LOST: “D.O.C.”

This episode could have been subtitled, “Or, What to Expect When You’re Expecting (After Crash Landing On a Mysterious Island).”

Spoilers, ramblings and obscurities based on tonight’s episode after the break.

Links and Miscellanea:

  • Highlights from this week’s official podcast:
    • The script for the season 3 finale is finally complete, though some scenes were actually filmed before the script was finalized.
    • Ben has parents (he wasn’t a test-tube baby), but may or may not have been born (or conceived) on the island, as he claims (we’ll find out). In addition, Ben has been in love, and we’ll get a suggestion of who he might have been in love with next week. Ben was not the father of Sabine’s (the pregnant woman who died on the operating table) unborn baby.
    • We’ll find out more about the power cable and where it leads this season.
    • Christian Shepard is, in fact, dead. On other occasions, the writers have made it abundantly clear that those who die in LOST stay dead. Also, Cuse and Lindelof implied that there are some false spoilers (“foilers” as their known to fans) out there about who will die this season and how they will die.
    • We’re not done with the storyline this season concerning Desmond’s premonitions of Charlie’s demise.
    • Much of the art displayed on the show is done by Jack Bender, one of LOST’s directors. This explains why the mural in the hatch looks like the painting hanging in Mr. Widmore’s office.

  • For those of you who still watch live TV, there’s a reason why the commercials seem longer on “LOST”: ABC is the most “cluttered” network, logging almost 15 1/2 minutes of commercials per hour. (I’m a commercial-skipping DVR viewer myself. But my finger does get tired sometimes from hitting the skip button on my remote).
  • By the way, LOST has been officially renewed by ABC for next season, which isn’t much of a surprise, despite the gloom-and-doom media features earlier this year.
  • But some people among the glass-is-half-empty faction are already having doubts (based, apparently, on the unsatisfying “Sopranos” moments) about whether LOST can do its ending right. Recent episodes suggest, to me at least, that the writers are capable of pacing and closure. I’m more confident than I’ve ever been that there is a master plan behind these twisted plots.
  • Tonight’s episode was written by Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis, who were recently signed by ABC to a three-year contract. Horowitz and Kitsis also wrote “Exposé” and “Tricia Tanaka is Dead.” (†Lost-media)

Observations and Speculations:

  • Jack was wearing the red shirt in this episode. I’m starting to wonder if this is a running gag. (Jin’s shirt was more of a salmon color. I’m not sure that counts.)
  • Naomi, the woman who parachuted out of the helicopter speaks Spanish, Chinese, Italian, and Portuguese. Based on the Portuguese edition of Catch-22 that we saw last week, Portuguese is probably her first language. [EDIT: And English.] Still, it’s interesting that she’s such a polyglot. The Others seem to speak several languages as well.
  • Tonight’s greatest Hurley moment: Charlie: “In case you haven’t forgotten, there are people on this island trying to kill us.” Desmond: “Nobody knows we’re here.” Hurley: *bang* sends up flare “Oops.” Second greatest Hurley moment: “Mom?”
  • Sun is a college graduate. Did we know that already? And who are the people in the picture with her? They don’t look like her parents.
  • So Mikhail (aka Patchy) isn’t dead after all. This presents at least a couple different scenarios: 1) The fence wasn’t on, and Mikhail faked his own death. Yes, I know there was blood coming from his ears, but I’m sure there’s a way to pull that off convincingly with stage blood. 2) The fence wounded him, but didn’t kill him. The healing powers of the island restored his health so that he was able to recover. Note that the first scenario means that Kate, Locke and Sayid went over the fence for no reason. For all we know, going over the fence isn’t really an option.
  • Nice fight scene between Jin and Mikhail.
  • When Sun meets Jin’s father for the first time, there are some painted buoys in the fishing boat. The blue one has at least some of the numbers (16 and 52) painted on it.
  • I always enjoy Sun and Jin’s flashbacks. I’m not sure if it’s because I enjoy reading subtitles, because the stories are interesting, or because the acting is always good.
  • How creepy was it that Juliet came to Sun in the middle of the night? Why did she feel the need to do that? And why did Sun go along? It reminded me of Ethan.
  • It says something about Sun’s character that when she is blackmailed by a woman (who turns out to be Jin’s whore of a mother), she decides to blackmail her father. Sun can be quite deceitful, and is not afraid to make others pay for her own actions. We’ve known this at least since “The Glass Ballerina.” She’s also a pretty good liar, as we see when Jin discovers the money in her purse. Finally, she’s not bad at delivering threats, as Jin’s mother knows.
  • In Mr. Paik’s office, there are some flat screen monitors that some suggested showed the LOST island during an earlier episode (episode 1.17, “In Translation”). This time, the monitors were blank.
  • Behind the Scooby Doo-style secret passage way were the furniture that the Others used to decorate Claire’s nursery during her abduction. If you recall, they had a theme involving jungle animals, as well as boats, trains and planes. Juliet tells Sun that this is the place that the Others “brought the women to die.” It’s still unclear why the Others wanted to kill Claire. They knew, at that point, that she had conceived prior to arriving on the island and that she probably was not at risk. They also seemed to have plans to take Aaron.
  • Mikhail (referring to the time it will take for Naomi to heal from a punctured lung): “On this island, the rules are a bit different. Maybe a day and a half.” Juliet: “The average male sperm count is between 60 and 80 million. But on this island, it’s five times that.” And yet, women die in pregnancy and Ben developed terminal cancer.
  • If we’re to believe Juliet, Sun has about two months to live. But surely there’s some sort of loophole. On the other hand, two months could be another two seasons.
  • Juliet tells Ben, via a mini tape recorder that she’s “still working on getting samples from the other women.” What does that mean? What kinds of samples? Juliet stopped the tape before saying, “I hate you.” I like that Juliet’s real motivations are ambiguous. She may be going along with Ben because she is powerless. Then again, she may be just biding her time.
  • Desmond says, “By my count, you’ve killed more of them than they’ve killed of you.” He’s right, of course. From what we know, the score currently stands at Losties: 7 (Ana Lucia (2); Eko (2); Sawyer (1); Charlie (1); Sun (1)); Others: 2 (with Ethan (probably) and Goodwin each at one a piece). We might also credit the others with ordering the executions of Ana Lucia and Libby, at the hands of Michael, although Libby may have been accidentally. Charlie is also right when he says, “They started it.”
  • I liked the ending, but it sure does open a can of worms. People are going to start shouting “purgatory” again, even though the creators have repeatedly discredited that theory. My best guess is that the Others, or DHARMA, or somebody, was well-connected enough to make it look like Oceanic Flight 815 was found and that there were no survivors, perhaps to keep people from looking for the plane and stumbling upon the island.
  • UPDATE: According to Lostpedia, Naomi does not tell Mikhail “thank you,” as he claims, but instead says something more like “I am not alone.”

50 thoughts on “LOST: “D.O.C.”

  1. I was crying purgatory. Especially after that book in the hatch. (The thing that was made into that Twilight Zone episode – forget the name. Had “bridge” in it) That ending pissed me off though given what they’d said on the podcast.

    I also was shocked that it turns out Sun was the reason for her husband ending up in the mafia. Kind of makes you rethink those earlier episodes. Sun and Jin have the best flashbacks outside of Desmond, Hurley and Locke. The rest. Eh. Half the time I could do without them unless the flashbacks lead somewhere. (I’m still curious about that Italian lady Jack almost hooked up with)

  2. Jin and Sun flashbacks bore me. I don’t know what it is. They are so slow I guess.

    I really hope they kill Juliet off soon. She is a one note actor, always using the same smirk. I can’t watch her.

    Major continuity gaff. Jin, Desmond, Charlie and Hurley all chased Nikolai for a pretty good distance. All of a sudden, Naomi is on the ground right next to them. I was like whaaaaat? Just sloppy and insulting.

  3. I love the happy bright Korean urban scenes- there’s always a big bright pink and/or yellow dress or shirt, and blossoms and sunshine.

    Re: Juliet, it’s like her face is frozen in a consta-sympathetic smile. The other commenter is right- one note actor, with that eyes wrinkling (why no botox near eyes?) and closed mouth smile. She’s so graceful and slow. Like molasses. But then again. during season 1-2 I got really tired of Claire’s whine- “My Baby!” haha.

    I keep on wondering which Lostie has it innately right on- Sun was a contender for this episode until she ran off with Juliet. Thing is that characters don’t drive a plot unless they make stupid decisions like going off into the jungle at night for a mysterious doctor’s procedure.

    If Naomi was really in a life threatening situation she would speak only her native language- it was kinda hokey that she was rolling through all of her known languages.

    I liked Nikolai resurrecting from his death, and the other teasers that healing is super duper fast on the island. The writers do a good job planting information a few episodes before it’s revealed in full color.

  4. Boring episode IMO. The Sun & Jim stuff just doesn’t do it for me – it seems like more soap-opera stuff, like the love triangle, and I’m not really a soap-opera kinda guy.

    As far as one-note actors, the woman playing Juliet is certainly not the only offender. The actors playing Kate and Sawyer are pretty bad about this, too.

  5. Some clarifications:

    Naomi also spoke English, so that’s another one to add to your list.

    It wasn’t a continuity error between where Nikolai and Jin fought, and Desmond pushed the beaten Nikolai against a tree, there was a cut between these two shots, and we can presume Nikolai was brought back to Naomi’s location.

    What are we calling her Naomi? How do we know it’s her name?

    Hurley may have mistaken Naimo’s Italian or Portugese for Spanish – it may not be Spanish – these languages have similar roots.

    I’m tiring off these flashbacks unless they specifically move the story forward. The Korean scene tonight didn’t move our story forward.

  6. A couple notes:

    – I thought I heard Juliet say “Austen” when she was going through names of samples…implying that Kate was pregnant.

    – Sometimes I just get sick of people on the island not acting like people. For instance, “What happens to pregnant women on this island?” “They die” (rather than asking, “what do you mean they die?” they just walk away). Come on.

    – I gotta admit, I kinda like Nikoli.

    – The real best quote by Hurley (speaking of the satellite phone with Nikoli), “like I’d tell you.”

    – Next week looks pretty good. Locke recruiting Sawyer to kill Ben because he doesn’t have the balls to do it himself. Nice.

  7. I was kind of pondering the usefulness of the flashbacks last night as well. But then I thought, how little would we know about each survivor if we didn’t have the flashbacks? I think they are good for the show and do more for the plot then we realize.

    I caught the “Austen” reference, but I’m not sure it means she is actually pregnant–yet.

    There were other survivors who were killed by the Others. Didn’t Ethan kill one or two early on in Season 1?

  8. I couldn’t disagree more with the above comments about Juliet. I think Elizabeth Mitchell is doing a terrific job and that Juliet is one of the most interesting characters on the island at the moment.

    “Naomi” is the name given on IMDB. It hasn’t been mention on the show yet, but I’m fairly confident that the name is correct. On the other hand, I mistakenly called Mikhail “Nikolai.” (I’ve fixed it now.)

    Ethan killed Scott (not Steve)–and even there, we’re assuming it was Ethan and we don’t know for sure. He also left Charlie strung up in the jungle to die, but Jack intervened. Juliet killed an other, and Ana Lucia killed a survivor (Shannon).

    By the way, w/r/t the preview for next week (potential spoiler below, if you consider such thing a spoiler):
    I think there’s a better than even chance that it’s not Ben under the hood, but Locke’s dad/The Real Sawyer. Sort of makes sense, doesn’t it?

  9. I agree. I think Elizabeth Mitchell is a good actress–I’ve liked her in other things she’s done as well. She plays the part well as I often despise her, and then am suddenly sympathetic. I think her motivation is one of the biggest mysteries going on right now–and I have no idea where it’s going.

  10. The hurt lady definitely did speak Spanish: “Estoy morriendo” (I’m dying) and Portuguese: “Nao estou so” (I’m not alone).

  11. I would be interested to know what she said in Chinese and Italian if those were the other languages she used.

  12. I’m with you BTD Greg re: Sawyer/Ben. Good call.

    Clearly the biggest mystery right now is Nikolai’s resurrection. The island’s influence to heal and increase vitality (i.e., sperm count) is one of the main question marks of the show IMHO.

  13. One thing I think we do know is that Mikhail was not dead. The island has powers to heal quickly, but not bring back from the dead. The creators have been clear that when you die on LOST, you stay dead.

  14. I’m not sure I believe the creators when they say something. For instance I’m pretty sure zombie season 8 isn’t real. (grin)

    More seriously the ending really, really bugs me. i.e. all the bodies were found… They had better be faked.

  15. Kate’s pregnant. I am sure of it. For that matter, I think that Juliet could also be pregnant (didn’t we earlier speculate as to her time with Goodwin/death wish?). The others that Juliet talks about are the other pregnant women, since the sperm count goes nuts and all those red-shirts have probably been pairing off.

    I think that they were going to take the baby from Claire before she died with it. I don’t think that they knew that babies conceived off island wouldn’t hurt Mom. I also don’t think that they were planning of Claire surviving the surgery.

  16. “I don’t think that they knew that babies conceived off island wouldn’t hurt Mom. I also don’t think that they were planning of Claire surviving the surgery.”

    By the time Claire was abducted, Juliet had already figured out that the problem arises at the time of conception. Remember that she tells Ben that after Sabine dies. Goodwin took part in the procedure, so that means that this had to have happened before the plane crash as Goodwin was with the Tailies constantly after flight 815 went down.

  17. When Sun had her arranged meeting with Jae, they talked about where they studied. Or the moms did.

  18. – Sometimes I just get sick of people on the island not acting like people. For instance, “What happens to pregnant women on this island?” “They die” (rather than asking, “what do you mean they die?” they just walk away). Come on.

    The writers seem to do this when they don’t want to answer questions, and it happens a couple of time every episode, someone not acting like a curious human being.

    I liked the episode, though I’m really starting to dislike the actress that plays Juliette, for some of the reasons mentioned above.

  19. Heather, you’re right. Sun attended Seoul National University, according to her mother. I’d still like to know who those folks were in the photos, though.

  20. I remember the scene, but I believe that it was a theory at that point (they didn’t have anyone who conceived off island). Claire was the test case, no?

  21. HP, that depends on how much you believe what Juliet told Jack and Kate. She claims that Claire was the “control” to test her theory, but we also know that Claire wouldn’t have actually been sick but for the implant that was activated to permit Juliet to infiltrate the survivor’s camp and win credibility. We also know that the Others were planning on killing Claire and stealing her baby.

    As you can tell, I’m inclined to disbelieve Juliet.

  22. I tend to think that while Juliet leave out a lot of information she’s not really a bad person. I also think that what she does say is, for the most part, true. She really hates Ben and really wants to leave. But Ben is using her sister against her as well as imprisoning her on the island. That doesn’t mean Jack’s right to trust her. But then I think the flighties distrust of Jack as having gone over to the other side isn’t quite right either.

    The bit about Locke is interesting. Is that Ben? Is it his Dad? I don’t know. I have a feeling though that a Locke/Sawyer connection is going to be made both via flashback and perhaps island-wise as well.

  23. Sure, but then I’m right, aren’t I? Crap, now I’m confused. Claire was the way they confirmed that off-island conceived babies lived. They never intended to keep Claire alive. Ethan and Juliet were monkeying with Claire. We all agree on these facts, no?

  24. I don’t know about the killing of Claire, although I tend to believe that. (I’m trying to remember how that was unveiled)

  25. BTW – can I confess that the Korea outdoor scenes looked so unlike Korea I couldn’t believe it? I mean it screamed Hawaii. Usually they are pretty good about their outdoor locations.

  26. It wasn’t a continuity error between where Nikolai and Jin fought, and Desmond pushed the beaten Nikolai against a tree, there was a cut between these two shots, and we can presume Nikolai was brought back to Naomi’s location.

    Having reviewed the scene again, I think that it is possible that they had that intent, but it was done in incredibly sloppy fashion. The editing style of the chase and fight were in jump cuts where a few seconds were edited out each time. They show Desmond arrive on the scene and then shove Mikhail against a tree in the very same editing style. Also, Mikhail had forced Jin into a very similar looking tree in their fight.

    Are we to believe that Desmond and crew walked Mikhail all the way back to where they started before asking him who he was after he was subdued? Either way, this is a case of very sloppy continuity or poor communication of their intent.

    I also get the feeling that Kate is pregnant. Are we really in desperate need for more pregnancy drama on this show?

  27. I am confused about it not being Ben “under the hood” but rather Locke’s dad/The Real Sawyer. Is the thought that Locke’s dad is Jacob?

    Re Juliet — every time I start to feel like maybe she is a victim of the Others too, I remember that Sawyer’s assessment of her when he was a prisoner that she was “the worst of them”. For some reason, I trust Sawyer’s judgment of people more than Jack’s.

    Rusty, I agree with you about the key annoying thing of the show being that people just don’t act like people. I mean, when the Others say things like “we’re the good guys” no one asks directly “then why are you terrorizing us and harming us and threatening us”? And they have Juliet right among them and no one is asking her about why the Others are treating them this way just because Jack says “she’ll talk when she feels ready”? And we all see that Juliet really is deceiving the survivors and manipulating them, as usual.

    I think Mikhail is definitely one of the coolest if not the coolest of the Others. I’m glad the fence didn’t kill him.

    One thing I liked about the episode is that Charlie reveals that the survivors actually talk to each other about what they’ve experienced because he is able to infer who Mikhail is based on what he has been told.

  28. The “not acting like people bit” is bothersome, although it’s not as bad as in the first season. The worst for this are Claire and Charley. I’d really like an explanation for this.

    Folks have asked Juliet questions but she doesn’t appear too keen on answering.

    What did Mikhail want that phone for? Was it to replace the com stuff that Locke destroyed or was it just to keep it from the survivors?

  29. I remember Juliet recapping the Claire incident as “Then Ethan went out of control”- but she didn’t explain it – whether she was talking about Ethan’s creepy non-blinking violence (both Ethan and Ben are good at big eyed stares into the camera without blinking) or convincing Claire to return for her death and birth.

  30. Can someone explain to me how we know the Others planned to kill Claire and take her baby? I don’t remember that.

  31. Most of what we know about Claire’s abduction we know from her flashbacks in “Maternity Leave” (episode 2.15). We see Ethan and a drugged Claire. Ethan tells Claire that he’ll “miss” Claire, but that there’s not enough vaccine for both her and the baby. Then Alex (not known to us at the time as Alex) shows up and tells Claire that tonight “you’re going to die. They’re going to cut him out of you.” Alex then puts a rag over Claire’s face (presumably to knock her unconscious, since that’s what rags over faces do in shows like this) and drags her away from the medical hatch and dumps her in the jungle. Later Danielle shows up and saves Claire from Ethan by knocking her out with the but of her rifle and carrying her back to the survivor’s camp.

    Either Alex was lying or Juliet was. We know Juliet is a lying liar. We don’t really know that about Alex. I believe Alex’s version of what happened.

  32. The problem Greg is that this account of Ethan’s makes almost no sense if anything we’ve been told about Juliet is true. (And not just said by her) There’s a big mystery here.

    I do agree that Juliet was probably lying about that room being for the women to die. If it was, then what was up with the baby’s crib? (Yeah, I know, it was for Aaron) More weird is that this site was originally a Dharma site and not an Others site, wasn’t it?

  33. BTW – about characters who are dead staying dead. While the producers have said Jack’s dad is dead, clearly he was also on the island. Which is why I raised the question about Locke’s dad when we first saw him on the Island. Is he dead or is he a doppleganger.

    Did any of you see Solaris? Not necessarily the original Russian one. The George Clooney one would do. In it the planet creates dopplegangers of people from the memories of this crew. We know this is happening on the Island. We have at a minimum Jack’s dad, Echo’s brother and then the mysterious “imaginary friend” of Hurley. What if these folks are like that bit of Solaris.

    OK, now make a wilder step. What if all the passengers really are dead and all of them are dopplegangers!

  34. “BTW – about characters who are dead staying dead. While the producers have said Jack’s dad is dead, clearly he was also on the island. Which is why I raised the question about Locke’s dad when we first saw him on the Island. Is he dead or is he a doppleganger.”

    Three things:

    1) If you recall, Jack was pretty tired and worn out when he saw his father. He concluded himself that he was hallucinating.

    2) It seems likely that Christian Shepherd was a manifestation of the Smoke Monster. In addition to Yemi and Dave, also recall Kate’s horse and the cat from Sayid’s flashback. “Doppelganger” works fine, I suppose.

    3) I really doubt that all the passengers are all actually dead. In fact, I think that the creators have discredited any similar theory. I think DHARMA or Mittelos, or whoever was simply able to conspire to spread the story that Flight 815 had been found and that all the passengers were dead.

  35. The relationship between these dopplegangers and the smoke monster seems complex. Clearly there is one, as we saw with Echo’s death. However I don’t think it is a simple one.

  36. I think Juliet was lying about Ethan going solo. Sawyer’s dad killed himself. I believe that Sawyer and Locke’s dad are the same guy and that Locke is going to ask Sawyer to kill Locke’s dad as a test to find out if James Ford is “good” in other-think, which I think Locke has bought into; I just don’t think he has bought into the Others.

  37. Sawyer (the man whose nickname James took) and Sawyer’s (James’s) father are not the same person, clark. Yes, James’s father killed himself. Sawyer, the man who conned him, did not. He’s still out there, and James is looking for him. This is the guy folks are speculating to be Locke’s father.

  38. Damon Lindelof has said that it is NOT purgatory and they are NOT dead.

    This seems to be an issue they are going to have to address very clearly, very soon on the show (not in podcasts).

  39. Oh, OK. That’s what I’ve been saying Brian. I thought you were saying something different.

    Rusty, ditto. I’m not sure I know how to take all this, given that they also said there was no time travel…

  40. I just listened to this week’s official podcast. I know this isn’t enough for Rusty, but they confirmed, yet again, that no, they haven’t lied and that the island is not purgatory. They also confirmed that the parachuter’s name is “Naomi.” My impression was that they will address this issue very shortly. Cuse and Lindelof said that there are basically two possible scenarios: 1) Naomi is lying; or 2) the plane wreckage was part of a grand conspiracy. I still lean very heavily toward the second possibility.

  41. Any guesses as to what Naomi was flying in? It didn’t sound like a plane but wasn’t a helicopter as you can’t eject out of a helicopter. They brought it up again last week in the scenes from last week bit.

  42. You can still jump out of a helicopter, right? I thought it was a helicopter, but I could be wrong. Maybe we’ll find out on Wednesday.

    They did mention that Naomi’s last name is “Dorrit,” which is probably a reference to the Dickens novel, “Little Dorrit.”

  43. I just reviewed that part of the podcast again, and both the question and the answer mention the helicopter without any indication that it was something other than a helicopter. I’m sticking with it being a helicopter unless we hear something else to support a non-helicopter thesis.

  44. But doesn’t a helecopter suggest something close-range? I mean, helecopters usually aren’t traversing the Pacific Ocean. And if it is close-range, where is it coming from? And while it’s true that you can jump out of a helecopter, they saw the copter crash over the ocean and the person falling over the island. It seems a bit incongruous.

    Not that I have a better thesis.

  45. Some thoughts:

    * Helicopters do suggest close-range. On the other hand, a twin engine drug courier plane from Nigeria suggests close range too, and isn’t the sort of aircraft you expect to see in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. We still don’t have an explanation for how that got there.

    * My best guess about what’s going on: Penny Widmore’s search team, which includes the Portuguese-speaking guys we saw at the end of last season, launched a search-and-rescue mission as soon as they were able to get a geographic reading of the island–i.e., when the sky went purple and the hatch imploded. They sent out a yacht, complete with a helicopter, to do reconnaissance in the general area where they believed Desmond to be. Naomi was the helicopter pilot and a part of that mission, which explains why she speaks Portuguese and why she was carrying around a photocopy of the photo with Desmond and Penny. She was on a search run away from the main yacht when the island’s mysterious electromagnetic properties caused her helicopter to go fall towards its doom. She jumped out and pulled the cord on her parachute. The helicopter went down and the wind carried the parachute to the far side of the island, where Desmond, Charlie, Hurley and Jin found Naomi and Mikhail saved her life.

    * By the way, we don’t know what Mikhail was expecting to find when he ran toward the flare gun.

  46. Yeah, the drug plane also makes me think something weird’s going on. More so the end of last season where the Portuguese who were searching for Desmond were way near the south pole, were they not? Sounds like the “entrance” to the Island is weird.

    I’d add that Mikhail’s reaction to the flare is pretty weird too. I suspect all this will be developed a lot over the next four episodes.

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