American Idol 6 Finale

Blogging as I watch again.

Round 1:
Blake: “You Give Love a Bad Name”
Blake chose his breakthrough beat box remix of “You Give Love a Bad Name,” which was the coolest moment in Idol history when he first performed it. This time, the singing was a little off, but the audience dug it. He sells it well and he’s got smooth moves.

Jordin: “Fighter”
It was very smart of Jordin to choose an energetic song so she didn’t seem so boring next to Blake. I was thinking this was going to be sappy ballads vs. contemporary rock/pop. Jordin isn’t much a performer when it comes to high energy songs, but she did the song alright. She was forcing it a bit.

Blake takes the lead.

Round 2:
Blake: “She Will Be Loved”
Another Maroon 5 song for Blake. A chance to tone everything down and put his vocal in the forefront.

It wasn’t a blow-you-out-of-the-water finale song. Very understated. I don’t like the choice. The final song will most likely suck and not be a good match for his style, so this might be Blake’s last chance to give people a reason to vote for him; this song doesn’t do it. The door is open. If Jordin nails a ballad right now, that could put her on top.

Jordin: “On Broken Wing”
Good choice of song. That was a blow-you-out-of-the-water type finale song. The big note at the end was the kind of thing that Idol audiences eat up. And it wasn’t too sappy or boring.

Jordin ties it up.

Round 3:
Blake: “This Is My Now”
The first notes from the electric piano have just started and I already hate this song. Well, I hated it the moment I heard the title, but now I really hate it. Cheeseball song, but Blake is handling it fine. He’s actually looking like he likes it. Or at least trying to. Even if his vocal isn’t great, his performance is as good as it can be.

I’ll take the commercial break to say that I hate you, America. That song . . . Can it get any more corny or cliche? In past years we could blame it on the producers, but this year it’s all on you, voting public.

Maybe it’s my fault. I didn’t go vote for a less sucky song. I’m sorry to have let myself down.

Jordin: “This Is My Now”
Again. I still hate it.

This is her kind of song, though, and she’s owning it. The big note again. And the crying. You little devil! She just won. Sorry, Blake. Who can compete with big notes and tears?

What could Blake do? It was hopeless. He could definitely have done something more memorable and impactful for his second song, but no matter what he did for his second song, he was going to get blown away on that last one, and the last impression is what’s going to motivate voters. Plus the judges with the nonsense about this being a singing competition are doing Jordin a big favor.

I’ll just take this moment to tout my prognostication skills. In week 2 of the finals I predicted a Jordin/Blake finale with Jordin winning because of loudness. There’s not much question in my mind that Jordin’s going to take it.


23 thoughts on “American Idol 6 Finale

  1. Spot on critique. It’s unbelievable that Jordin is going to win on a crap song that Blake had no chance with. If they had to sing something with a little bit of a beat rather than cheese, Blake wins and everyone complains that Jordin didn’t have a chance. Lame.

    My wife read somewhere that Blake may have purposely done poorly so that he wouldn’t have to be under contract with American Idol producers. It doesn’t sound that far-fetched considering there are probably some serious hip hop producers that would like to get him in a studio (and he’d rather be in a studio with them than Simon).

  2. Shortly into the beginning of this show, I realized I didn’t care which one won.

    I also think this post is completely accurate in what it has to say. Especially the rating of the “original” songs. Holy suckitude and yes, America is at fault for liking this kind of crap.

  3. Jordin & that song deserve each other! What a major crapfest…I expected dancing unicorns at any moment! Will they ever get a decent winner’s song? I thought with the songwriting challenge, we’d have a little hope, but meh. Not so much.

    Jordin was loud and screechy and fake crying and annoying as ever and she will win because of it and all the 13 year olds who want to be just like her when they “grow up” (by the way…she’s 17! Did you know that??? Ew.)

    Blake did good. I thought Maroon 5 was a good choice, but I seem to be in the minority. The winner song was so not made for him and I thought he was just glad that was the only time he had to sing it.

    As much as I really don’t care (what a boring season! Bring on the dancing…) Jordin will win and we’ll see the fake entitled tears through “This is my now puppy dogs and rainbows”. Thank goodness I don’t listen to any radio stations that would play it…

    However, tonight is the finale. Chris Sligh! I heard Kelly Clarkson will be singing! Taylor Hicks will be back to make Simon’s head explode! Yay! Awful group songs! Haley’s stipper outfits! So much to look forward to…

  4. I was most excited to see Chris Daughtry at the end (playing what looked like a Gibson!). This year’s finalists don’t do it for me at all. Jordin needs a few more years of maturity in her voice (her vibrato is unstable and fluttery) and Blake – what’s his genre? Rock? Pop? I can’t tell.

  5. His genre is dance/beatbox and he’s going to change radio if he puts together the right album. Which he most likely can’t do as an Idol winner, so I was kinda thinking he was throwing it too. I loved how when they did the coin toss for who goes first he totally didn’t care.

    As bad as that song was for Blake, I’d rather hear him sing it than Jordin, her voice just grates on me.

  6. “My wife read somewhere that Blake may have purposely done poorly so that he wouldn’t have to be under contract with American Idol producers. It doesn’t sound that far-fetched considering there are probably some serious hip hop producers that would like to get him in a studio (and he’d rather be in a studio with them than Simon).”

    I don’t think this theory is plausible. I think all the finalists (top 12 maybe?) are under contract with American Idol, not just the winner. So even runners-up like Bo Bice and Clay Aikens still have to serve their indentured servitude to American Idol before they can move on.

  7. I think Greg’s right. Remember a year or two ago that guy, Mario Vazquez?, withdrew from competing in the final twelve to avoid the Idol contract.

    But then, how was it possible that Daughtry could have signed on with Fuel? Maybe the contract situation has changed.

  8. Hmm, I didn’t know that Greg. But I think Susan is right, that he probably doesn’t really care if he wins or not at this point. He knows he doesn’t need to win because he’s already made it. I think Jordin needs the win much more than Blake.

    So is this finale going to cross over with the Lost finale? Thank heavens for Tivo.

  9. Do you guys really think the voting wasn’t decided until last night’s performance? I mean, Blake and Jordin are sooo different, I don’t either of them did anything last night to sway votes one way or the other.

    And if the crowd was any indicator, Blake wins.

  10. I didn’t think that Jordin’s win was a foregone conclusion going in. I thought she was the favorite, and I knew the final song was going to favor her, but I thought that if Blake blew people away with something that showed off his unique talent, he had a chance. I didn’t expect many minds to change, but he could have given the people that already favored him a good reason to pick up the phone. Instead, he played Jordin’s game, which is vocals. He was forced into that game on the final song, but he could have and should have done something more interesting for his second song. He didn’t necessarily need to beat box, but he did need to do something that wasn’t so vanilla and nice.

  11. The crowd did go crazy for Blake’s first song. That was probably the biggest applause of the season. But as I remember it they were just lukewarm for his other two songs.

  12. I think the contracts have changed. Either that or many contestants have gone the way of Clay & Kelly and hired a lawyer to get out of them. I know they retain first rights to any of the top 12 they want to sign, but can also pass on any of them as well.

    I don’t think Blake cares, because at this stage they have both been told their options. Want to win it for the guarantee? Maybe, but not sweating it. I agree that Jordin needs the win much more.

    I think the crowd definitely favored the Jordin glory notes last night.

    Idol = 8-10
    Lost = 9-11
    Love my Tivo….

  13. What’s pathetic is that both Randy and Simon fell for the who-sings-best-last-sings-best. Just because Jordin had the best last impression they were saying she deserved to win. If they thought about it and took a comprehensive look at the entirety of the season, total skills, performances, etc. then they wouldn’t have declared her the winner. Or at least not so hastily.

  14. Tom, I noticed throughout the show that Blake got a bigger audience reaction than Jordin did. Thus Simon’s comment about him being the better performer.

  15. Gabby’s right. The contract allows 19evil to make a record or pass.

    Thank goodness they passed on Elliott.

    Maybe Blake will be that lucky.

    In other news, Daughtry! is going to be at the local fair this year, which I live mere blocks from.

    *reminds self to buy earplugs*

  16. I’ll take your word for it, Susan. I have no doubt that he got the biggest single ovatoin of the night, and probably the season, but I don’t have a specific memory of the rest.

    So does anyone think Blake might win, given that the live audience was on his side?

  17. I noticed Bucky Covington is playing the Belly Up in San Diego. Didn’t look for an LA date (it was just on my email newsletter from the Belly Up).

    I think Blake could win…but I doubt he will.

  18. I noticed that, too, Susan when we were in Solana Beach last Friday. I thought it was funny, for some reason!

    I think it’ll be a surprise if Blake wins…

  19. I’ve no desire to ever watch American Idol. However So You Think You Can Dance starts tomorrow. My wife loves that show and last year there were a ton of locals in it. So I’m interested in that.

  20. Highlights for me last night:

    Gladys Knight singing with Melinda and LaKisha.

    Smokey Robinson’s medley.

    The John Lennon song.

    Taylor Hicks doing that Beatles song…forget which one it was now.

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