finale (code name: “rattlesnake in the mailbox”) and more after the break. And I mean it this time. If you have not seen the last episode of season three, do NOT click on the link below.

Links and miscellanea:

  • Not a lot of new information came out of this week’s official podcast (the final podcast of the season) because producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof were playing the season finale close to the vest. The did mention that one of the Monster’s sounds was taken from the receipt machines in New York City cabs (this isn’t new information) and that the Looking Glass is the “underwater station” referred to on the hatch’s blast door map.
  • I didn’t watch the podcast-like LOST special with Cuse and Lindelof last week, “The Answers,” but others did. This recap from the Lost Blog is helpful. It doesn’t sound like there was that much that someone who has been paying attention wouldn’t have already known.
  • Ian Somerhalder (Boone) will next be seen as Marco Polo on a Hallmark Channel made-for-TV movie. Maybe Marco traveled the world to avoid having to look after his annoyingly snotty and spoiled half-sister.
  • There’s a new LOST game available for iPods at the iTunes Music Store. Unfortunately, you have to play as Jack.
  • Apparently, Clitheroe residents were none too happy about being designated the British Tallahassee by Charlie last week.
  • Buddy TV has a short feature on new cast member Marsha Thomason (Naomi Dorrit a/k/a parachute girl) and the strangeness of acting while completely in the dark about the story and a longer feature on LOST’s top unanswered questions.
  • Here’s a finale eve feature on Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet).
  • Season 3 just wrapped, but the season 3 DVD box art has already been uncovered. No word on the release date yet, but I’m sure it will be out well in time for lagging fans to get caught up well before the January/February start date for season 4.
  • Harold Perrineau (Michael) is leaving open the possibility that he might return to LOST as early as last season. “It is a possibility. I just don’t know when and if it’s going to happen. I did another pilot for CBS called Demons. I’m waiting to hear about that. With Lost, they just announced that they’re going to end in three seasons, so now they’re just really starting to board out this final run of things. For my part, I hope Michael and Walt are part of that. So, there has been talk but no official talk yet.” The latest rumors were that contract negotiations had broken down and ended badly, leaving Michael’s return doubtful.

Observations and speculations:

  • So we start this episode back on Oceanic Airlines. The woman sitting immediately behind Jack looks like she could be Sun’s doppelganger. I know this might sound hard to believe, but I had a hunch from almost the beginning that this was a post-island flashforward and not a flashback. I can’t pinpoint exactly what it was that tipped me off. There were little clues along the way as well: the fact that Jack didn’t know the chief of surgeon at his hospital, Jack’s Motorola Razr phone (Razr’s didn’t enter the market until 2005—which makes them post-crash), and a few other details. The only thing that had me doubting was Jack’s constant reference to his father. Then again, every time he mentioned Christian Shepard, everyone looked at him like he was nuts. Which he was.
  • Jack dials 310-555-0148, a fictional phone number in the West LA area. According to Wikipedia, “310 is one of the best-known area codes due to its frequent citation in popular culture.”
  • Why we have to love Sayid: “I’m willing to give my life if it means securing rescue, but I’m not giving it up for nothing. Understand?”
  • Why we have to love Rose: “Say it again.” Bernard: “I am a dentist, I am not Rambo.”
  • I didn’t notice at first that “Malcolm David Kelley” was listed as a “special guest star” in the credits. It was a bit awkward that he was a few inches taller and his voice a couple registers deeper than when we last saw him. My theory: he didn’t play Walt. He played a manifestation of the Smoke Monster and/or Jacob.
  • What a thorough redemption for Charlie. Not only did he die in a sublime act of self-sacrifice, but he also demonstrated some mad manipulation skills during his time as a captive of the Looking Glass.
  • Funny parallel to second season: when Charlie is tied up in the Looking Glass and Bonnie (or Greta, whichever) is beating on him, the other one says, “Hey! Take it easy!” And the one doing the beating says, “Take it easy? He’s one of them!” This is very much like the situation in season 2 when Sayid, Locke and Jack have Ben locked inside the armory of the hatch.
  • I don’t blame Jin for missing. A pistol is a lot harder to aim with than a rifle.
  • The woman who was part of the mission to abduct the pregnant woman had a pneumatic syringe gun with her. Why did she plan on drugging the women immediately? To silence them?
  • Once again, we see that the 815 survivors are far more lethal than the Others, whatever the difference in their motivations. This week’s score: survivor kills – 11; Other kills – 1 (not including Greta and Bonnie, two of their own).
  • Sarah, Jack’s ex, is pregnant. This is perhaps another clue that it was a flashforward.
  • Sawyer is a changed man after killing Cooper. He calls Kate Kate, Hurley Hugo and doesn’t hesitate to murder Tom. The fun-loving Sawyer may be a thing of the past.
  • Mikhail believed that Bonnie and Greta were “on assignment in Canada.” In other words, the Others, whoever they are, have international operations. Which we already kind of knew, but this is further confirmation. Could it be that Ben told people that because he didn’t want them to know that leaving the island was now beyond his power? He also tells Alex that he doesn’t let the survivors leave because he “can’t.”
  • Juliet reveals that the Kate and Sawyer chain gang was building a runway, though she doesn’t know for what. This could be more deception by Ben to make the Others believe that leaving the island is possible.
  • If I was Locke, and I woke up in a mass DHARMA grave with a gut wound, I’d probably look for a way to kill myself too. Just before Locke sees “Walt,” he hears the whispers. The whispers seem to be associated with Jacob, and possibly also with the Smoke Monster.
  • Rumors are that HD screen captures of the obituary carried around by Jack include a name that just might be Jeremy Bentham. [EDIT: Screen capture can be found here.] Bentham was a utilitarian philosopher who was influenced by, among others, John Locke and David Hume. He’s also known for the wacky escapades involving his corpse, which is owned an on display at the University of London and where his head has gone missing and been stolen by pranking students. I haven’t seen the screen caps yet myself and I couldn’t make out anything sporting the cathode-ray technology.
  • The funeral that Jack tried to attend was of someone he considers neither friend nor family. He also thinks that Kate might have wanted to attend. We don’t get many clues for who it was, though. I told my wife that I knew exactly what was inside the coffin. After looking at me sideways for a second, she replied, right on cue: “A MacGuffin!” Incidentally, the funeral parlor he visits is called the “Hoffs/Drawlar Funeral Parlor.” The name is an anagram for “flash forward.”
  • Why do the Others trust Jacob, someone who apparently none of them have ever spoken to, except through Ben? That question needs and explanation.
  • Ben talks about a decision he made that “took the lives of over 40 people in a single day.” Is he referring to the purge? I sort of got the idea that that was a plan hatched by the Hostiles. Is he suggesting that he masterminded the purge? Or is he referring to something else?
  • Ben was apparently being truthful when he said that Naomi is not who she says she is. But was this a half-truth. It was used for his own self-serving purposes. Ben calls her “one of the bad guys.” Who could this be referring to? Some group associated with DHARMA, who lost the ability to contact the island and are looking to dish out some payback for the purge? Or someone else entirely? We know that Ben was at least partially lying because at least two living people on the island (Jack and Kate) were not killed by Naomi’s group.
  • Could a person, even a person who’s well-versed in pop songs, really tap out the melody to “Good Vibrations” on a keypad? In the LOST world, the answer is yes.
  • Why we have to love Rousseau: “Will you help me tie him up.” Quite a way to introduce yourself to your long-lost offspring.
  • Hurley and the killer VW bus was awesome. That bus has quite the history, since it’s also the scene of Ben’s patricide.
  • Sayid’s scissor-hold-neck-breaking-leg move was positively Jack Bauer-esque.
  • Oxycodone, Jack’s addiction, is an opiate similar to codeine.
  • Penny Widmore communicated with the Looking Glass by transmission. How is this possible? It may have something to do with her father’s connections with DHARMA paying off. It could be random transmissions, but that seems highly unlikely. She doesn’t seem to know anything about a boat (at least she’s not on one). She’s in a room that has a globe and a large wall map.
  • Rousseau set up her transmission three days before Alex was born. Which means that she gave birth to Alex when she was all alone. Woah.
  • Now we know why Ben didn’t like Karl. Karl was a threat. He didn’t want his daughter to be promiscuous, become pregnant, and die. I’m sure all fathers of daughters can relate.
  • The man on the other end of the “phone thingy” is Minkowski. That name will probably come up again, I’m guessing.
  • The map room scene at the end was brilliant. For anyone who hadn’t picked up on the “flashforward,” this was the most obvious clue prior to Kate’s appearance. Jack is obviously tormented by the idea of finding the island.

This episode left so many important questions unanswered. Here’s an abbreviated list:

  • Who is Naomi, really, if Penelope Widmore doesn’t know her? Why did she lie about being part of the Widmore rescue team?
  • What was “the temple” that Ben spoke of when he was directing the Others where to go?
  • What is the connection between Locke and Jacob, and what does Locke see his role as now?
  • Why was Ben lying to his people about the Looking Glass being out of commission?
  • Why did Ben feel that it was important to keep jamming the communications on the island without telling the Others that he was doing it?
  • Whose funeral did Jack attend?
  • Why does Jack tell Kate, “We have to go back” to the island?
  • And, perhaps most importantly, why does Kate look so much better on the island than off?

It’s going to be a long break. No new LOST until January or February of 2008. This was an amazing season finale, but I’m still not sure how I feel about the ending. What will this mean for the show? Where does it go from here? Was the scene with Jack and Kate the final scene chronologically, or will the story end at some point beyond? Will we have flashforwards now instead of flashbacks? Will that be as interesting for the audience?

It’s a lot to think about, and we have a lot to discuss.


95 thoughts on “LOST: “Through the Looking Glass”

  1. Did Naomi necessarily lie about being part of the Widmore rescue team? My current theory is that she was sent by Widmore, but that Penny’s father is doing things without Penny’s knowledge and that she didn’t know about it. Penny is trying to find Desmond, but maybe her father has some other interest in the island. Could he be funding Dharma or have some position with them? Perhaps he’s sending people to find the island to find out what’s going on there. Maybe he’s using the information Penny gets for his own selfish desires and not telling her.

  2. Awesome finale. I think it will be interesting to see what has occured in the past from the flash forward. Obviously, Desmond’s prophecy came true and the group was rescued. I wonder who all stayed behind? Probably Locke. I suspect Jack made Ben leave the island since he was captured. I wonder if the others stayed since they are at the temple and what is going on with the island? I suspect Desmond is still at the underwater station since he was warned the boat was not Penney’s.

  3. A few things I don’t get:
    Why couldn’t Charlie and Desmond have just swam up to the surface after the grenade went off?

    Why was Locke willing to kill Naomi to stop the phone call but not Jack?

    Why the hell can’t Locke just tell Jack why he thinks he’s making a mistake by calling for help?

  4. There are still three seasons left. That’s as much time as we’ve had since the first episode (except the next three seasons aren’t going to be as long as the first three). There’s still PLENTY that’s going to happen.

    Awesome finale. Loved Hurley coming to the rescue, loved the neck-breaking leg move by Sayid, loved all the intensity, loved Charlie’s exit, I loved that Jack had the nads to allow Sayid, Jin and Bernard to die. Good stuff.

    My biggest dissapointment of the episode? “Why didn’t you just kill him?” “Because I want him to see us get rescued and know that he failed.” Come on. This is exactly the plot device that Austin Powers makes fun of. JUST KILL HIM!!! I mean, obviously we’re going to need Ben around for future episodes but it makes for a weak excuse as to why he’s still alive.

    The more I think about the overall theory of the show the more I think it’s a symbol of life and religion. Jacob is God, Ben a prophet, the people following Ben because they believe in the whole mission. The chick in the hatch saying her thing about Jacob and belief. I don’t know, is there anything to that?

  5. Well, it wouldn’t be Lost if everyone were open with their motivations and thoughts.

    Quick thought on the flash-forward (FF): Why is Kate not on the run? She is wanted for multiple homicides/armed robbery, etc…? Did she get absolved because she was in a plane wreck, or did she assume someone else’s ID as an alias? Who did she have to run back to ?

    I think Jack was pretty clear that he was going to kill Ben once they were ready to get off the island.

    Charlie felt that he had to self-sacrifice in order to have Claire and Aaron rescued. Des is adamant that in order for his flashes to come true, they have to happen exactly as he sees them.

    So, are we to believe that Naomi’s comment that they found all the 815 bodies is a lie?

    Is Mikhail Jason Voorhees? The man CANNOT die.

  6. Re #3..

    I’m sure Locke’s sole devotion is to whatever allowed him to walk out of that pit, be oit the island, Jacob or whatever else. That tells me that whatever that power is wants Jack alive and on the island.

  7. Also…I will need to watch the conversation beteween Kate and Jack again, but why did Jack say that he didn’t want to lie anymore?

    Perhaps people really didn’t know what he had been through. Did he have to sign some nondisclosure agreement when he was rescued?

  8. I think that Dharma must be a subsidary (sp?) of Widmore. Look how the transmission coming in was already directed to the Looking glass and Penny was surprised to find out that Desmond was on the island. Could it just be a coincidence that Desmond is on the island and that Penny was trying to find the island for other reasons. (Maybe her father told her it was valuable and that it had disappeared when the hostiles took over Dharma.)

    It could be that Ben wasn’t lying when he said that Naomi’s group was trying to take it over too. She might represent another company who is also trying to make a “hostile” bid for the island. (Although that doesn’t explain why she had Desmond’s photo.) I’ve thought it was curious that they haven’t shown much Desmond/Naomi interaction since she crashed. You would think that he would want to hear lots about her and vice versa if she was really looking for him. Maybe if her group is in competition with Widmore over the island she was just doing opposition research on Penny and picked up on the missing Desmond that way.

  9. Charlie felt that he had to self-sacrifice in order to have Claire and Aaron rescued. Des is adamant that in order for his flashes to come true, they have to happen exactly as he sees them.

    OK. So Charlie essentially committed suicide for the sake of Claire’s rescue? He knew he had to drown and closing the door was the way to ensure that that happened? That makes a little sense. But he definitely could have escaped up to the surface if he had wanted to.

  10. Beyond the religion parallels, I also caught a Homeland Security/Patriot Act reference in there. Ben told Mikhail that he had to take desperate measures and lie to everyone because the threat they were facing was unlike any other they had faced before.

  11. Minkowski is a space-time reference. Minkowski was a mathematician, I think, who developed what is known as Minkowski space, a 4-dimensional system including the 3 dimensions of space plus the dimension of time. Einstein’s Theory of Relativity was, at least in part, built upon the mathematics of Minkowski.

    I think they’re hinting at a space-time anomoly that exists on the island. I also think there is something going on with the “future” that exists after leaving the island. It may be incongruous with the past that existed before the crash. Jack’s father may very well be alive in this disjointed future, and Kate may not be wanted for any crimes, as her past is not the past she once had.

  12. I would have expected Locke to at least kill Ben.

    It doesn’t seem accurate to me that he’d just walk off after Ben shooting him previously.

    It seems to me that Ben has suddenly lost his credentials as a leader and now it seems that we are seeing set-up scenes for a “bigger villain” to show up – which is similar to what happened with Sylar in the finale with Heroes. I think both shows have decided they need to find a “bigger villain” before they dispose of the old one.

  13. From Wikipedia:

    The beginning part of Hermann Minkowski’s address delivered at the 80th Assembly of German Natural Scientists and Physicians (September 21, 1908) is now famous:

    The views of space and time which I wish to lay before you have sprung from the soil of experimental physics, and therein lies their strength. They are radical. Henceforth space by itself, and time by itself, are doomed to fade away into mere shadows, and only a kind of union of the two will preserve an independent reality.

  14. I figure Locke walked off because he didn’t want to get rescued.

    The moment I saw that Motorola Razor phone I knew it was a flash forward. I hate product placement, but I have to admit that it was a clever way for Motorola to get some advertisment. Let’s just hope we don’t see more of this.

  15. I think the biggest question is who is that coffin.

    I figure Ben is the most likely candidate. He seems like he’d be the guy who would have no one show up at his viewing. Plus Jeremy Benthem seems like a possible alias for Ben Linus.

    Another possiblity might be Sawyer (assuming he was rescued too). In the future, Kate and Sawyer’s relationship will have dissolved, because as suggested in this episode Sawyer has turned a corner and become a brutal violent man.

  16. I don’t like the theory that there are alternate versions of the past, or alternate futures. I prefer to think that the flashfoward represents what will happen in the future, and the questions now will be how did it happen and what, if anything, will happen beyond that point.

    I don’t have a good explanation for why Kate isn’t a fugitive. Perhaps the people who got Kate and Jack off the island were powerful enough to get Kate immunity for her past crimes. Maybe they struck a deal requiring Jack and Kate to lie about what had happened to them.

    Thanks for the Minkowski references. Rarely is anything on LOST not significant, though I probably should have Googled more diligently last night.

  17. It could be that Jack and Kate somehow struck some deal to get off the island with the intention of coming back for the rest of the group. Then the person that would have helped them get back to the island died and is the person in the coffin. (hey, why not?)

  18. I still have a major issue with the show that annoys the crap out of me.

    A whole season has gone by and there’s a giant blank spot from last season’s finale. We still don’t know exactly what happened when the hatch blew up. How did Locke, Ecko, and Desmond get out of there?

  19. My guess would be Ben in the coffin too. That’s why no one would show up for the funeral and Kate seemed repelled by the idea that she would show up for it. I’ll bet Ben is cast from paradise (the island) when Naomi’s ship shows up and ends up broken and alone in downtown LA.

    Jack mentions getting a “golden ticket” to fly free on Oceanic. Unless Oceanic is also part of the plot, that would somehow indicate that they were given money/stuff to compensate them for being in the crash by at least Oceanic.

  20. I knew something was “off” with the flashes of Jack off the island, mainly because the flashes usually correlate somehow to the events on the island. These didn’t. I attributed it to the “Through the Looking Glass” motif, that somehow we were seeing Jack’s inverse.

    I think he wants to go back, because:
    a) he was a hero there.
    b) he and Kate were there.
    c) nothing back for him at home
    d) perhaps he had to strike another deal to get off the island, and some people were left behind.

  21. Who says Kate isn’t still a fugitive? They met late at night by an airport. She could easily still be in hiding.

    It actually sounds like she’s under someone’s control. She says something to the effect that “He’ll be wondering where I am.” Maybe she’s part of Ben’s (or Jacob’s) cult.

    And yeah, Freckles looks better when her freckles aren’t covered up by makeup.

  22. I don’t think we’ve met the person who ends up in the coffin. I just can’t make sense of it being anyone we are currently familiar with.

  23. Also…I will need to watch the conversation beteween Kate and Jack again, but why did Jack say that he didn’t want to lie anymore?

    perhaps the lie he is talking about is that they try to believe that they were better off being rescued than staying on the island. but now he wishes he had never left it.

  24. i think the past ( flash-backs) are wiped out – when the group leaves the islands. The ( flash-forwards) are the new future events that happens without all the bad things that had happened in their past. Hence, Jacks Dad is still alive, Kate isn’t a fugative ( her step-dad is in the coffin b/c he died of natural causes rather than her killing him). He goes there to see if Kate would go. He’s a bad person and has no friends or family. Jack is tormented because he never meets his wife.

    Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There (1871) is a work of children’s literature by Lewis Carroll (Charles Lutwidge Dodgson), generally categorized as literary nonsense. It is the sequel to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, although it makes no reference to its events. In it, there are many mirror themes, including opposites, time running backwards, and so on.

    Alice ponders what the world is like on the other side of a mirror, and to her surprise, is able to pass through to experience the alternate world. She discovers a book with looking-glass poetry, “Jabberwocky,” which she can read only by holding it up to a mirror.

  25. Look at the coffin here.

    That’s a small coffin. Considering the parlor is in a black neighborhood, how about Walt? Or are the producers counting on my racial prejudices.

  26. boy was Jack’s pounding of Ben satisfying!

    I was slightly disappointed with the ending, only because I felt there should have been more. Oh well, I guess I gotta wait seven months or so.

  27. I noticed that the funeral was in a poor black neighborhood, and that the coffin was kind of small. Initially, I ruled out the deceased being black because the funeral director asked Jack is he was family. Then, on second thought, I realized that Jack could be related to a black person through marriage, so the question isn’t definitive.

    Then again, we know what’s in the coffin. It’s a MacGuffin, I tell you.

  28. Interesting theory that perhaps the island “healed” them of all their past misdeeds…or they get a second chance on some of their decisions: Jack doesn’t rat out his father, Kate doesn’t kill her real dad.

    But, there would be serious continuity errors with that. Mainly, if Jack doesn’t rat out his dad, his dad doesn’t go to Australia, Jack doesn’t go to Australia, etc…

  29. From what we saw, there was sufficient time for Charlie to walk through the doorway and shut the metal door from the other side.

  30. Tim J makes a good point– the coffin is pretty small. I had thought it was Ben (not having any reason to think that Jack cares much about a character called MacGuffin), but I think that clue makes Walt the most likely dead person. Or maybe another character who died from having his legs cut off.

    “I don’t blame Jin for missing. A pistol is a lot harder to aim with than a rifle.”

    Especially if you’re shooting blanks.

    So the producers kept talking about a “game-changing” element in this finale. That means that we should be able to extrapolate something from this episode that will alter the structure or plot of the show. What is it? Is it just that now we’re supposed to cheer against the survivors getting rescued, because we know it’s going to suck for them if they do? Or is it that flashbacks are all going to be flashforwards now? Or maybe just that with the jamming apparatus down, we’re going to have a lot more contacts with the outside world? Help me out here, guys, how did the game change? Please don’t tell me that the game changing moment is just that we got to see Jack post-rescue and he’s miserable. There has to be some way those flashbacks alter the rest of the story. What is the rattlesnake in the mailbox?

    Anyway, I thought this was a fantastic season finale, just superlative. Of course, it was good for the opposite reasons that I enjoyed other season finales– this time the dramatic story telling in the body of the episode was excellent, whereas the cliffhanger at the end wasn’t that amazing to me. It’s a bit sad that it’ll be judged more for the last five minutes than the rest of the show. One thing I love about lost is that many dramas do well with buildup and tension, but when the tension builds up to actual action and conflict, they don’t execute it very well. Lost does the tension and buildup better than anyone, but also, when it comes time to blow people up, run them over, or beat them to a bloody pulp, it doesn’t flinch at all. I love that about this show, and thought the action was fantastic. Especially the action involving Hurley.

    And I think Hayes (#7) must be right– Jack and Kate are under strict orders not to tell anyone what they’ve been through. Recall how Jack tells the chief of surgery “You have no idea what I”ve been through.” No one does, and it’s making Jack go nuts. I love that he flies across the ocean every Friday night hoping the plane will crash. Great stuff.

  31. Also, I thought it was very poignant that Penny was talking to Charlie, and Demond was just outside the whole time. Sad. Hopefully this results in renewed resolve and urgency by Penny to find this island. Going to be great when she shows up.

    Who thought Tom was really going to kill Jin when Ben told him too? Man, I did, and it chilled me to the bone. Of course, it also chilled me to the bone when Bernard sang like a canary. But then, I assumed the Others would do more to disrupt the Losties’ plans than just send Ben to “talk them out of it.” Nice plan, Ben, if you’re not willing to say anything at all except “this is a bad idea.”

  32. Ryan,

    I think the “game changing” element is that Ben will no longer be leading the Others. That will now be Locke. I mean, the Others have done their darndest to try and keep the Losties on the island. What does Locke come to the communication tower to try and do? stop Jack from contacting the outside world. He has taken over for Jacob in leading the Others.

    What really irks me about both Ben and Locke is why they can’t be forthcoming in their reasons WHY the Losties cannot leave the island. Very unconvincing guys. Just say it like it is yo!

  33. To repeat what I said after the show. Wow. That’s the way to do a season finale.

    It wasn’t quite the shakeup I thought. But it appears the Dharma folks are coming back. However that weird flashforward everyone thought was a flashback… Is it going to be two years later next season? Or is that an alternative time line?

    As for a few other folks’ comments.

    Yeah, I honestly thought Jin, Bernard and Fayid were dead. Can I say though that I’m a tad disappointed Mr. Happy died? He was the only Other I liked.

    I agree with others. There was scuba gear. Why couldn’t Charlie swim to the surface. The nobel sacrifice was dumb.

    Did I call Walt’s return or what? All you doubters… HAH! I agree he’s actually the smoke monster though. If (big if) they do a two years later bit for the beginning of next season with Jack trying to return to the island we’ll be seeing Walt again. (Although I think next season will pick up a few moments after this end)

    What was up with Jack talking about his dad being upstairs though if there was a flash forward. Was this Jack being too wasted to make sense? Or has something really, really weird happened?

    Being able to type out Good Vibrations on an unknown keypad that had 14 keys rather than the normal amount is nothing less than awe inspiring. (i.e. that was one of the few moments that made me think I was watching this season’s 24 instead of Lost)

    Naomi is Dharma. I was wrong about the folks on the Looking Glass. (I thought they were Dhamra) But this one I’m sure of. The Dharma initiative is still ongoing and the rest of the show will be stopping them. I don’t buy the connection with Penny’s father unless he’s got Dhamra connections himself.

  34. The question of who is in the coffin… if you notice the funeral home is a no frills funeral home in a Black neighborhood in LA. My guess would be that it would have to be a black person because usually black funeral home for the most part only have Black clientele. This is a known fact and I am sure that the writers know this as well. That narrows the possibilities down considerably.

    Another thing is if Ben is really Alex’s father, she would have had to be conceived on the island, and if that is the case, how did rouseau survive? She was part of a seperate research team if I remember correctly, so was she pregnant before she go on the island, and that is why she sent out the distress signal?

  35. At first I thought Naomi was definitely Dharma and they were looking for the island in order to reclaim it. But then I remembered Dharma is still making food drops–thus they’re still aware of the island’s location.

  36. As to why Locke can’t tell Jack. What’s he going to say? Oh, Walt appeared to me while I was dying in a pit of bodies and told me to come stop you? He knows Jack and knows Jack has no faith. But he also won’t kill an innocent person.

    As to future Kate. My guess is she’s hooked up with Dharma and they fixed things for her. (Big question, who is the “I’ve got to get back to him.”)

    The whole Mikhail not being able to die bit was really interesting. Of course one could argue that Locke has discovered this same ability.

    I’d missed the Minkowski bit. Are we going to get some pseudo-science in all this? The island as a kind of quasi-wormhole?

    The idea of Ben in the coffin is an interesting one. It makes more sense than any other theory I’ve heard.

  37. I just read this brilliant theory which I will cut and paste:

    “Duality”, yin/yang, have been an overarching idea throughout the series. Seasons 1 through 3 had a theme of “fate”. Flashbacks showed a life in which they were destined to end up on the island. I think seasons 4 through 6 will have a theme of free will and the mutability of the future… nothing is set in stone.

    It started with Charlie, who thought it was his fate to drown. We know better… he didn’t have to drown. By the end of the episode, we saw Jack and Kate living miserable lives, wishing they had never left the island.

    Flashbacks are a thing of the past, I think. We will now get flashforwards, which move back in time. In the S4 premier, we will learn who died, and the circumstances leading up to his death will be revealed as S4 progresses. I think we will see the losties resuced from the island LONG before the show ends. The flashforwards will move backward through time, will show the rescue, and will keep moving back as the show progresses.

    Here’s my bold prediction: I think the ultimate season 6 finale will portray events long before the rescue… at that point, we will be aware of some ultimate decision which results in their getting off the island (tonights sat phone call was just the first of many). By that time, we will be hoping that they DON’T leave the island, because we will know their bleak future. We will be hoping that they make the “right” decision, the one which results in them remaining on the island. That will be the dramatic finale to the entire series.

    I think we will

  38. Hmm. I don’t buy the idea of flash forwards. There’s too much they can do (like a Rosseau flashback).

    Ben isn’t the father of Alex. At least I don’t buy it in the least.

    Locke as leader of the Others? Yeah, I think most of last season was heading that way. I felt so at the time, although for a while I have to confess I thought Jack was going to become the leader of the Others.

    Supposedly most of next season is all about Jacob.

    So – do folks think next season will take place around the time of future Jack or in the moments after Jack places the phone call?

  39. Clark,

    I don’t think the writers will continue the story from the phone call moment. I think they are going to hold us in suspense on what just happened for as long as they can. Naomi not being Penny’s assistant, but yet holding a picture of Desmond and Penny, coupled with Ben’s warning and Locke’s failed attempt to persuade makes their “rescue” moment very questionable.

    The reason I feel irked by Ben and Locke’s weak attempts at convincing the Losties not to leave the Island is this, a fairly selfish reason: what has the Island done for me that I would want to stay on for the island? A prophet who cannot explain himself well is a weak prophet.

  40. SG,

    I understand the meaning of the acronym. I was curious whether your wonderment came from the episode or the comments in the thread.

  41. The problem is that this only applies to Locke. And Locke just doesn’t know, outside of faith, how to explain the island. (He didn’t even accept Ben’s presentation of Jacob, you’ll recall) As for Ben, he knows no one would believe him. Thus his convincing involved the hostages.

  42. Is it a coincident the Locke and Jack both tried to commit suicide in the episode and were both stopped before they could go through with it?

    Do we know anything about the woman Jack saved in the crash? Could the little boy be Aaron in the future? I know the Doctor referred to her as Mrs. Arland (sp)

  43. My Thoughts:

    * Having Ben as the person in the coffin is far too obvious. Of course nobody would show up to his funeral. I think if it is anyone we know at all it will be someone we won’t expect it to be.

    *I agree that Locke is the new leader of the others and will become the “bigger villain”.

    * Hurley as the hero – priceless

    * Charlie’s final moments in the communications room were amazingly done. I bawled.

    My Questions:

    * Why did Locke stab Naomi? That made me so mad. Maybe she was lying, maybe, but maybe she actually believed what her people had told her she was there to do. Maybe she was innocent. It would appear he murdered her for nothing as after that he doesn’t even get the phone. He could have at least wrestled Jack for it if he wasn’t willing to shoot him.

    * Why can’t Mikhail seem to die? The man is freakin’ invincible! I hope he’s not dead this time either.

    * Why did Charlie have to die? I mean I know it would have been cheap had they set up the whole death premonition thing and not had him actually die but I wish it wouldn’t have been him. He was one of my favorite characters. *sniff*

    * Also, if it takes someone “special” to see certain apparitions on the island we’ve so far got Locke, Sayid, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley and Shannon who all fall into that group. I wonder what the qualifications are for being “special”? If Jacob is the apparator and Shannon was special why didn’t he save her? What do these characters have in common?

  44. Continuity error: On plane at start jack has his elbow on the newspaper, after the cut the newspaper is on the seat beside him.

  45. Aha — John, it’s over the episode. I am not going to try and do too much analysis of what the finale meant — all prognostications I’ve heard of what was coming in the finale were pretty much mistaken (outside of Locke’s ascendancy). Instead from now on I’ll let the experiences wash over me.

  46. Charlie’s story-arc was complete. Once he kicked the addiction for the second (or third?) time, it was time for him to move on. They tried to give him a storyline with Locke, but that didn’t work too well. The last two episodes WANTED us to like Charlie so that the death would have been tragic. Had they killed him after the first premonition, it wouldn’t have affected me at all. The way the writers ultimately did it made much more sense.

    The choice to not kill Jack is a big one…and a more human choice by the writers, one that is consistent with who Locke is. He knows he is special, knows he has a mission, but often falls short of it, and the island ultimately has to teach him a lesson, or he has to have his faith renewed.

    The next three seasons have a lot to explore without the exclusive use of flashforwards: Jacob, Dharma, Rousseau, Hostiles, Black Rock, the disease, adam and eve in the cave, etc…

    There’s a lot out there. I think a cosmic time-loop is not such a bad answer.

  47. Locke killing Naomi with a thrown knife like that – very vicious. He doesn’t even know her. Strange, in a way, that he can’t kill con-artist Dad but he can kill a presumably innocent person for simply handling a satellite phone.

  48. I don’t like the theory that there are alternate versions of the past, or alternate futures.

    Greg, by the above, do you mean that you don’t think that this is likely the direction in which the show is going, or do you mean that this would be a sucky way for the show to go? Just curious.

  49. What really irks me about both Ben and Locke is why they can’t be forthcoming in their reasons WHY the Losties cannot leave the island. Very unconvincing guys. Just say it like it is yo!

    This has become my single biggest pet-peeve about Lost. Instead of Jack saying why he trusts Juliet, he just says because and expects people to go along with it. Instead of Ben explaining why something would be bad, he just says because and expects people to go along with it. Instead of Locke saying why he shouldn’t call the ship, he just kills Naomi and says because and expects Jack to go along with it.

    It’s a false way to keep mysteries going. I want characters that act like real people.

    My single favorite moment was Sawyer shooting the guy without a second thought. It demonstrates in a big way that he will be a totally different character from now on.

  50. JJohnsen, I agree – Sawyer plugging that guy was a major payoff – I also liked his terse explanation afterwards – “that’s for taking the kid off the raft.”

  51. Greg, by the above, do you mean that you don’t think that this is likely the direction in which the show is going, or do you mean that this would be a sucky way for the show to go? Just curious.

    A little bit of both, Wayne. This tongue-in-cheek list from Damon Lindelof, reprinted by Doc Jensen, was funny:


    5. Rose quietly snuffing the life out of Bernard by holding his nostrils closed while looking distractedly at Aaron’s car seat.

    4. Hurley feeling a great disturbance in the Force (”as if many voices cried out and were suddenly silent”) because his cousin back in Valencia, Calif., was blown up in a nuclear explosion and no one seemed to give a crud.

    3. Kate and Juliet doing each other’s hair and nicknaming Jack ”McIntensey” and Sawyer ”McMurderedTheManWhoConnedHisParentsy.”

    2. A character travelling back in time to warn all the other characters to do something, but by doing that something, they prevent a future that might have happened but never did had the character not travelled back in time, thus negating the entire reason behind everything.

    1. Sanjaya.

    No. 2 also reveals that Damon is also aware of a certain other popular serial drama, and also of the perils of relying on time travel plot devices.

  52. I had a terrifying moment where my sister revealed she’d broken her TV antennae earlier that day, then I went home and thought I hadn’t recorded it! Agh! Then realized I had just sorted the saved shows differently (damn comcast for the scare).

    I didn’t really embrace the idea of it as a flash-forward. I didn’t notice the RAZR placement either (thank god). Makes sense now, though. I could see him having an existential issue with life and his chosen path, which is quite empty, if he came back from the island regardless of any other plot motivations. I also got the idea- different than those on the list here- that he was suffering from an illness vs. addiction. When the chief of surgery asks him to come to his office, I think Jack was dodging a discussion about his health. I think he wants to go back to the island because it cures people. Simplistic? Yeah. Opiates/morphine etc. as a pain-numbing self-medication. So he got sick, and he knows the island will save him. He finally has faith, after being there and having no faith.

    Who was in the coffin? Someone that Kate scoffingly said she wouldn’t attend their funeral. Pretty harsh. I can’t imagine anyone really who she would think of that way, now at least, except Ben. So maybe she’ll grow to despise some other character. The coded signs for the person being black was pretty strong. The neighborhood, the funeral parlor, etc. Michael? Rose? Walt? Eko? (??)

    When Charlie self-sacrificed, we were joking that he wanted to get on another movie project and get out of the golden handcuffs of Lost (I wonder how golden they are). I think the whole station would flood if he didn’t seal the door, but he could have tried to jump on the other side.

    I interpreted the Lock-not-explaining bit because it is an age-old argument he’s had with Jack. Jack has no faith, and locke does. Locke knew that the argumetn had been re-hashed a million times before. It takes Jack leaving the island and getting sick for him to realize.

    Oh, and I think the island is the fountain of youth. Dr. Eyeliner! Ben is afraid it will be exploited by tourism, etc.

  53. Well, I don’t think it has any thing to do with some time continuum but maybe rather with an alternate parallel dimension. Does anyone recall the show “Sliders”?

    This theory explains a lot.

    For example:

    Sayeed saying that the sat phone is of technology he is not familiar with being the technology expert that he is.

    Naomi is from this parallel dimesion in where all survivors of flight 815 are found and dead. She also says that Charlie is some famous rock star where they had a big memorial for him. In our Dimension Charlie is no rock star.

    In our dimension the Oceanic-Air is out of business per the provide clue at http://oceanic-air.com. In the Flash Forward of the parallel dimension Oceanic Air is still thriving.

    Jack is behaving and suffering like he is misplaced from reality; his reality. In the parallel dimension his father is still alive and gave hime perscriptions to help with is pain and suffering. This why he is tired of living a lie. This parallel dimension is a lie to him.

    This is why Jack has to get back to the Island because the Island is the portal or gateway to other dimensions. This is why the island cannot be found. This is why Jack flys across the oceans and hopes to crash.

    This is why Kate is not a fugitive in this parallel dimension. Kate does have a young baby to care for now. That is who she referes to when she meets Jack that she has to get back to. Recall the island event were sometime Dec 2004 and the flash forwards were presumably our present time May 2007. She got pregnant on the island by Sawyer as mentioned and recall the island has fertilty powers wherein Jin being infertile was able to inpregnate Sun.

    Ben is in the coffin. He was with them at the time of rescue and so was also brought into this parallel dimension with the survivors. He took alias name of Jeremy Bentham of this phylosipher whom he admired and his character personality modeled. Also recall his use of other philosipher’s names on his maps ie Pascal Flats.

    Jack was concerned for Ben (Jeremy Bentham) because he probably needed him to help him find the island again.

    Just some thoughts from some guy.


  54. It seems pretty obvious to me who is in the coffin. It’s Michael.

    He safely got off the island.
    He’s black.
    He’s certainly no friend or relative of Jack or Kate.

  55. Jack was concerned for Ben (Jeremy Bentham) because he probably needed him to help him find the island again.

    That’s interesting. It could also apply to Locke (sans legs, thus the short coffin), given his newfound powers of island-communing. I like.

  56. Uh, why do my posts always get deleted? I see them live, go back to see what others have said about an hour later, and gone…

    I made a post last week, deleted.
    Today’s post: deleted, I was only flagging a continuity error.

    Here it is again:

    Continuity error: when Jack is on the plane at the start of the episode, the newspaper is under his elbow. After the cut, the newspaper is on the seat beside him.

  57. Mark, I don’t know that your comments are being deleted, or just being flagged by an overzealous spam filter. Not to worry.

  58. Mark, don’t worry. Mine get nabbed regularly too and I blog here!

    Regarding the parallel dimension bit. Possible, except that Drive Shaft was a big deal in our dimension. It makes sense that his death would drive up interest. Look at the return of interest in that German one hit wonder from the 80’s with their song “Da Da Da” just because of a single car commercial. Or, from the same car company, Nick Drake gets rediscovered after 25 years and his album becomes a hit.

    Regarding Locke and Naomi. He had issues with his Dad that made things more complex. But he’s not the same guy plus his Dad wasn’t a threat to the island whereas Naomi is.

    Worst thing about Charlie dying? That whole bit about the Catholic imagery and trying to baptize Aaron when he wasn’t on drugs seems pointless now. Plus we’ll never learn why Claire took him back. That’s the biggest plot hole in the show!

  59. – Why would Dharma need help finding the island? Didn’t they make a food drop just a few weeks before?

    – I thought they were going to kill Jin when first captured but it was all too obvious that he, Sayid and Bernard had not been shot. You don’t get us to care about characters for that length of time and then learn of their death while staring at a walkie talkie. That just doesn’t happen. You need the emotional payoff of seeing them die.

    – As far as Charlie’s sacrifice, I thought the same thing. Could it be the door could only be secured from the inside of the room?

    – There is no way that the coffin is someone we don’t know and never will know. That person will be important. A close look at the paper clipping revealed the dead person was from New York. Anybody we know from there? Ben was my gut reaction.

    – Locke was willing to kill Naomi because he doesn’t know her. He knows Jack, there is a difference. Also, if he were to kill Jack there is no way he would be able to walk away.

    – I was neither pleased nor upset with the episode. I think they are getting greedy with how many issues they can leave unaddressed. I’m fine with new mysteries as a cliff hanger for season 4, but could you throw us a couple bones at the same time?

  60. John K: regarding who is in the coffin= Michael is from NY. Seems to fit the black neighborhood clues. Wonder why it’s short, though. Unless it’s Walt.

  61. The funeral is in LA though. That would be a strike against Michael. But maybe Michael’s talks with the producers broke down and that’s why they killed him off.

    The bit about Dharma and the food drop. A good point. But then one could ask why Dharma would be dropping food if all their employees were dead. Perhaps that’s why the two girls were down in the Looking Glass? I don’t know. Unless Dharma figured a way to utilize the island to drop the food.

  62. Maybe it isn’t Dharma that needs help finding the island, but Widmore. Widmore could be funding Dharma or something in a way where he would be partially involved, but not enough to have knowledge of such confidential information. Naomi and crew could be sent from Widmore, but without Penny’s knowledge. Her father doesn’t want her back with Desmond, so he wouldn’t want her to know he may have found Des.

  63. this mite be a stupid idea, but watev, im just gonna say it. Ben said all would die if Jack contacted the real world, yet, no one did, atleast, no one we witnessed..
    Then i see Jack’s future flash, and that whole event reminded me of something that happened earlier. Desmond turning the key in the hatch. It seemed that Desmond knew he was going to die, but instead, he kind of traveled backwards in time.
    Thats wat brings me to say that I think that the future flash is real, but eventually, Jack will return to the situation where Locke is telling him not to call, just like Desmond returned to the island after his time travel. With his new gained knowledge, Jack will put the phone down.
    This is my thought because I am always pondering what happened to Desmond, and Jacks story in the finale just reminded me of it. Sorry if its stupid, but i think it makes some sense. Thanks for reading

  64. Wow, you guys are all freakin’ amazing, from Greg right on down the line. You are all about a thousand times more observant, knowledgeable and insightful about this show than I could ever be. I’m only a sometime viewer, but I did manage to catch the finale. But I think I enjoyed reading your speculations almost as much as I did watching the show.

    Kudos one and all!

  65. We should also note that there is the Hanso foundation. I don’t recall their relationship with Dharma, but aren’t they in opposition?

    Also there was last summer’s video search across the web where that video of a Dharma training surfaced. That was where Dharma’s odd sympathetic-magic like view of numbers came out. They felt that by dealing with various numbers (THE numbers) they could affect events. So they were planting diseases in vaccines to kill an astounding number of people. Yet someone taped this training meeting. Was this one of the Others? One of the Hanso foundation? Or someone else?

    Could this be part of Widmore? It’s hard to say.

    If next season starts after Jack’s flash foward rather than on the island with the phone, perhaps the key will be Jack trying to find Desmond and Penny to get back to the island to prevent what the Dharma group is doing. Even if the Dharma folks didn’t kill Jack or the flighties, perhaps Jack learned what they were up to and that’s why he was driven to drug addiction.

  66. Whoops belay that. I forgot the Hanso foundation is Dharma. Hanso was an arms dealer which makes me think Widmore is part of Dharma.

    Oh, if you haven’t seen it yet, the Hanso expose ought be watched.

    Also note that in the Lost tie-in novel Bad Twin, Hanso was a board member for the Widmore Corp., but now Dr. Thomas Mittelwerk fills that seat. So there’s definitely a Widmore Corp/Hanso connection.

  67. But why would Kate react that way to Walt or Michael funeral? It has to be someone she didn’t like at all. Unless of course something happens in the next two seasons that makes her hate Walt or Michael. That’s the thing though, it may not be someone we know, they still have 40-something episodes to introduce this person that Kate hates.

  68. If you saw a commercial during one of the episodes of season 2, you would’ve seen a commercial of the Hanso Foundation. It led you to a website where they featured an orangutan (sp?) named Joop that never aged. They claimed that he was 110 years old and that he was one of the Dharma Initiative’s expiriments. Richard has not aged. We saw him in one of Ben’s childhood flashbacks, and he looked the same as we see him now. Is this yet another LOST mystery tied in with one of their go-out-of-our-way-to-confuse-you outside extras?

  69. Umm, remember Michael murders two members of the group and worked with Ben. That’s plenty of reason to dislike him.

  70. But there has to be something missing. Has Kate really had that much contact with Michael to loathe him? Not really. Maybe that’s what the next three seasons are for…

    I was disappointed, though, with the way the “future” seemed to turn out for the Losties. Jack a drunk and addicted to painkillers? Not happy ending for our favorite doctor at all.

  71. Michael’s a turncoat who shot a couple of Losties. That’s reason enough for Kate to avoid his funeral. I think it’s Ben, though.

  72. Kate’s reaction isn’t the one we should be analyzing, it’s Jack’s. Jack seemed to be extremely torn up about the death of this person when he first saw it in the paper. I don’t think Jack would care that much about Michael. Ben, however, seems to make much more sense, especially if he can help Jack get back to the island, I can see Jack being upset when his way back to the island dies with Ben.

  73. Jack’s tough to read because he admits he’s obsessed with getting back to the island. Kate hates Michael because Michael basically delivered her, with a bag on her head, to the Others, as he drove off with Walt & the last boat.

    Lostpedia notes that the newspaper clipping mentions that the body was found in Grand Avenue area of Los Angeles- an urban gentrification area. And, that it’s dated 2007.

    I do think it’s Walt- he’s such a mystery still. But as Greg says- the child actor is aging, and his character-dad is having contract negotiation issues, ha. I saw Michael in Up Dog/Down Dog and he was great. Anyways. Digressing. Oooh… no legs… Locke?

    What about Naomi representing Sun’s dad? The photo of Penny & Desmond just a cover story?

  74. More interesting stuff from LOST writer/producer Damon Lindelof on the time travel issues:

    we were starting to think about what the effect of the second season finale was going to be, with Desmond turning the fail-safe key. And we didn’t want to kill off Desmond, but because this fail-safe key existed as sort of a last resort, we wanted there to be really severe ramifications for Desmond turning it. We didn’t want him to get a free pass. And we felt that it would be cool if it involved time travel in some way. But instead of doing sort of a traditional time travel and creating paradoxes and all that stuff, we just did [the episode] “Flashes Before Your Eyes.” When that experience ended, we wanted him to be able to see the future, and we thought it would be cool if [his visions] always kind of related to Charlie and Charlie’s death, as opposed to seeing 50 different things. That way, he would struggle all season with the idea of whether or not Charlie’s death was inevitable.

    In the same interview, Lindelof confirms that Alex is not Ben’s biological father, which is what I’ve said all along. (Some of you just don’t listen.) [/fake indignation]

  75. I didn’t think Kate’s response about not going to the funeral necessarily implied a distaste for the person who had died. She just asked “why would I go?” That could mean that she hated the person, but it could also mean that 1) this person had no significance in her life, or 2) that to go would violate some duty of hers, such as the hypothetical non-disclosure agreement that’s been posited here. There could be a lot of reasons for her not to go to the funeral besides just hatred. Most probable is just that she’s not longer that connected to the people from the island. If they’ve been back for a year, and she heard that Walt had died, there’s a chance she doesn’t feel like she ever knew Walt well enough to go to his funeral.

    Come on guys, the coffin has to be short for a reason. There’s just no way the Lost producers have a short coffin for nothing.

  76. Here’s somebody’s attempted transcription of the newspaper story, posted at http://losteastereggs.blogspot.com/2007/05/newspaper-through-looking-glass.html. From this version of the text, there’s absolutely no connection I can come up with. Maybe it really is a MacGuffin (though I can’t imagine they won’t eventually show us the meaning behind this):

    “The body of John Lantham of New York was found shortly after 4 am in the 4300 block of Grand Avenue.

    Ted Worden, a doorman at the Tower Lofts complex, heard loud noises coming from the victim’s loft.

    Concerned for tenants’ safety, he entered the loft and found the body hanging from a beam in the living room.

    According to Jaime Ortiz, a police spokesman, the incident was deemed a suicide after medical tests. Latham (sic) is survived by one teenaged son.

    Memorial services will be held at the Hoffs-Drawlar Funeral Home tomorrow evening.”
    Source: The Fuselage

    Brian G., look at the photo again: http://losteastereggs.blogspot.com/2007/05/funeral-parlor-and-coffin.html .

    Jack’s arm is as long as one-half of the coffin. No way you fit a grown adult with all of his body parts in that thing.

  77. Well, Michael is from New York and has a teenage son.

    Still though, the coffin doesn’t look that small to me.

  78. Lindelof confirms that Alex is not Ben’s biological father,

    I should hope not, or else Lost would be in even more bizarre territory. Alex as Ben’s dad? Who even thought of that bizarre idea?


  79. I still think it will be Jeremy Bentham, not John Latham. Obviously, the choices are either an alias or a character we haven’t met yet.

  80. I think it’s Locke in the coffin since he’s the new leader and it makes sense since he is neither friend or family to Jack.

  81. Other than “plot device” is there a reason Charlie didn’t attempt to swim out the porthole?

    I didn’t enjoy the flash-forwards so much – I was much more intrigued by the island happenings.

  82. FHL,

    I think that Desmond’s vision has a lot to do with why Charlie didn’t try to get out. Up to the point before Mikhail shows up outside the window with the grenade, Charlie is thinking he will be getting out after all. I think upon the grenade going off, he realized, you know, it came to pass after all. The quick thinking of escape escaped his thoughts, and he stood there watching the water rise, I think, amazed at Desmond’s ability. Then he realized that he needed to let Desmond know that the boat was not Penny’s. If he were to have attempted to get out through the hole, he figured his chances of making it to the top were not good, what with Desmond’s prophecy stating he was to drown. So he wrote his note and let the water in.

  83. I’m telling you- Dominic didn’t want to get typecast again so he needed to get a new contract.

    I (pathetically) just rewatched the episode, to see if htere was a frame of Jacob when Jack looks in his review mirror, a few minutes from the end. While I was watching- I realized there are a few things I feel we’re not talking about.

    Jack said he loved Kate! OMG!

    Does Jack actually know that he’s having a flashforward? In the flashbacks, there’s some cognizant connection between the drama in the “now” time and the past, by one of hte characters, as a point of view device. Well, for flashforward, whose “eyes” are we in? Is that even necessary? I think it is- and I think that (as someone on eastereggs said) it’s Locke’s perspective. He’s hte Alice in the Looking Glass, and he’s seeing everything in opposites. I don’t think it’s Jack because he makes the (perhaps) fatal call- and he wouldn’t do that if he was perceiving the future.

    Also the perspective of Jack is so pathetic, I doubt that if it was his he would represent it so poorly, no matter how depressed.

    I take back my comment that it’s Michael/Walt in the coffin!

  84. In an article on EW, the producers state that Charlie chooses to die because he realizes that Des’s prophecy is coming true and that if he dies Claire & Aaron will be rescued. If he choose to escape death, it would alter the prophecy and perhaps ruin their chances of rescue. He choose a noble death.

  85. From the top view I thought that the coffin looked small and was sure that it was a child’s coffin. But from the long view it looked normal-sized. I think the camera view from the top skews the perspective.

  86. I had the thought that when Ben said that Jack would cause the deaths of 40 people if he called for rescue, it was because that would take them away from the Island and its special powers which would keep them all alive, if not forever, for a very long time if they stayed. We know from the flash forward that not all of the deaths will be immediate, but they will become inevitable. Rose will die of cancer; Jin may get killed by mobsters; the outlaws (Sawyer, Kate) will be hunted down and captured.

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