Email Addresses You are Either Proud or Ashamed to Have Had at One Time

Remember your first email address. You thought you were being really clever and hip, but not so much.

It slowly dawned on you that you’d better come up with something more mature and professional—that what you had wouldn’t look good on a resume, and would probably clue the ladies in on the fact you were a massive geek right off the bat.

My first email address was

True story. And I thought I was so awesome! I couldn’t believe I was the first one to think of it. When I got it, I was like, (fist pumping in a Dwight Shrute-ish motion) Yeahhh!!!!

I hope some other geek has it now, and I hope he’s having better luck with the women than I did.

What’s the worst email address you’ve ever had or seen?


11 thoughts on “Email Addresses You are Either Proud or Ashamed to Have Had at One Time

  1. All my email addresses have had my name and nothing else. Occasionally when there was a duplicate (such as with Gmail where there apparently is an other Clark Goble wandering around — and from Google searching he apparently likes dorky MMORGS and Dungeons and Dragons) I’ll add in my zip code.

    I don’t even use aliases on comments or forums.

  2. Actually funny story. Years ago I came up with a relatively short lived alias for a few forums. It was my Wu Tang name from an online generator. I was Chronic Monstah. Only I didn’t know, until a few years later, what the name actually meant. Boy was I embarrassed.

  3. I have only ever had two email addresses. The first was not chosen by me. The second I purposely made very similar to the first.

  4. The first email address I got, I wasn’t thinking about how it’d be the way everyone online knew me. So I poked fun at myself and made it susie. I was called that all through my childhood and hated it.

    My second one was ironrose, which is supposedly what my last name means.

    I started using qsysue as a screen name, again poking fun at myself—susyq backwards. I basically use that because it’s definitely never taken anywhere I sign up for an account.

    Any other email addresses I use are taken from song lyrics. One of my favorites is evilnaturedrobots, from a Flaming Lips song.

  5. In college, my roommate (a computer science major, believe it or not), chose He was, obviously, a fan of Strange Brew, but it didn’t seem to hamper his social efforts in the slightest. I just couldn’t imagine him telling it to a professor, or putting it on a resume.

  6. my first was “corndog44” because I like corndogs and, believe it or not, a lot of other apparently like them too. I don’t know how long it was before I realized that that didn’t look good on a resume.

  7. There was a restaurant where I grew up that served a variety of dishes, including a jambalaya. But when you ordered the jambalaya, the waiter would shout “jambalaya!” to the cooks and the kitchen would yell back, “jambalaya!!”

    Guess what email address I picked for myself in the days of yore.

  8. Oh, man, and these are still floating around out there, somewhere, aren’t they?

    I’m afraid I was leary of cutesy names from the get-go, and have nothing to add. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

  9. I made the unfortunate choice of wmsalcie when I got my first e-mail address. This was at Cal and wmorris was already taken (my common name is both a blessing and curse) so I used my initials and then the Romanian word ‘salcie’ which means ‘willow tree.’I chose it because the Romanian phrase ‘a umbla dupa salcie’ (to go in search of willows) means to speak in circuitous manner and the name of the small town in southern Utah I grew up in — Kanab — is the Paiute (or maybe Goshute) word for willow tree.

    I thought it was very clever. Flash forward a few years, I enter grad school at SF State and decided to keep the same handle and just tell my friends to change the @edu part.

    Then I get a student job. Then the student job turns into a real job that requires a lot of talking to people over the phone. I usually resort to telling people to give me their e-mail address and I’ll e-mail them so they have mine.

    So when Gmail came out I pounced on morris.wm — I got in fairly early, but, of course wmorris and williammorris were already taken (my guess is that they’re being squatted by the talent agency).

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